Apocalypse World - The Colony (Characters)

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So here's the character creation thread for Apocalypse World for

Max B

If you're looking at playbooks that aren't in the core book, lemme know and I'll have a look over them. I'm pretty open to any of them though.


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    For your perusal, may I introduce

    Proper the Maestro D'

    Proper is a man clad in an immaculate white close-cut shipsuit. His cool eyes regard the world levelly from the midst of a masklike tattoo in a horizontal bar across his face - its orderly dots and lines mark him indelibly as a clone. Under the shipsuit his body moves restlessly: his quick hands cut the air with little gestures.

    Cool-1 Hard+2 Hot+2 Sharp=0 Weird-1 • Highlighted stat appears thus.

    A wicked knife (2-harm hand)
    1-barter in oddments (bits and bobs of drugs)
    White shipsuit, a padshell for same that provides 1-armor


    You call this hot? When doing something under fire, roll +Hot instead of +Cool.

    Fingers in every pie When I put out the word that I want something, could be something specific, just a thing, or a little somethin-somethin, roll +Hot. 10-up, it shows up just like I wanted. 7-9, well, people tried hard and this is close, right? On a miss whatever I want shows up with, and I quote, "strings wicked attached."

    Special When I hook someone up - with whatever, food or drugs or sex or goods - it counts as having sex with them.

    Lock 44 is a place to see and be seen - it's a section of colony infrastructure that Proper has taken control of, where the populace mingles, trades information, demonstrates new vices, all while blunting their personal miseries with games of chance and psychotropic substances. It's dim-lit and filled with salvaged luxury. Security is provided by a gang, 3-harm small 1-armor.

    • Regulars are Ba, Lits, Toyota, Camo, Lamprey. Ba is the worst – he makes stupid bets at the tables and ends up owing the house money. He doesn’t make the scene, he causes a scene. Camo is the best – she’s classy, never loses her temper, brings in good custom. Lits is a Fade addict and would pawn his last powercell for a hit. Toyota keeps wingeing on about joining the gang and I keep deflecting her inquiries. Lamprey is a fellow clone and thinks that entitles him to some kind of special treatment.
    • I owe Rolfball for keeping the power on. Gams wants in on the action, beyond just supplying the pharma – she thinks it’s all about the barter, when it’s about so much more. Been thinks the whole thing is a big distraction and needs to go so people can focus on the crisis du jour.
    • Cast and Crew: Storm is more than a regular - he's part of the scene. He gets a room all to himself, if he wants it, and whatever support I can deliver. The gang is supposed to take orders from him too. The security gang is composed of Shatter, Pock, Swiss, Fam, Brux, Ledden, Pauletty, Wing, Seeve, Pryce, Harkin, Trist. Shatter's the gangleader, Trist her second in command. Shatter's got some ambition but isn't good at planning. Trist's idea of diplomacy is a broken arm instead of a gunshot wound. I try to keep the gang looking fairly uniform in grey padshells - they're armed with a motley assortment of repurposed tools and slugthrowers.
    Experience & Improvement

    XP Marks: OOOOO

    _____ Get +1 Hot
    _____ Get +1 Cool
    _____ Get +1 Hard
    _____ Get +1 Weird
    _____ Get a new Maestro D' move
    _____ Get a new Maestro D' move
    _____ Add a security to Lock 44
    _____ Resolve someone's interest in Lock 44
    _____ Get a move from another playbook
    _____ Get a move from another playbook


    He's looking over his shoulder, sort of.  It looks weird to me too, but wtfever.
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    Ozair the Savvyhead

    Cool +1
    Hard +1
    Hot -1
    Sharp =0
    Weird +2

    Man, Utility Wear plus tech, Plain Face, Appraising Eyes, Wiry Body. Full beard and large mop of dark hair. He isn't ugly but something about his eyes makes him look creepy. Wears Engineers boots, denim coveralls, a tool-belt with tools and bits of tech and do-dads and a leather apron for welding (1 Armor). The gloves and mask hang on the wall of the shop with more tools, parts and tech each item is in its place neatly organized. Weapons: Big ass Wrench (2-harm, hand, messy) and a sawed off (3-harm close, reload, messy).

    Garage, Machining Tools and Weird Ass Electronica
    When you go into your workspace and dedicate yourself to making a thing, or to getting to the bottom of some shit, decide what and tell the MC. the MC will tell you “sure, no problem, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the following:
    • it’s going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work;
    • first you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out ___;
    • you’re going to need ___ to help you with it;
    • it’s going to cost you a fuckton of jingle;
    • the best you’ll be able to do is a crap version, weak and unreliable;
    • it’s going to mean exposing yourself (plus colleagues) to serious danger;
    • you’re going to have to add ___ to your workplace first;
    • it’s going to take several/dozens/hundreds of tries;
    • you’re going to have to take ___ apart to do it.
    the MC might connect them all with “and,” or might throw in a merciful “or.”
    Once you’ve accomplished the necessaries, you can go ahead and accomplish the thing itself. ?e MC will stat it up, or spill, or whatever it calls for.


    Things speak: whenever you handle or examine something interesting, roll+weird. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 1:
    • who handled this last before me?
    • who made this?
    • what strong emotions have been most recently nearby this?
    • what words have been said most recently nearby this?
    • what has been done most recently with this, or to this?
    • what’s wrong with this, and how might I fix it?
    Treat a miss as though you’ve opened your brain to the world’s psychic maelstrom and missed the roll.

    Oftener right: when a character comes to you for advice, tell them what you honestly think the best course is. If they do it, they take +1 to any rolls they make in the doing, and you mark an experience circle.

    Savvyhead Special: If you and another character have sex, they automatically speak to you, as though they were a thing and you’d rolled a 10+, whether you have the move or not. the other player and the MC will answer your questions between them.
    Otherwise, that move never works on people, only things.

    XP Marks: XXOOO

    __ get +1cool (max cool+2)
    __ get +1hard (max hard+2)
    __ get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
    __ get a new savvyhead move
    __ get a new savvyhead move
    __ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
    __ get a gang (detail) for security, and leadership
    __ add life support to your workspace, and now you can work on people there too
    __ get a move from another playbook
    __ get a move from another playbook

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    Dammit I just realized I made Ozair look too much like my Psi-Run character - so I am changing his look.

    Man, Utility Wear plus tech, Plain Face, Appraising Eyes, Wiry Body. Full beard and large mop of dark hair. He isn't ugly but something about his eyes makes him look creepy. Wears Engineers boots, denim coveralls, a tool-belt with tools and bits of tech and do-dads and a leather apron for welding (1 Armor). The gloves and mask hang on the wall of the shop with more tools, parts and tech each item is in its place neatly organized. Weapons: Big ass Wrench (2-harm, hand, messy) and a sawed off (3-harm close, reload, messy). He looks like Alan Moore and sounds like Billy Bob Thornton's character in Slingblade.
  • cwibur no one else mentioned Skinner. Madu is Maestro'D, I am Savvyhead and Max is Battlebabe. Ryan dropped out and VALIS hasn't said what he wants to play yet.
  • Awaiting my AW rules back from a friend. They'll be with me tomorrow and I'll get on character creation asap. Sorry for slowing this down.
  • You can get all the playbooks here.
  • I like it Max, and when you improve I predict a gang of crazy "Earth that was" followers. Who knows she may turn into a Hocus when we get to advanced fuckery. Trevis are you playing with us or are you just helping? Ryan did drop out so I'm cool with another player *seduce/manipulate - dangles "hardholder" as leverage*. Of course that's up to the MC and the group. Once all the characters are done we can start figuring out what this holding looks like, I love that part.
  • I like what I see so far! The blade-o-matic is a personal favourite detail. Definitely digging the weird 'off-world colony' vibes going on.
  • Hey Valis? You got a playbook yet? Let's get this show on the road.
  • Sorry for the delay chaps.

    I'd like to play a Gunlugger

    Name: Keeler
    Scrounged mismatched armour, Blasted face, Mad eyes, Stringy body

    Cool -1
    Hard +2
    Hot -2
    Sharp +1
    Weird +2


    Battle-hardened: when you act under fire, roll+hard instead of roll+cool.
    Bloodcrazed: whenever you inflict harm, inflict +1harm.
    Fuck this shit: name your escape route and roll+hard. On a 10+, sweet, you’re gone. On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the MC will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.


    mg (3-harm close/far area messy Armour Piercing)
    Shotgun (3-harm close messy Armour Piercing)
    Ap Ammo (add AP to all guns)
    Big-ass Knife (2-harm hand)

    Keeler was a family man; wife, kid, nice place planetside with a garden. Real grass.

    Keeler was a company man, sent off-world to clear up the government's mess when meddling in the affairs of foreigners got out of hand.

    Until he saw something he shouldn't, ethnic cleansing that he tried to put right, tried to bring to the attention of the world.

    Suddenly he found himself an outsider, a target of the Company.

    His family became collateral, butchered before his eyes as he tried to escape with them.

    He fled the system, tried to disappear.

    He sleeps with one eye open. The Company could be anywhere.
  • Keeler sounds like a fun character, I am so happy we have a gunlugger. but are we going to have contact with off world? I thought we were stranded and cut off. Again, I'm not the MC but I wanted to say my piece and now I'll shut up about it.
  • What is the name of our holding?
    Who is the leader? (I think the MC probably decides this)
    What does our holding look like? Are we in a fortress? A big ass city? Some shitty little freehold in the wasteland?
    How do we survive? (farming, livestock, trade, scavenge, raid, industry)
    What is the ecology? (blasted wasteland, dessert, frozen tundra, swamp, water-world)

    We know we have Prosper's place: Lock44. I am sure he will tell us what that looks like.

    We also have Ozair's garage. I'm thinking it looks like a auto-mechanics garage. But inside everything is always in it's place. The walls are lined with tools hanging from pegs. Each tool is outlined in charcoal so when I take something down I know where it goes and what is not where it's supposed to be. There are also cabinets and shelves lined with weird ass parts and old tech. There is usually a work in progress on the workbench where I am soldering circuits or welding or braising weapons. The shop has big machining tools for cutting, boring, grinding, bending metal and other ridged materials. A lathe for metal and wood so I can do rifling barrels, as well as make stocks and hand weapons. The liqueur I make in my still, I also use for fuel. It runs my generator. I could make as much jingle with my hootch as I do with my tools. That is how I keep my autonomy around here. I supply the hardholder with hootch for his gang. I don't give a shit if they drink it or put it into their bikes. But if they drink it and don't have any for fuel then they got to pay for the next jar.

    I could definitely use some security around here ... does one of you live in my spare room? It's not big but it's secure. Perhaps the Gunlugger or the Battlebabe lives here and we have an arrangement. You act as security guard and help keep an eye on the place maybe help me out in the shop now and then and you get a place to live for free.
  • I kept Keeler vague as he's secretive and paranoid. The Company gives the MC some leeway to bring in offworlders at any point.

    Keeler likes it that we're cut off. He live's in Ozair's spare room, providing security and asking few questions, especially when it comes to earning extra jingle from running Ozair's guns.

    I'd suggest we live in a shitty freeholding amongst other freeholdings inside what once was a massive fortress but is now just an abandoned military outpost in a deserted spiral arm of the galaxy.

    We survive by trading with and raiding the other freeholds, which have fluid allegiences with each other.

    Our freeholding is called: Rainbow
  • Here’s how I imagine Lock 44.

    You walk through a clanging, chilly section of the outpost – the little everlights, knee-height spaced along the walls, are weak and dim. Some of them still glow emergency orange, some of them have taken on odd tones, blue or yellow or UV as their components age. The air is laced with smells of ozone and oil and the sounds of a dying air processor. You come to a big articulated door, striped in black and yellow, a couple surly toughs lounging before it – stenciled on the door is the legend LOCK 44. The security gives you a once-over, maybe they solicit a bribe or maybe they’re just bored and a little out of their heads on Fade and they don’t even notice you. You thumb the worn big green button and the door wheezes into life, mechanisms humming and clunking and throbbing, opening the leaves of the door like a vertical pair of scissors. You know that if the power goes off gravity will slam them shut. An identical set of doors faces you, and when the outer doors close the inner ones whine and grumble open.

    Inside, it’s a totally different world. The ceilings are low, the rooms are small and private, all the walls are curved. Maybe this was a medical wing or something, once. It’s warm, the lighting is low and directional. There’s the quiet non-music of conversation, the electronic rustle of consoles, the soft slap of cards. It’s comfortable in there, and clean, and luxurious without being gaudy or ostentatious. The furnishings are all crashcouches salvaged from shuttles, deep and soft. At any given time, Lits is sprawled out on a couch, grinning that uncertain little grin of a chronic Fade user – he can’t quite remember how he got here, or who you are – but he sure feels good. Proper moves through Lock 44 like a whisper through a crowded room, a shadow in a spotless white shipsuit.

    I propose that Fade is a euphoric cooked up by Gams. It's some kind of mild neurotoxin, and it affects long-term memory. You snort it from a little aerosolizer, like a zippo with a nose tube instead of a flame, if you're well off or have pretensions of sophistication. You just hwarf it up your nose Tony Montana-style if you want to forget, and forget now. While you're Faded you feel totally free of responsibility, obligation, the past. What it does to a chronic user, well, we can all imagine the worst.
  • OK we ready for an IC thread? I know I'm itching to get started.
  • I will kick things off properly tomorrow, I'm just a bit short on time today! Things are looking really cool so far everyone, I like the concept and it definitely feels a bit different to the 'typical' apocalypse setting.
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    For reference I included high stats because that helps me when highlighting stats.
    VALIS: Keeler - Gunlugger - High stats Hard & Weird
    Max B: Smith - Battlebabe - Hight stat Cool
    Madu: Proper - Maestro D' - High stats Hard & Hot
    Marco: Ozair - Savvyhead - High stat weird
    cwilbur: Storm - Skinner High stat hot

    Hx: Keeler is the most strange mark Hx +1, I'm kind of strange myself, everyone else mark HX-1

    cwilbur, I don't know if this counts for Storm's Hx rule. Ozair is not in love with you but he watches you move. You are used to folks looking at your body but not like this. It's almost clinical, curious and definitely creepy. My garage is directly across the street from Lock44. After I close up shop I often walk across the mud and lizard shit road with keeler for drinks. Ozair usually sits quietly drinking while you two talk and you often catch him watching your fingers grasp your mug or the shoulder joint as you raise your arm.

    Note: Lizard shit - lots of folks in Rainbow raise Armoraux they are lizard-cows. Their meat tastes like fishy beef and their thick scaley hide makes a strong leather for armor and clothes. There are also chicken lizards, basically tiny feathered raptors about the size of a chicken. They lay eggs and can be eaten but the little fuckers are vicious. They eat rodents voraciously and so some folks let them run around free and they escape their pens too. You have to constantly kick the little fuckers out of your way or they will try to bite your ankles. Thankfully their tiny claws and teeth can't get through armoraux leather boots but you don't want to walk around barefoot or sleep on the ground.
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    I'm Proper. I run Lock 44. You may have heard of it.

    I am a clone. This is evident because I have a tattoo in a rectangular strip across my face, over my eyes like a mask. The functioning biometric readers won't permit me into some areas of the outpost. Like most clones I was made from multiple mother-sources, whatever that means. I am ambiracial, male, tall, reserved, depilated of everything but eyebrows and lashes.

    As for outlook, I generally like people. I like to help them out, get them what they need. It's satisfying. To maintain that satisfaction, though, I need to maintain Lock 44. I take threats to it, and to my continued control of it, very very seriously.

    Smith, I tell you Hx+2. I tell everyone else Hx+1.

    I'll pick a favorite and ignore what you tell me, writing Hx+3 instead. That's Storm. I'll give +1 to whatever number everyone else tells me. Which by my calculations means

    Storm: Hx+3
    Smith: Hx+2
    Ozair: Hx=0
    Keeler: Hx-1

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Storm should highlight one of my stats.

    If anyone wants to be part of Lock 44's cast and crew - that is, a gang boss, lieutenant, professional person of violence on retainer - just say so. I'll hook you up.
  • I am Keeler, I live in Ozair's spare room and I'm Storm's drinking buddy. I may not approve of the way Storm earn's his jingle, but who am I to judge, gun-running as I do, for Ozair?

    I appreciate those who stand by my side and as such, Smith, who has often fought shoulder to shoulder with me, gets Hx+2

    A while back however, during the defence of Lock 44, Proper left me bleeding and did nothing for me. He gets Hx-2

    Everyone else is Hx-0

    I think Storm is the smartest, so I put +1 to my own Hx with him.

    Thus, my Hx so far is:

    Storm: Hx+3
    Ozair: Hx+1
    Proper: Hx +1
    Smith: ---

    Storm should highlight one of my stats also.
  • My name is Ozair, and yeah I make things and fix things. Don't touch that, leave my tools alone. The mother guides my hands when I work I trust in her wisdom and she shares her wisdom with me. Folks in town know that about me. They come to me with their problems sometimes. I'm right more than I'm not. Even some of the raid leaders come to me to ask advice on tactics. When they ask my advice they usually come back richer with less casualties. My answers are not long, I don't have time for a lot of chatter. Sometimes folks need stuff fixed and don't have the barter. That's ok we can work out a deal.

    "Choose the character you figure for the biggest potential problem. Whatever number that player tells you, give it +1 and write it next to the character’s name." That is Smith. She keeps talking about the Earth and how much better it was. She isn't focused on living here and now, that is going to lead to trouble.

    "Everyone else, whatever number they tell you, give it -1 and write it next to their character’s name. You’ve got other stuff to do and other stuff to learn."

    Storm: -3
    Proper: 0
    Keeler: -1
    Smith: +2

    Smith, highlight one of my stats.
  • It could happen lol
    Posted By: cwilburProper, I'm willing to be on your staff, if you want: you give me protection and a place to work, and I give you a cut.
    Plot twist - uses a knife
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