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Here the thread for your Ghostline PC's
I'll throw in some rules here in a bit.


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    Polonia Booker is a Connected Noble from Akoros, desperately trying to prove he's fit for Anchor duty to show he's not just some pampered pantywaist. He's okay in a fight, but best at solving things with care. He's reasonably cognizant of situations and surroundings, but a bit sheltered due to his upbringing.

    Badge Name: Booker
    Personal Name: Polonia
    Homeland: Akoros
    Connected: +6 favors
    Noble: +1 Will

    Role: Anchor
  • Post Charlie
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    Badge Name:Brogan
    Personal Name:Adric
    Gifts:Bold (+1 to Steel), Tough (-1 to Harm)

    STEEL:+2 (with Bold gift)
  • Brogan Adric, pt 2
  • Brogan Adric, pt 3
  • Badge: Haig
    Name: Arcy
    Homeland: Iruvia
    Gifts: Attuned (assist is +2); Swift (you're faster)
    Role: Owl

    Force: -1
    Finesse: +2
    Insight: +1
    Steel: 0
    "Quick with words and quicker on her feet - that's Arcy," they say. I guess it's "Haig" now, isn't it? Blecch. Tradition may demand we take these names, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I doubt very highly that there's any honor or glory to be found in this enterprise, no matter what the recruiters would say. I guess you take what's given to you when you've got no where else to turn, but I'll be damned if they turn me into something I'm not. Here's to a life on the rails, then.
  • Haig/Arcy 2
  • Haig/Arcy 3
  • Badge: McKeel
    Name: Arden
    Homeland: Sklovan
    Gifts: Wild?? (+1 if trauma 9+); Hardy?? (no scar effect)
    Role: Spider

    FORCE: +1
    FINESSE: 0
    INSIGHT: -1
    STEEL: +2
  • McKeel/Arden pt. 2
  • McKeel/Arden pt. 3
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