[Psi*Run] Coker College [ALL 2]

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Two more helicopters and a pair of dark blue SUVs pass you at a high rate of speed once you hit the highway for Florence. The drive is relatively uneventful and quiet. Allison blasts the music you picked, Barco. What kind of music did you tell her you liked?

After nearly an hour of driving and traffic, you're in Florence, SC (Trail updated). Allison drives you guys to Coker College (Which one of you decided that it was best place to drop off?).
It looks like this:

She says, sort of sad, "Hey, like, you guys sure you can find your way? And stuff?"

What do you do?


  • "Ah Davidson Hall. Good to be back. Thanks." I wave to someone across the lawn as I get out.
    "C'mon guys, let's get back and surprise those jerks!" "
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    When she hit the scan button on the radio, my eyes rolled. Country, pop, pop, country, R&B where the 'R' stands for rap, droning preacher, pop, oldies, country <><><>< "Wait," I said, "go back!" She hit one of the buttons and it was back to The Penguins singing Earth Angel. "I like that one.." Once I caught the looks from the others, I instantly regreted saying anything but she smiled and cranked it anyway.
  • "Thank you for helping strangers you are good people and I wish you safe travels and the best of karma." As soon as their van drives away the bullshit accent drops away as well. "OK guys now what? I want a change of clothes and maybe some food."
  • I brush off the sleeve of my shirt. That idiot had dripped some blood on it in the car, but luckily it didn't show too much on the purple fabric. I pick at it with a nail, trying to scrape most of it off and finding myself hoping that dried blood didn't carry pathogens the way liquid blood did. "Food would be good," I say, smiling at the guys. "We need a place to crash, a place to discuss what the hell is going on."
  • Allison drove you past a set of restaurants a couple blocks south of Davidson Hall. They included a Chinese restaurant, a bar and grille and a coffee shop.

    It is afternoon here, classes are in session and college kids are milling about. Those of you in scrubs get some odd looks, of course. But it's college, nobody has said much to you as you stand on the campus after Allison, Tony and Hoo drove off.

    Where do you go eat?
  • Just because it is cool, here is a campus map pdf
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    "Let's walk back to that Chinese buffet. It's too early for a dinner crowd and I'm famished. "

    Mentally I go over the group here:
    Barco - white dude in scrubs. Likes Old pop music.
    Vik - brown dude in scrubs. Can fake an Indian accent.
    Casey - Black dude with an English accent
    Purple lady - Looking for Jeremy.

    As I look them over I try to remember where I might know them from.
  • I don't think anyone objects, right?

    Let's say you're walking down the street together when you try to recollect things, Pen-day. Trying to remember what happened to you qualifies as a "significant action".
    What’s a significant action?
    A significant action is something that:
    • can go right or can go wrong
    • shows off the Runner’s exceptionality
    • could potentially trigger a memory
    • takes time and focus
    • might expose the Runner to danger or unwanted attention

    When you have a specific goal, something beyond straightforward conversation or movement — something that will change the way things are going — say what it is you want to do, then gather and roll dice accordingly. Play your dice on the Risk Sheet, and follow who has first say. When you want to make a significant action, that means it’s time to roll the dice.
    So let's see how that plays out!
  • Oh, a note on how to roll the dice might be helpful now! I'll post here and put something in the Rules thread as well.
    Determine how many dice to roll — at least 4, at most 6.
    The number of dice you roll depends on the number of things you are risking.
    • Your Runner is by nature exceptional, so pick up a die just for being a Runner.
    • Your Runner wants to do something important, so pick up a die for Goal.
    • Your Runner could always have a memory triggered, so pick up a die for Reveal.
    • Your Runner always runs the risk of being caught by the Chasers, so pick up a die for Chase.
    • If your Runner is using a psi power to accomplish the goal, those powers could go out of control, hurting those around her. Pick up a die for Psi.
    • If your Runner runs the risk of being injured (physically, emotionally, or socially) in this situation, pick up a die for Harm.
    You will now have 4, 5 or 6 dice in your hand.

    Roll the dice
    Only players roll the dice, the GM never rolls. Roll them, and look at the numbers.

    Play your dice on the things at risk, one by one.
    You might have rolled six dice, but only need five. That’s ok, just choose the dice you want to play!

    • Goal: Your Runner wants to do something important, so play one die of your choice on the Goal box.
    • Reveal: Your Runner could always have a memory flash, so play a die on the Reveal box.
    • Chase: Those Chasers are always hunting, so play a die on the Chase box.
    • Psi: Using a psi power? Play a die on the Psi box.
    • Harm: Is there a risk of injury? Play a die on the Harm box.
    It’s your choice where you play your dice on the Risk sheet, so shift them around until you’re as happy as you can be with the outcome. Place them, review them, rearrange them — sometimes take advice from the other players, sometimes go with the first
    thing you set down.

    Read the results.
    How you’ve played your dice determines whether or not you succeed in your goal. The dice also dictate the twists and turns your Runner and the rest of the group will face next in the story.

    Describe what happens!
    Once you have placed your dice on all the relevant boxes on the Risk sheet (found in the Rules thread), you, the GM, and the other players follow the die results for each category. Pay attention to who gets first say in describing the action, following what it says on the Risk sheet.

    Continue telling the story.
  • Runner, Goal, Reveal, Chase,
    #DiceRoller( 4d6 )
  • Goal: 6. Achieve Goal, GM has first say.
    Reveal: 4, Runner has a memory that answers one of their questions. Other players have first say.
    Chase: 3, Chasers move one location closer.
  • Alright, everyone but Pen-day, you have a chance to answer one of the questions on Pen-Day's sheet, which are as follows:
    Q1 What can't I see?
    Q2 What happens when I see too much?
    Q2 Why am I missing my left pinky finger?
    Q3 Why do I have half a tattoo on my chest?
  • "You lost your pinky finger in an accident," I blurt out. Strange, but I remember it clear as day. Not the accident itself, but the result. I think I was there for the accident, all I really remember were shiny black countertops and a bunch of equipment. I shrug. "I don't remember much else."
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    Other players, feel free to "flesh out" the details of the accident. This should resolve the question for Pen-day, so take some license.

    You've got the narrative authority here.
  • [Barco]
    "Lemme see," I say to Pen-day as we walk. Looking at the stump, the last 2 digits missing, it's clear to me that it has been neatly treated. A purse string suture has closed the skin over the remaining digit and some light scabbing appear to be securely sealing the wound. "Whoever sewed you up knew what they were doing. It should heal over completely, given some time." A few moments later, I wonder, how did I know that?
  • Their comments trigger your memory hard. You remember being questioned about Jeremy by the men in black. They were smacking you both around pretty hard. Then the tall one held down your arm and talking to the cute white girl he places wire snips over your pinky and demands "I'm done fucking around, where the hell is Jeremy?" Then the pain, you see white, you get woozy and then when you realize what happened and the pain sinks in you see RED. You smash the agent in the face dive across the table and tackle her out of the other agents startled grip. Something falls off her head, she blinks closes her eyes and you are suddenly in a room with shiny black counter-tops and Barco is there. "What the Hell?"
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    Casey, who has been trailing along beside the group and saying little, sees Pen-day sway on his feet a little and moves up beside him with his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

    "Oy. Mate." He whispers to Pen-day, leaning over so that his mouth is close to his ear, and glances around at the college kids. More than a few of them are openly staring at the newcomers. "You look a little green around the gills, know what I mean? You need to lie down?"

    To everyone else, he mutters, "We should figure out some place to lie low and book it. We fit in like a sore thumb around here."
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    Casey will try to find a place on campus where we can rest, get a bite to eat, and lay low.
    Sound like a roll? I'll take four dice and roll them. Let's see how this works.
    I rolled a 6, 6, 5, and 3.
    I'll assign them like this:
    Goal 6 (achieved! GM has first say)
    Reveal 5 (Runner has a memory that answers one question. Players have first say)
    Chase 3 (Chasers move one location closer on trail)
    I'm not using Psi
    Harm 6 (no one is harmed or impaired)

    Ack- I didn't use the dice command. Shall I do that again?

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    Using the new rolls, let's change that to-

    Goal 4 (Achieved. GM has first say)
    Reveal 2(Player has no memory triggered. GM has first say)
    Chase 3 (Chasers move one location closer)
    I'm not using Psi
    Harm 4 (Runner is hurt and impaired for the rest of the scene)

    [I'll define the harm, which is emotional, and suggest the goal achieved, but Rich can jump in and define it if he wants]

    Casey approaches a few college students, "Oy. Do you know sum place where me an' me mates can get a bite to eat?"

    One of the girls turns to her friend and whispers something, and they both start laughing. Shaking their heads, they walk off without saying a word. Casey walks up to a young man wearing boots and a leather jacket and tries again.

    "Hey, mate. I don't know the campus. Where can I go to eat?"

    The student pauses, gives Casey a quick look, and then gestures vaguely, "There's the Cobra Caf
  • Hey Casey,

    Pen-day had already suggested going to the Chinese place down the street. Are you actually trying to force the group to go to the cafe despite where the rest of them seemed to be going or did you maybe misunderstand that?

    If you want to drop the roll and travel with the group to the Chinese restaurant, that's fine.
    If you'd rather push for Cobra Cafe (which is an awesome name for a cafe, those crazy Cokers), then the roll stands and I'll react and narrate accordingly.
  • I completely missed the comment about the Chinese restaurant. I'll drop the roll.
  • Everyone, please go here.
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