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So Nyx,

(Welcome Back)

You're going out to at least stalk Liam. Maybe more, right? Or are you not really prepared to, you know, kill him tonight?

Anyway what's your strategy here? If you've paid attention around school you know that the Bays had to sell their home to pay legal expenses. Mr. Bay is still serving time but might be out soon. Liam, Nolan and Mrs. Bay went to live with her mother, who is in the area. Though I don't know if you know exactly where that is.


  • Nyx:

    Holly wanted to be there when it happens, so the plan isn't to kill him right away. If an opportunity comes, though, I really don't mind getting it done. Holly will forgive me for sparing her this.

    I don't know where they moved so I'll follow him home.
  • From school that afternoon? Not everyone walks from school, you know, it's a bit of a hike in cold weather. But you see what bus he gets on, number 33, and I suppose it's not much trouble to just walk aboard it yourself. The bus driver, a plump man in his fifties could not care less, all the kids look more or less the same to him. Punks. But the other kids would know that this isn't your usual ride.

    Who's on the bus that you didn't expect? You see Liam and Nolan in different seats. The seats are filling up fast and you have a few choices. One is by Hayden... who doesn't seem to have noticed you getting on the bus. The other is next to Liam himself, who doesn't really know you, right? The last is near your unexpected passenger.
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    Wearing a nondescript and weather-appropriate hoodie, I board the bus. Last time I was on a bus was that field trip to the marine science center last year. Something about it, the smell, maybe makes me feel nostalgic. That was before everything changed. I look away from the driver as I pass, I don't really want to stand out here, considering that I'm planning a murder. Well... nobody could put a bus ride together with that kind of thing could they?

    Begrudgingly I sit next to Brad, not my favorite ass hole but what am I to him anyway. I don't look at him, hope he doesn't notice me. Wonder why he's taking the bus though, doesn't he have a car?

    The more I think about it the more I'd like to spare Holly from this. She doesn't need blood on her hands. Liam's hurt her enough.
  • I think the last time you saw Brad he was talking to Eric at the pool, right? I mean the last time you really interacted with him at all.

    I think your hope not to be noticed is... well unrealistic at best. I mean he looks at you when you sit down next to him, and you two do go back to Junior High.

    "Hey Al." He says. He leans forward.

    You see Hayden glance over at you, take a moment and register who you are. A series of emotions pass over her face. You guys haven't talked since the beach, right? I mean she was pointed about it for what... a week or two? Then it kind of cooled off. She looks away again, but if you watch her, she sneaks looks at you every now and then.

    "This isn't your bus, man." Brad continues in a low voice. "What's up?"
  • [Nyx]

    Of course he sees me, yeah.

    "Uhh... freezin' my ass off walking home all the time. Just want to get to town."

    I do look back at Hayden, I feel bad about what happened, she didn't deserve it. I was trying to be honest... and it crashed and burned.

    "What's up with you Brad? Still swimmin?"
  • Hayden meets your eyes at one point, and her mouth twitches a little before she drops her eyes and looks away again.

    Brad shrugs.

    "Yeah, I guess." He's quiet a moment. "You goin' to this dance?"
  • [Nyx]

    "Yeah, sure I am, well I wanna go, if my folks will get off my back fortp two seconds," I'm talking pretty comfortably with him, why not. I'm one of the boys right?

    "Who're you taking?"
  • He sighs.

    "I asked Teddy Ellis. She hasn't said no yet... exactly." He doesn't sound optimistic. "But man... how about you? I mean... what's happened to you this year? You've been... um... busy."
  • I remove my hood, little good it's doing.

    "Busy? Uh.. yeah I guess so. Hasn't exactly gone how I would have liked... you know? But yeah... I'm not gonna sit on my ass all year and do nothin, you only live once."

    I'm not overly joyful here, probably sound a little melancholy about it.

    "Theodora? Huh? Yeah she's been kinda hard to pin down right? I don't get her."
  • "Yeah... hard to pin down." He sighs again.


    "I heard you were... well you were with Chelsea McKendrick today. Chad's girl, right? That true? If so, you got some balls, dude."
  • I promised myself not to lie or be ashamed.

    "Uhh... yeah kinda. Not that I want everyone talking about it... she's an awesome girl."

    But I do wonder, "how did you hear?"
  • He shrugs. "It's around. I mean... I don't know how far you really got or anything. Can't believe people when they say that shit. But man... Well Chad's still a big dick, right? So good for you, man, but I'd watch your back. He'll be pissed."

    He looks forward.

    "Wish I knew what you were doing. Maybe it'd help." He leans in. "Even Hayden still... uh... well I think she still likes you."
  • "Hayden? Seriously... I can't imagine why... I uh.... treated her pretty bad. I really... wasn't very goo at talking to people.. you know... ye Back then."

    I can't help but look over towards Hayden. I haven't spoken to her since.

    "I'm not afraid of Chad... man. Come on."
  • He shrugs again. "You probably never did something like this to him before, right? I'm just sayin'. That's a serious line to cross."

    The bus has gone through a couple of stops. You can see both Liam and Nolan gathering their shit. Hayden too, for that matter.
  • He doesn't seem to know that they broke up. Well, won't hear it from me.

    Hayden huh?

    "Yeah, this is my stop Brad... seeya."

    I wait until after they've exited but follow Hayden from the bus. I catch up to her a short distance away, calling out to her.

    "Hey, Hayden... I wanted to apologize. I said some really... really stupid things I shouldn't have..."

    Of course I'm keeping an eye on Liam.
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    Liam and Nolan both left the bus ahead of Hayden. I think they turn when you call but realize it isn't for them. They're talking but you can't really make out what they're saying. Brother stuff, I suppose.

    She stops and turns back to you. She seems to be keeping her face neutral as you apologize.

    She sighs, glances to the side, then back to you. "It's okay. I was... I was kind of drunk and I... What you said..." She shakes her head. "Some of it was me, too. Some of it. But you... you didn't say anything after like I thought, so I thought maybe you weren't as much of a... um, a jerk as I, uh, expected." She looks at you steadily. "You know, people say things... and... you just don't seem to care. You seem... free. I wish I could do that." She looks away again. "They've been saying awful shit for a year now, about me, and I'm so... so sick of it, you know?"
  • Wow.

    I nod to her, slightly at first then a little more. I get what she's saying.

    "Yeah... yeah I know what you mean, Hayden. I was... uh... hung up on what people might think of me you know? Up until this year I didn't have a life. I... I guess it was just being worried all the time what might happen if I try. Like... it's all in your head you know? The only one that can make you unhappy is you. You just got to... let them think what they want to think, it doesn't mean anything unless you believe it."

    I sigh, and break a slight friendly smile, "Hayden... any guy should feel lucky to be your guy. That's all there is to it."
  • Is that enough to make her feel beautiful? Doesn't feel like it quite but I'm not sue what it takes.
  • "Yeah? Well a lot of them don't. They either avoid me or they want to hook up because of... last year. They don't give a shit about me. If I even talk to a guy with a girlfriend, I get threats."

    She reaches up and swipes at an eye. Her lips tightening up a little.

    "I've heard that 'let them think whatever' thing before. Riley tells me that all the time. But... she doesn't have to go around feeling like everyone who looks at you is thinking how much of a whore you are. Even you probably don't. Such a fucking double standard. Guys are probably just jealous they're not getting around as much as you."

    You've been walking together. Up ahead, Liam and Nolan are pulling away. It looks like they're going to head a different direction.
  • Not quite yet, I think. It takes using your sexuality or charisma to make her feel good about herself. That move is all about making people feel accepted and understood.
  • Liam... I'm going to lose him but at least I have an idea which neighborhood. It's a small town. But Hayden is more important.

    I walk alongside her, a polite space between us.

    "Yeah... yeah I know, that's true. You're a nice girl, Hayden, it's not fair. I know it's not. People are kind of assholes sometimes, right? Well, I'll never turn away from you, any time you need me, ok? Things have to get better some day right? High school isn't forever."
  • "It sure feels like it will." She says. "And people are constantly assholes, if you ask me." She glances over. "Well... not you, maybe."

    You walk for a minute.

    She says. "You mean that? You... you'll be there when I need it?"
  • "Yeah, I mean it," I crack a little smile, "I mean.. I'm not Batman or something, I won't come swooping out of the sky, but I'm here for you. Always."

    Liam and Nolan are probably out of sight by now. I don't try to follow

    "Let me walk you home, ok?"
  • She smiles when you do.

    "Ok... Thanks." You walk for a few steps. "Why'd you ride the bus here anyway? You don't live in this part of town."
  • "Uh... just wanted to get away from... stuff," I begin. It's not really a lie, not really the truth either. I walk aside her, I watch the trees, the houses in this neighborhood. New to me. "And I... say you on the bus and I thought we should talk so, here I am." A matter-of-fact shrug and a smile adds a period to the thought.
  • I think she senses the slippery quality to your answer.

    "Stuff, huh? You want to talk about it? Maybe I..." She shrugs. "Maybe I could help."
  • Takes me a second to answer her, I smile and let out a little happy laugh.

    "You're awesome, you know that? Well... I just realize that even if what people think doesn't bother me... what I do can hurt people close to me, you know what I mean? Cause people just don't get it."

    It's true. They don't get it.

    "I'm just trying to lay low a while I guess."
  • She smiles when you compliment her.

    I think you could roll the feeling beautiful move now.

    "Seems like that would be hard for you... I mean how you are now and all." She comments.

    You're walking up to a smaller house that is pretty run down.


    Hayden is glancing at you out of the corner of her eye, a little embarrassed. She's not ignorant of your family's upwardly mobile orientation
  • [Nyx]

    There's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact I think it's quite charming, right up to the woods, grass growing natural. She probably catches a genuine smile on my face as we walk nearer.

    "Yeah... it is kinda hard," I smile at her, a boyish enthusiasm on my face, "Hayden, do you get fireflies out here? I bet you do... they never come down where we live. Too much building... man you're lucky." I look around, turning to see the mountain tops past the crest of the roofs on the street.

    "Well.. uh... I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
  • "Um... sure."

    She shuffles.

    "Unless... you'd like to come in?"
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