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So I'm interested in running a game of Technoir for three to four players. Posting at least once a day, with appropriate notice if you can't for some reason. I've played the game about 3 times f2f and I think it will work pretty well pbp (possibly better than f2f.) I want something cyberpunk/noirish and a little different flavor than AW and its derivatives.

Back Cover
?Playing it safe isn’t working anymore; you’re not going to get out of this clean. You have illicit tech and the talent to use it. Time to go shake the city and see what falls out. You’ll get hurt, sure, but what kind of pain will you deal out?
I want to commit at least one 'session' if it goes well, we can extend into a 3 to 5 session arc. If not, we can do something else.

You don't need to own the book. I have the full rules and the players guide is available from the website.

It's not first come first serve so people who are interested, let me know. I'll pick once I have talked with the interested parties.


  • I am interested.
  • I'm sort of eager to get into a game here again with you guys. And I've enjoyed some cyberpunk in my time.
    Posted By: trevisPosting at least once a day
    If this means that posting once a day in the evening and making occasional short posts during the day (limited to my endurance using my phone) is welcome, then I can commit to that. If what you really mean is you'd like people posting several times each day but once a day as a bare minimum would suffice, then I shouldn't beg a spot. :)
  • I don't think a several posts per day is going to happen. Maybe two if we get really excited, or more if they're short responses.
  • I'm definitely interested. I've heard very good things about this game.
  • Allright, then, this looks like a good group. I think I've played with all of you. The only thing I need from you is some offboard way of contacting you. So please let me know a good email address. You can email it to trevis martin (with no space) at the gmail.

    I'll set up a character creation thread and we'll start talking through this.
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