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  • Ooh, I might be interested. This looks intriguing!
  • I'm interested, too.
  • Posted By: Max BI'm weird about western settings. The simple answer for here is "I can take or leave it." The more complicated answer is "I like dusters. I don't like ten gallon hats. I like the idea of small towns on the frontier. I don't want to play a character that says 'howdy padnuh.'" I think the basic idea of a lawless frontier setting is very cool, but the more it hews toward spaghetti western sensibilities, the less it interests me.
    Oh, this is me, too. You pulled that from my brain, Max!

    Rustin, if you want to go spaghetti western, that's cool. I can bow out, no worries.
  • I totally agree with everything. I'm not against Westerns, but not super crazy excited about them either. I really like what dylanix said.

    Oh, and I'm totally in. And that first scene idea sounds great to me. And I'm really excited to be in a game you're MC-ing, Rustin. :)
  • I echo red's sentiments. I'm stoked to give this a shot and the kick-off sounds super-fun.
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