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  • red and I had some IM chatter and we'd like to make a pair of fraternal twins from Sklovan.

    Her female PC will take Wild and Hardy. My male PC will take Bold and Tough.

    I'm interested in being the Rook.
  • red is stuck working, but IMed me a bit.

    She chose the name Arden, she's interested in the Spider.
    My PC's named Adric, still interested in Rook.
  • Posted By: RusSklovan. Wild. Hardy. Sounds like tribes maybe recently dominated by the immortal emperor's legions? Maybe just a generation or two ago?
    Our grandparents fought the occupation!
  • I like that idea about the Sklovan too! Awesome!

    I kind of want Arden to have chosen her badge name on a dare. For example, someone could dare her to choose the name Templeton because everyone knows the last three Templetons died terrible deaths. Any PC takers? I'll even let you pick whatever name you want. :)
  • putting a thought out there.

    With such simple character sheets, would it be easier if Rustin set up a thread with the brief rules from the PDF for actions, then each player reserves three posts in a row for their PCs, histories, etc? That way we can all bookmark one thread and looking over everyone's sheets is pretty simple?
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    Rich's Prelim PC:

    Badge Name: Brogan
    Personal Name: Adric
    Homeland: Sklovan
    Gifts: Bold (+1 to Steel), Tough (-1 to Harm)
    Role: Rook

    FORCE: +2
    FINESSE: -1
    INSIGHT: 0
    STEEL: +2 (with Bold gift)
  • Everyone clear on what their next step is?
  • Rustin, I'm sorry that my response is delayed, but I'm going to need to really think about creating memories out of thin air.
  • Yeah, I wanted to make sure everyone knows I saw this as a quasi-character generation. More Brainstorming in the OOC thread might help. I just wanted to throw out some creative seeds. If it is not clicking for you, let me know, I can pull the prologue and we can start with something else.
  • Hmm. I'm trying to align my stats, but the bbcode tables don't seem to be supported here, and my html table keeps turning blue.
  • Posted By: Max BHmm. I'm trying to align my stats, but the bbcode tables don't seem to be supported here, and my html table keeps turning blue.
    Are you hitting the BBCode radial at the bottom of the post?

    I know, dumb question.
  • Yeah, I had all the colors and bold stuff working, but I couldn't seem to get table, tr, or td to be anything.
  • Would flashback scene framing by me help?
  • yes, please. I'm stuck. I just have no context. I don't even know how steampunk / western / not western steampunky we are.
  • Cool. If you (by you I mean everyone) answer that last role specific question in the thread I will use that to help me frame your scene. I will get them up sometime Saturday.

    Also, if you share details of your character here I will incorporate that information. Otherwise I will go off the trait selection from character generation.
  • Looks like we cross posted, Dylan.

    I set some scenery for your memories. I did this by just editing my original post. If something is unclear let me know. Working off my ipad so not the most user friendly data entry device.

    We will start the fight with the ghost in a new thread and we will bypass the first steel test for seeing your trainer ripped and killed.
  • ooooh, thanks for the edits! That looks grand, will have a response up today, most likely.
  • Cool, Dylan. Bringing in the criminal element. It will be interesting to learn more about that,

    I missed incorporation of Arden into Arcy-Haig flashback. I had a fancy grid sketched in my notes, but still managed to space it.

    I am going to add just a quick line so everyone gets at least one memory of another PC.
  • I've already gotten confused about names. Haha. I had to edit my post once I remembered that Polonia is Booker. :)
  • Also, since I may not have been explicit about it before, Polonia is a boy with a girl's name. That's part of the chip on his shoulder.
  • I think I might just go by badge names 99% of time from here on out.
    The rolls can switch, so I will drop using those for sure.

    I will attempt to clean up gender terms.
  • Vivid flashback scenes, everyone. Neat stuff.

    I am going to read through again and take several notes on things that interest me. If some topic or theme jumped out at you that you would like to see more of, list them here so I can direct play toward them.

    I should have the fighty scene going up next. Either tonight or tomorrow.
  • I see Arcy as being the obviously wild one of the pair of twins (Adric and Arcy). But Adric has a violent side he normally keeps in check. It's something he normally holds at bay, but it's a thing. It's why he's good at being a Rook, I think.
  • hey all!

    I made some mistakes with names. My PC, the Rook is fraternal twin to Arden (red's PC).

    I edited my post up a bit. Sorry!
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