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So you take off for Ellsworth. Teddy, you're shotgun, and Holly's in the back, right? It's probably a 20 minute trip to Ellsworth. She asks about what happened this afternoon with Riley, (making a face when she says the name) do you talk about it?

Holly rides in the back like normal. Like always. On the subject of Riley, Holly recounts the tale, "Riley, Lilly and Beth were mad because of, uhm, because of Nyx. And me dating Nyx. And stuff." Holly shifts in her seat, then leans forward between her two friends, "But we talked about it, alot. Riley just wants to be a good friend for Aubrey, and when Nyx broke up with her... it made her really upset. I think Riley is nice, she's just afraid to be friendly. Inside, she's afraid to trust anybody, it's so sad." Holly frowns a little at the thought, sits back in her seat.

I guess I just kind of shrug it off, let it go at Holly's explanation. I think about bring up, you know, what Riley said about Ash and Hayden ... but I don't. Just try to talk about, like, the dance, my dad visiting, whatever.
"Huh" Ash says. "Well I'd be careful about her Holly. She's kind of a psycho. I mean last week I found her near my locker, right? When I asked her what was up she just gave me this glare and sort of smiled all creepy and walked off. So, like, I'm on her shit list for some reason."


So I'm curious, and I can't remember just now if I've asked this before. But you know how you told your mom about your thing for Nula? Since you've taken up your sort of relationship with Ashley, have you told her about that? Do you think she knows?

"Your Dad's coming? Cool! Do I get to meet him this time?"

You pull up to across from one of the better boutiques in Ellsworth. It's in a new shopping district they built not more than a year or two ago, all clean lines and red brick and big windows. These windows are filled with beautiful creations of silk and satin. Holly... this is a very fancy looking store. I don't know if you've even been to a place like this before.


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  • [Holly]

    Holly walks in the store with a quiet reverence, eyes wide and looking on the wonders within, mouth agape. "This... is the prettiest store in the whole world," Holly says with a quiet gasp as she gently runs fingers along silky scarves and over the hems of frilly dresses. "I've never been to any place like this. It's like... like your closet had a litter of babies, Ashley. Sooooo pretty."

    With wonder on her face, Holly pads quietly in the store, gaping at dresses on display, smiling at lifeless mannequins and drinking in this unearthly place. So unlike a Goodwill. So much better than something in a magazine at the library.
  • Teddy:

    You brush against her hand and there's a moment there where she takes your hand and squeezes it... then she lets go and reaches for her pocket with that hand to pull out her chapstick and run it quickly over her lips. By the time she's done that you guys are in the store and she starts using her hands to feel the dresses and look through the racks.

    Since you're concerned about price tags I assume you kind of look at a few? Well they are running high, for sure, the lowest price you've seen is in the mid $200 range while the highest one you've seen so far is over $600


    Ashley laughs at the comment about her closet. "It is pretty." She agrees. "Now lets see... I think you need some strong color, Holls, you've got the hair and skin for it."

    Holly whats the most favorite dress you can see? Is it something you'd actually consider wearing? And you saw what I said about price tags above. Have you looked at those?
  • [Holly]

    A wide grin on her face, Holly strolls through the boutique pointing and giggling at the mannequins and all the pretty dresses and shoes and jewelry, never stopping on one to look at a price tag. Instead, she's like a butterfly, flitting from one flower to the next, a giddy high from the colors and fabrics.

    Finally, Holly stops at a rack of shorter dresses and gasps at this one:

    With an awed reverence, Holly whispers as much to herself as anyone, "Oh.... this one would make me look.... like a fairy. Like a fairy princess." She gently runs her fingers along the hem of the dress, then pets it like it's some kind of long lost animal, precious. She finds the odd tag attached to a white string and turns it over to see written in perfect manuscript a simple series of numbers behind a symbol. $240.00

    Her mouth drops open and Holly stops moving. "Whu...?" she mutters in shock. As if her fingers were attached to the price tag, she holds it still as her free left hand comes up to cover her mouth. "Two... two hundred?" She finally looks around the store, for Teddy or Ashley. Or both of them. Like a child worried she might drown in a neighbor's pool, but not realizing the danger until she's already in the deep end, her glassy eyes fix on Teddy.
  • [Holly]

    Holly starts to nod, then blinks a couple times and drops the tag. "...no. It's really pretty. But, uhm, it's too short. Yes, too short, I don't... I don't want to look bad, Dora." She swallows, takes a breath. "I think... I think maybe I like the pattern. Maybe, I uhm, could... maybe I could make one like it. But, sort of, make it longer?" She bites the inside of her cheek and quirks a little frown at Teddy.

    "Did you find a pretty dress?" Holly asks hopefully, trying to change the subject.
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  • [Holly]

    At the suggestion of trying it on, Holly nods, her eyes still on the dress like a friend she know she should bid goodbye but barely has the heart to do so. "This one, uhm, it's my size."

    When Teddy shows her long raspberry dress, Holly coos, "Oooh, Dora. This color would look so good with your skin. And it will accentuate your, uhm, uhhhh, your bustline" Holly says quietly. Then she adds helpfully, "You need a, uhm, a nice necklace to go with it. And a, uh, a wrap the same color. That would be fancy."

    After offering a smile to Teddy, Holly scans the store for Ashley. If she can, she'll try to pull Teddy over to speak with her about the dresses they've found.
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  • [Holly]

    Noticing Teddy's confusion, Holly smirks and says, "They do have Seventeen magazines at the library, Dora. I just, uhm, well. The Bays never got me anything pretty really. And... your mommy works so hard that I don't want to.... anyway, I want you to be extra pretty for Ashley." Holly says as she loops her free arm in Teddy's while they walk over to see their friend.
  • At first it's a little hard to find her. One of the sales girls, a bored looking brunette points you towards the dressing rooms. The inside of this place is all modern lines, silver white and black with red accents here and there. The dressing area has a large three paned mirror and some comfortable looking white armchairs. You see a couple of dresses on a hanger near one of the dressing room doors, both in shades of blue.

    "Out in a Sec!" Ash says when she hears you guys

    When she steps out a moment later she's wearing something like this.


    "Well?" She's holding her arms out. True she doesn't have hair and makeup done. Well not "going out to fancy dance" done.
  • [Holly]

    Her arm still looped with Teddy's she squeezes her foster-sister a little and whispers reverently, "Uhm... wow" She openly stares at Ashley for a little while, mouth agape, just gawking at her in such a beautiful dress.

    "It's like a brilliant blue starburst, Ashley. I love it."
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    Ashley smiles and arranges the skirt, turns to the mirror. The whole thing glitters.

    "Holly, c'mere and hold up my hair, so Dora can get the whole effect? Did you guys find something?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods and lets go of Teddy. She walks over behind Ashley and gently scoops her long tresses into her hands then closes her hand to hold up her hair. Of course, Holly is standing ever so close to Ashley, and whispers a breathy whisper, "You are so very pretty."
  • You can feel Ashley shiver and her eyes meet yours in the mirror. Are you turning her on?
  • [Holly]

    Holly smiles at Ashley in the mirror, still touching her neck lightly as the corners of her mouth curl upwards. When their eyes meet, Holly's lids close a little, her look shifting into something a bit more intense, more predatory perhaps.
  • [Holly]

    Trying to Turn Ashley On:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Well Holly,

    I know you have some desire for Ash that you've been keeping under wraps, more or less. But in that moment you're both looking at each other and both remembering the feel of bodies together and discovering and being close. You can see her remembering it just like you are, maybe even longing for it a little.

    And so can you Teddy. Well I mean you knew they were intimate at one point, right? Did you know Holly still felt that way? Well it's sort of right in your face right now.
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  • [Holly]

    When Teddy nudges Holly out of the way, she doesn't resist. Instead, Holly flinches away, turning her eyes down as Teddy swoops in and takes Ashley away. Holly huffs an inaudible sigh to be alone again. She slips back between a couple circular racks of clothes, holding her dress and watching Teddy touch Ashley and whispering into her ear. A mixture of sadness and jealousy plays over her face as she alternates watching them, and their reflections.

    Dear Diary,

    I'm second-best again. I'm okay again. O and K. I hate those letters.

    I wish I could have someone all to myself. But there is nobody for me. Nobody I want, wants me. They all want someone else. I miss Myrii.

    Myrii... Myrii is dying without Dora. She wants Dora more than she wants me. I should tell Dora about Myrii. I wonder. Would she stay with Ashley if it might kill Myrii? I don't want Myrii to die, she is so wondrous and nice and lovely.

    Liam. I have to deal with him soon, Diary. I promised I would. I have ideas.

    I wish Nyx was here. I wish Nyx was mine. Nyx doesn't believe in that stuff. He doesn't want me to believe in it. But I do.

    Diary, I don't think Riley likes boys. I wonder if she would be mine. She hates cheaters. A lot. If she was mine, would I be enough?

    My head is a mess today, Diary. I'm sorry. I'm really lonely.

  • Take the string Teddy.

    You maybe see Ashley's expression close for moment as you sort of push Holly out of the spot. She's watching your reaction then you move up behind her, touch her, and her eyes go hot and she exhales and you feel her belly tighten. She smiles but at the same time pulls away and turns to face you, her manner a little furtive, the tiniest glance towards where the shop girl is, then towards Holly.

    "I have a few more I want to try. This one is amazing but I was thinking I might want to do something short. What did you guys find? Holly? C'mere sweetie, what do you have?"

    She steps over to the dresses she has laying in a pile.

    "Teddy you should try this one. It's a one sleeve for that" She points at your arm. "...and short. It'll play up your legs, which are amazing."
  • [Holly]

    To Ashley, "I, uhm, I liked one a little, but it is. It's too short. I think I will find a pattern and make my own. Or, uhm, something." Then Teddy suggests they try dresses on and Holly nods, "Okay. I should, uhm, see what it looks like. On... I mean on me." She holds the dress tight against her chest and makes a wide berth around Ashley, head down, going into the dressing room.

    Are there multiple dressing rooms? Is Teddy going to change in the same dressing room with Holly? I assume not, so is Holly waiting or in her own dressing room?
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    Just so you know, Teddy, the dress looks something like this when it's on.

    edited, because I realized the cuts are probably on the left arm... and I like this one more.

  • [Holly]

    Holly pauses at the dressing room door, looks back at Teddy when she offers to come in with her. After a moment of hesitation, she nods without looking up and heads inside the room and faces the wall.

    When Teddy shuts the door, Holly says quietly, "I'm sorry. I'm... sorry."
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  • [Holly]

    Holly keeps looking at the wall, like the slight crack in the plaster near her knee is somehow interesting, all of the sudden, "I was... I was looking at Ashley and. And you know, you were mad." She huffs a frustrated breath, "I don't want you to be mad. I don't want you or Ashley to be. Uhm, uncomfortable around me. I'm sorry."

    She bends over just slightly, to the side, to reach fingers towards the crack in the wall, to gently pick at it.
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