[Technoir] Marius

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"The name's Marius. Used to be in the military. No, it doesn't matter to you which one that was. I got busted down and then busted out for my bad attitude, nearly beat a superior officer to death because he had too big a mouth and liked to talk about some pretty messed up things he'd done to some civilians in a warzone. Since then, I been taking work wherever I could. Hasn't always been on the proper side of the law, but you get that. Now, I don't even know what I am. Not quite legit, not quite a criminal. Working for Steiner, answering to Albert Wilhelm their head of security. I'm what you might call a 'deniable asset' which is code for if I screw up and get exposed, they won't bail me out"

Coax: 1
Detect: 2
Fight: 2
Hack: 3
Move: 2
Operate: 1
Prowl: 3
Shoot: 3
Treat: 1

Soldier, Criminal, Investigator

Tough, Brutal, Persistent

“Diamond” Jacques Bellefontaine
Faizah Nyondo (Owes 10 Kreds, Shark)
Albert Wilhelm

Marius feels Protective towards Moses
Marius feels Trusting towards Albert Wilhelm

Kreds: 0

Barker: loud, powerful, explosive rounds, laser sight (costs 4)
Cyberarm: nerve-linked, strong, tough, quick (costs 9)
Kevlar Vest: (costs 1)
Headjack: cerebral input, experimental, linked, nerve-linked, firewall, encryption, optical splice (costs 7)


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