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I am interested in running a game of Psi*Run here on Snails. I'm looking for three or four players.

Back cover blurb:
Whoever's after you, you know one thing: they will stop at nothing to capture you and you'll stop at nothing to stay free.

The holes in your memory vie for attention with your startling abilities.

Stay ahead of the Chasers long enough to answer your questions, and hope your psychic powers don't go wild.
Posting Times: I will be posting on Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 6 PM Easter Timezone. I would like at least one post from players per day.

Psi*Run is a short-run or miniseries style of game. I expect the game to end before the end of the year. Ownership of the book or PDF is not required to play, but it is not a terribly expensive book and a rather nifty game. This will be my first time running / playing Psi*Run, but I'm sure we can have fun learning and playing it together.

I will be taking the week of GenCon (August 12-19) off, but will be regularly posting. If you are unable to post for more than one day, you should notify the group in the OOC Thread (which I'll create when we launch the game).

Please post your interest. This is not a first come, first served deal, so if you see three potential players have already posted interest, don't move on. Post your interest, too! I will choose among the applicants after a brief conversation with each of you.


  • Interested.
  • I would be interested as well. Don't have the book, but it's only $10 for the pdf so I'll probably pick it up.
  • So interested.
  • hey all,

    If you're interested, tap in now. I'm closing sign-ups soon.
  • Interested, I have my pdf and am looking forward to playing
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    hey Marco, thanks for tapping in. I wanted to make sure the post a day on weekdays is good for you. Is that cool?

    Have you played PBF before? What did you play?

    What kinds of PCs do you normally play (PBF or not)?
  • I generally sleep from 9-5 eastern. But I will try to post in the am before I go to bed or when I first wake up around 5pm. Also while I am at work overnight I have plenty of time to read everyone's posts so you will probably find a post or two from me when you log in on weekday mornings. Also my days off are Mon and Tues so I will be on random times during the day on those days since my sleep schedule gets messed up. As you can tell by me posting now. I have created a character with 4 questions already, I'm stoked to play.

    I have never played PBF before not really. I tried joining a werewolf pbf game in the late 90s but didn't like the xp system and the powergaming that went on. I skulked the game for a while reading what other folks were doing and decided it wasn't for me.

    I usually like characters with strong convictions it helps me drive play. I try to mix up what I am playing fairly often but they almost always have a strong goal that I can drive for. I will give some examples of recent characters.
    Savage Worlds Rippers: An archaeologist Mage hungry for the acquisition of knowledge and artifacts.
    Burning Wheel: A Sargent of the watch with a need to find the truth and catch whomever is killing those young girls in HIS city.
    I made a Gunlugger in AW that didn't have a goal at the start since it's not part of char gen. But it was a mobile game me and a chopper and I was part of the gang. So I asked Madu about my bike and he said I didn't have one I'm a gunlugger I had to ride bitch. Oh Fuck That! First session I tracked down another biker gang and our gang joined a party they were throwing at a nearby holding. I murdered the gang leader and took his bike and it became the focus of the next 4 sessions dealing with the fallout from that.
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    Alright, after some brief chats, here is the player roster:

    * Ryan
    * Arianakir
    * marco42
    * mease19
    * JaradF

    The Rules, Sheets and Characters thread.

    The OOC Thread (for discussing rules, characters, etc.)
  • Good luck!
  • holy CRAP, Marshall! How did I miss your name? that's what I get for starting a post at 6 AM. I edited you in. I'm really sorry.
  • I am interested. If there is still space, I would like to join you.
  • You're in, Jarad. Welcome to the group. I edited player roster above.
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