[Psi*Run] The Nest [ALL 4]

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You head a couple blocks down East College and find a set of old concrete block shoppes. As you head into a small clothing store called Nest, you hear the blaring sirens of a fire truck and an ambulance a few blocks away. The sirens are getting louder.

The shop in here is a college second-hand store, filled with various styles and sizes. It's a clash of Goodwill and hipster. There's a skinny teen at the long counter and cash register far more interested in her handheld game device than paying much attention to you.

What kind of clothes do each of you find to wear?


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    I duck down behind one of the racks and try to call my pounding pulse. I can see that I'm sweating but I don't feel it - the sweat just breads up and runs of me. I grab some jeans and a tee shirt. I see a short sleeved paid button down and grab it. It seems like something a normal person would wear. I keep my no-slip slip-ons. On my way back toward the others, I grab a ball cap.
  • I find a pair of jeans that are a bit big for me but with the addition of a belt it can be cinched up and the cuffs folded up. I make sure they are on secure enough so I don't have to worry about them if I need to run. I find a green short sleeve polo shirt with some discoloration on the left side where some bleach may have splashed it but it's still in good shape. After it's paid for I put the new clothes on in the changing room, I take anything out of the pockets of my scrubs and stuff them under the changing room bench. I am still wearing the canvass shoes with the stain on them.
  • The array of choices in the shop aren't much, but I don't really feel like I have time to be picky. I flick through the offerings on one of the racks. It would probably be best to choose something that didn't look much like the current style I had on. I glance down at the amorphous henley shirt and cargo pants. Looking back at the rack, I see a pink tank top. I pull it off the rack and continue looking. There's a thin white blousy button up top that should fit over the tank nicely, so I grab that as well. I keep looking. In the end I walk up to the cashier with the tank, the blouse, a denim skirt, a scarf, hat and a pair of knee high boots. The scarf is a pink pattern, and the hat is one of those wide brimmed deals. It should all look fairly decent together. The biggest expense was the leather knee high boots, but there are a few nicks along the top of the boots, so the price isn't too bad. New they were probably $150, used? They're $10. I can deal with whatever small imperfections they have.
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    Casey leans against a pillar in the store near the front window, facing back the way the group came. His forehead rests against the glass, his breath fogging it slightly, "What the hell am I doing here? Why can't I remember piss all?" He pitches his voice lower, almost too low to be heard, "Were those people dead? Or just knocked out? Could I 'a done something for them?"
  • Outside, three police cars zip by, sirens blaring.
  • [Barco]
    "Let's pay for this stuff and get out of here. Do you think they'd let us change in the fitting room?"
  • "That might look a little suspicious," I say, glancing surreptitiously out the window on the front of the shop. "But how would they really know?" I crick my finger at him and walk towards the back of the store. The changing rooms aren't much - a wall surrounded by curtains on three sides. I change quickly into my thrift store finds, nodding at how I look in the cracked mirror on the wall. Different than I did, for sure. I feel like I should cut my hair or color it or something, but I don't have the tools for either of those things. Might have to be an option for us all however. I step out of the tiny booth, leaving my old clothes shoved under a bench. I removed everything out of the pockets and shove them into the pockets on the skirt. Once I'm out in the store, I realize I should probably grab a purse.

    There's a rack of them on the wall, all of them slouchy looking from being used. It doesn't matter, really. I grab one that will sit at my hip with the strap over the opposite shoulder and pay for it at the cashier.
  • I come out of the changing booth before Barco and violet head in. I walk over to where Casey is standing, I heard the first bit clear enough but the whispered part only bits and pieces. But what I heard was not encouraging. I look around making sure none of the customers or employees are nearby. "So what the hell happened in the restaurant? Why did we have to run?" Watches the police cars zip by and looks at Casey.
  • The girl behind the counter hasn't looked up from her Vita yet, just so you guys are aware. You can barely hear thumping music from her earbuds.
  • [Casey]

    Turning his head to Barco, Casey quips, "Get out a here? And go where? We ain't got no where to go."

    He gestures towards the street, "Besides, the coppers are runnin' 'round out there like a nest of hornets done been kicked, and the shop girl is playin' with her mobile or whatever it 'tis. She's dead to the world inside her 'lil diggie coma. Let's lie low here for a few minutes and get a handle on things and whatever you do, let's try not to kill anybody for the next hour or so. We can play get ta know your fellow escaped fecker."

    "So... I'll go first. Why the fuck were there a bunch of corpses on the floor of the bathroom back there, including a lil' kid? What did he do to deserve that?"
  • [Barco]
    I look nervous, guilty, ashamed. "I... I don't know," I say, obviously upset. "I've got this stuff on me. It's slick -- I was trying to wipe it off. All the sudden, this fat guy keels out of a stall with his butt up in the air and then this guy and his kid walk in and they just died, right where they stood. I didn't do it. I think it was gas. Maybe those men that were chasing us were trying to gas us out. Maybe they're already here!" I'm a moment away from hyperventilating. I take deep breaths and look at the others'eyes to make sure they believe me.
  • [not Vik]

    I have a nervous look on my face and clear my throat. "First lets keep our voices down and calm. I agree that girl probably can't hear us but I think it would be bad if any of us got upset. I think something is ... I don't know ... different about us. I think that may be why people are after us. If they gassed the room why weren't you affected? I mean you said the guy in the booth died while you were in there wiping yourself down. So that could have been anything. But then the guy and his kid walk in and you're standing there and nothing is happening to you, but they die before they can clear the doorway. And you are still in there unaffected and you leave. Thank goodness everyone in the dining area didn't drop. Can anyone else do something strange? I think perhaps we are dangerous."
  • [Barco]
    I look down. "Why is this happening to me?" I say softly.
  • I reach out and pat his shoulder. "We're all in this together. We'll figure things out."
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    The girl at the counter looks up from her game and finally sees you all. She blinks, like maybe you teleported here or something, and with a yank, pulls out her earbuds. She's got six silver earrings in each ear and a lip ring, too. "Hey... you guys gonna but something? Or like, I dunno. Need help?" She's sort of looking at you, mostly, Pen-Day.
  • [not Vik]

    I look at pen Day. "Thanks for the clothes and the food man, appreciated". I then glance at Barco and feel ashamed for pointing out his power when I know what I did back at over the border. I start thinking about that kid and the nose bleed and my sadness is clear to read on my face. But then I remember using my power on them and making them do what I want. Man that feeling. A little shiver goes through me and then I feel guilty again. *GM: Can I roll for a memory trigger or do I have to actually take a physical action?*
  • "So we probably need a place to crash tonight, probably a motel ... you know with a shower."
  • Alright, everyone. What do you do next?
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    "yeah, we're buying clothes. I'm wearing what I picked out, this shirt, jeans and the belt. My friend said he would cover it for me." Smiles and looks at Penday then places the tags on the counter total of $15.
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    I toss my tags on the counter. "Ditto," I say. Turning to the green-eye'd runner as we head out, "A shower sounds great!" Why does this guy with the green eyes seem so familiar?" "So, are we just walking until we find a motel that'll take cash without ID or are we looking for a cab?" I say to the others.
  • [not Vik]
    Following Barco "oh that's a good point. I guess that means some pay by the hour sleezy motel or should we find a frat-house party to crash and sleep on the floor?"
  • "No," I answer. "I think a motel room is good." I glance out the window. I can't help but feel that time is running out for us. This brief reprieve at the thrift shop can't last for long. "We need a place to figure out what the hell happened to us. I can't remember a goddamn thing," I hiss, stepping in toward the men.
  • --END SCENE--
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