Another AW-Engine game? Why not? [The Regiment-ish]

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So I've always enjoyed the Weird Wars comix, and I've always been a fan of effed-up war movies. After Apocalypse World made its way into my hot little hands, and I found that everyone and their Aunt May was hacking it, I figured I needed to write a war movie hack. Then that god damned John Harper beat me to it, and did it better than I did in pretty much every instance (Save design. Too clean, Mr. Harper! It's too clean!).

I propose to MC a game of The Regiment set in the Vietnam of Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and innumerable Dave Drake short stories - no more about the real Vietnam than Apocalypse World is about the realities of post-collapse survival. Carnophilic. Claustrophobic. Loud. Brutal. Hallucinatory. Prick-25s, daisy cutters, willy-peter, M-14s, spider holes. And hell, with some kind of supernatural horror in there too. If I can dredge up the draft of my own war hack-cum-reskin I might slot in a few moves from that as custom moves - I may have deleted the fucking thing in dismay. THANKS JOHN

Here's The Regiment 2.1 at Harper's blog.


  • I would play, I mean hell I am only in two other games on snails pace right now. lol
  • Isn't the Colonial Marines the most recent update of the Regiment stuff?
  • Indeed! But kicking this idea around, there's a vibe to the Colonial Marines alpha that doesn't really jive (for me) with the mid-20th century feels. Thus far I am really liking 2.1 for its nonspecificity.

    For the completionist, The Regiment 2.5 -
  • Since reading the AP fromEnigma I have been fascinated with the game.

    It scratched a historical accuracy itch I never new I had.

    I do not have the time for another PbP game, though. :(

    One thing I think might help when MC the game. Get a copy of the Advance Squad Leader starting kit #1 board game from Multiman Publishing, That should help give you scope one battle ground features and dangers. Tactical choices become more clear. Plus, cool map set ups and such.
  • Thanks, Rus! Nice resource - I'll have to see if I can dredge up a copy.
  • Quick, twist my arm.
  • Twiiiiiiist!
  • If you fellas people free-roaming sentiences are into it, I'll whip up a pair of threads and barf forth some junglyptica.
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