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Hi folks.

So I'm using the Kiliminjaro Ring Transmission from the main rulebook. I'm going to list most of the elements here so you can have them in mind when you're making up your characters. You all are probably involved in or at least on the fringes of the criminal underworld here.

So here's the main blurb.

Mount Kilimanjaro, site of the Earth-to-Orbit Beanstalk, has the attention of the richest conglomerates in the world. There’s a lot to be gained by easy space access: a wealth of minerals, cheaper construction in zero-gee, and an outlet for an overcrowded biosphere. Much of the bleeding-edge nanocon- struction being used comes from Steiner Technology, both on the Beanstalk and in Ring City.

(In case it's not clear, the Beanstalk is under construction.)

For those working in the Construction Zone, the debris blots out the sun. But the massive Ring City circling the summit a mile below the Zone is a perfectly clean—if densely populated—arcology network. Built over the last ten years, air and waste are completely recycled while power is generated from Kilimanjaro’s geothermal energy. The Ring is a pressurized environ- ment with generated sunlight and manufactured seasons—all the comforts of near sea-level living.

Kilimanjaro isn’t the only volcano here. The East African Federation keeps a tight hold on land rights, allowing only short leases for Foreign nationals. Frequent construction delays, terrorist threats, and media sensationalism have relationships between the government and investors ready to erupt.


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    So here are the Connections and the favors available from them that you use for step 4. Remember that any connection can only provide two favors total, between all of you, before play begins.

    “Diamond” Jacques Bellefontaine
    Self-proclaimed merchant prince, well-connected in The Exchange.
    Favors: fix (cybernetics, external computing, gear), shark

    Luke Cranston
    Mid-grade Ring Cartel smuggler.
    Favors: chop, fix (armor, guns, weapons), ride

    Faizah Nyondo
    Newly-elected Union foreman.
    Favors: date, shark

    A dancer and escort at Shadows Under Camelot.
    Favors: date, deal, ride

    Liesbeth Van Otterloo
    Street doctor treating people in Lower South Bend, part of the Lifesavers.
    Favors: deal, splice

    Albert Wilhelm
    Steiner head of Ring security.
    Favors: date, shark
  • And here are the Factions and Locations from the table, in case you want to tie into them somehow.


    Kilimanjaro Regional Authority
    Government and military police presence of the East African Federation.

    The Lifesavers
    A network of volunteer medics fighting against the health conditions in the undercity.

    Ring Cartel
    North American criminals, known for narcotics, smuggling, and human trafficking.

    Steiner Technology
    The German-based multi-corp who owns a majority of the Beanstalk Project.

    Tanzanian Reclamation
    One of the more well-known anti-Beanstalk, anti-European terrorist groups.

    Union of Summit Workers
    A newly-formed union of Beanstalk workers from various countries.


    East Terrace
    Richest and most exclusive arcology. Currently home to Michael Steiner, CEO.

    The Exchange
    Physical and virtual markets, made famous in Saito’s Immatrix thriller, “Ring of Woe.”

    The constantly re-locating place where child hackers go to do cheap work.

    Gate One
    Primary docking facility bordering the Construction Zone, run by Steiner security.

    Regional Authority Base
    Military installation a mile southwest of Ring City.

    Shadows Under Camelot
    Notorious Cartel entertainment establishment in the undercity.
  • I've just purchased the PDF and will get up to speed
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    I'm looking through the 16-page player's guide. It sort of seems like we should make characters in isolation -- there's no reference to interactivity until step 5. Should we just post here with a 1-4 proto character?
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    You'll notice in step 4 that in addition to the connections you choose from the first list up there, you can write the names of the other protagonists. So we're going to assume that each of you is connected to at least one of the others, perhaps two.

    That said, there is no niche protection or playbooks or anything. I think it would be good to post maybe a broad concept for who you want to be, but the field is pretty open.

    We're drawing both on cyberpunk and on noir, so gangsters, detectives, cops, operatives... lots of possibilities. I'm being heavily influenced by Blade Runner, the Android board game, Snow Crash and Ross Macdonald/Raymond Chandler novels.

    I might suggest looking for an image of your guy/girl first and working from there. Posting it for the rest of us too.
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    I want to play a private dick a police detective played by Jon Polito.

  • I'm thinking Ring City looks mostly corporate to me, leased from the East African Federation. Are you part of Steiner security (the biggest stakeholder in the Beanstalk), or do you represent the EAF, or some other entity?
  • I could make one, if you'd rather be connected to the KRA. Or maybe both?
  • I am really waffling here. If a police detective, then EAF/KRA. But going with Ring City as largely privatized, I'd say a PI makes more sense.
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    It depends on if you want him to have a real duty to someone besides his own sense of justice. It's possible too that since there are a variety of corps in Ring City, that Ring City itself is leased by the EU (or whatever they call themselves now) which is comparatively weak, even if they're nominally enforcing EU law within Ring City.

    I'm envisioning an EU that is run by the corps behind the scenes.

    Actually, you know, I take that back, looking at the elements above it looks like the KRA has the governmental power and they conflict with the corps. They probably govern the city itself, some kind of 'administrator.' Probably the parts of the city under control of the corps are guarded by the corp security. I'm sure corruption is rampant in both places.
  • Alright. I want to be a private dick, beholden to no one but my client and my own sense of justice.
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    Here's the rough draft:


    1 Coax
    4 Detect
    1 Fight
    3 Hack
    1 Move
    2 Operate
    3 Prowl
    2 Shoot
    1 Treat


    “Diamond” Jacques Bellefontaine
    Liesbeth Van Otterloo
  • Looks good so far. So the Pilot program... was that a war thing, back before you were an investigator?
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    Back in his younger days DaFino scored well on an apititude test and found his way into a civ training program. He flew and drove for corporate types. Eventually he got tired of the BS and became a cabbie. One thing led to another, badabing-badabang, now he's a private eye.
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    Hi, I'm Kesh0. I was a hacker kid but forced by ridiculous family obligation to go to medical school. I don't normally advertise this, I mean -- not exactly...but anyway; during my residency in CRM (cybernetic remediative therapy), I hit a spot of trouble. See, you know the game, right? Eclipsicle? It's the big MMO that everyone plays. Well, I figured out there was a lot of cash in enhancing the performance of the players -- there's a lot of loot to be had for those who can think, act and react a little faster. Anyway, the powers that be frown on redirecting experimental technology and augmenting folks so they can "play games" -- as if it was just some trivial thing and not also their livelihood. And they somehow don't get that the street finds its own uses for things. Whatever! Anyway, I can't work in a hospital now, but there are plenty of jobs for a flexible, disenfranchised doc.

    (Does anything there violate the setting?)

    I'm thinking, but could still change:

    Programs: Engineer, Doctor, Criminal

    Coax - XXOOO
    Detect - XXOOO
    Fight - XOOOO
    Hack - XXXOO
    Move - XOOOO
    Operate - XXXOO
    Prowl - XXOOO
    Shoot - XXOOO
    Treat - XXOOO

    + Technical
    + Steady
    + Clever

    Liesbeth Van Otterloo
    "Diamond" Jacques Bellefontaine
    Luke Cranston
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    Yep. Free rank in every verb (no verb should be empty)

    Ryan, it looks like you are three short.
    Chris, you need to add them in on all verbs

    Good catch Michael!
  • I don't think anything violates the setting, though I'm interested to know how MMO works in a world with virtual overlays pretty much everywhere. Is there a physical component?
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    My wife had a baby this morning so it's going to take me a little bit of time to read the character creation stuff and get up to speed. If you want to keep forging ahead without me, that's totally ok.

    However while sitting up waiting for the baby to sleep, I'm reading the book and getting ideas. I'm thinking some sort of Steiner affiliated 'troubleshooter' who basically works the underground criminal side of things for them and is a completely deniable asset.
  • Oh, sure. Pull out the old "my wife had a baby" excuse. Geez.


    The early part of character creation isn't too hard. Do it when you can. The main trick is splitting up favors for buying/implanting your gear.
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    Let's assume David is going for the troubleshooter/hired gun guy.

    We need connections between you, so... of the PC's who are you connected to? You don't have to connect to everyone, of course, but at least one, maybe two.

    Then we need to select some adjectives for these connections.(both PC and npc) Here's the list. They act as positives when you are aiding that character and negatives if you're hurting them.

    * affectionate
    * dependent
    * loyal
    * lustful
    * obsessive
    * protective
    * respectful
    * sympathetic
    * trusting

    We're going to do this as a round, picking one at a time. Since I'm not sure when David is going to get in, everyone gets to pick three, no repeats. When David picks he can repeat two that have already been taken.

    Unless we just want to go with two for everyone.

    We'll go in alphabetical order by player first name so:

    (David if he posts a guy before we start picking)
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    Marius Van de Merwe


    Coax: 1
    Detect: 2
    Fight: 2
    Hack: 3
    Move: 2
    Operate: 1
    Prowl: 3
    Shoot: 3
    Treat: 1

    Soldier, Criminal, Investigator

    Tough, Brutal, Persistent

    A career soldier who got a dishonourable discharge for nearly beating a fellow soldier to death. He worked in the private sector for some time before being 'discovered' by Steiner and recruited as a troubleshooter.

    “Diamond” Jacques Bellefontaine
    Faizah Nyondo
    Albert Wilhelm

    So with the connections, we can pick whoever we want from that list but if two other people get favours from them, I wouldn't be able to?
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    Each connection on the list can ony give two favors Pre-play. Once play begins, they can do favors again.

    Usually people want someone to splice in their cyberware (otherwise it costs 5 kred, to splice it.)
    There is also shark, where the connection loans you 10 kred. Fix, where they can sell you objects in specified catagories for a 2 kred discount. Or chop, where they can sell you a vehicle for 8 kred.

    The other favors aren't terribly useful Pre-play.
  • Do the PCs provide Pre-game favors?
  • Posted By: trevisI'm interested to know how MMO works in a world with virtual overlays pretty much everywhere.
    Clearly, it makes use of overlays to augment reality. The idea is that it takes place in the real world, the one that most people don't see because it's eclipsed by an enchantment or mind-control or consensual hallucination -- the back story is purposely vague. But the game provides a default augmented-reality overlay to the real world for everyone. The various classes and factions and guilds and races and etc, give access to further layers of information (called "truth") that are hidden from everyone else. The game has all the artifacts of primitive MMOs -- missions to go to a place and deliver a box or message or whatever, to gain xp and contact to new people, etc. Missions to collect materials and craft them into something and deliver that to someone. Missions to hunt down and kill another player -- even if they're pretending not to be a player! The line between the game and the world is quite blurry for those who get heavily invested. There has been expos
  • Sure, so my relationship with Liesbeth Van Otterloo is affectionate. I've worked with her -- helping her out in her mission, being helped by her when I needed another doc for something. And also, we've been flirting for a couple years but haven't gone anywhere serious - some purely social events that might look like dates, but haven't been acknowledged as such.
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