[GhostL] Chapter1 - A Ghost from First Class (all)

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Booker (Polonia)
A screaming bull smashes into your right shoulder as he runs in terror. You spin but you keep your footing. The ghost remains entangled in the electrical field of the train, yet it managed to strain away from the line and reach over to kill your trainer. It shrieks and fights but it wants something with that corpse.

You are near the platform edge, but closer to the engine than that second first class car where the ghost emerged. Infact, the doors of the first class cars pop open and suddenly a river of rich, screaming passenger pours out. The electrical shield snaps about them. The flow of people obscures your vision, you can’t see what the ghost is doing.

Who do you notice in the crowd? A noble, right? Or is it someone else? What are they doing that is so suspicious?

You are in your Anchor gear. What does that look like. Each person usually custom modifies their encounter suit, what features do you use?

Of all the Bulls that didn’t bolt, you were the one closest to the killing. You have the best perspective on this ghost. What does it look like? It is large, almost seven feet tall. And, through it’s transparent body you can get the vague sense of something, or someone, perhaps another ghost, in it’s stomach, what is in there? It is moving, that is for sure. What does it look like?

You were also quite close to the carnage. You watch as the ghost continues to fight the tendrils of electricity as it mauls the body of your trainer. But as you watch you notice it has started searching the body. Rifling through her coat and gear. What does it find?

You have your lightning hook in hand, charged and ready to go. What does that look like? What makes your lightning hook unique to you?

You are in the middle of a swarm of running bulls. You sidestep out of their way but it is hard to make sense of what is happening. You hear the conductor of the train screaming something. He yells it out to the crowd, but nobody is listening. He seems quite upset. You turn and look at him, you make eye-contact and he yells right at you.

What bad news does he shout? Does he offer instruction? A warning?

>Who wants to lead the Bulls and make the roll?


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    Polonia has bad Steel, so he's not going to be the best at leading the fight. If we're interested in the dramatic possibilities of that, however, I think he's quite interested in leading. I just don't want to hose our first go if somebody else is interested in taking charge.

    Is that...Kristov? The senator's page? What's he doing this far out? There isn't time.

    My anchor gear is...unique. There are standard-issue suits that tend to get customized by the bulls that use them, but the bulls that use them tend to be bigger than me. When I requested an anchor appointment, they laughed at me, and told me they didn't make gear that small. I'm not sure if they were telling the truth or just trying to steer me away from anchor duty, but I found a way. My great great uncle, once removed, Alex Louis, was an an anchor before our family rose to its current status. His old armor was still in a display case in one of the family houses. Unfortunately, he fit the anchor body type a bit better. All the plates that were separate and allowed him to move easily while protecting vital areas had to be moved closer together to fit my smaller frame. I'm very well protected, but not very agile. The armor is also a bit...antique. It's been excellently maintained over the years, but apart from simply being crafted in a bygone era, it's spent most of its life being embellished as a decorative piece. Everything else this old has been destroyed in battle, while my suit's just been polished and embellished over the years. I stripped all the actual jewels before taking it into battle, but it's still covered in pointlessly elaborate filigree. Let's just say it hasn't helped my reputation as a serious bull with anyone who's seen it outside of battle, and I'm planning to change that today.
  • Brogan(Adric)

    The ghost snatched a small silver locket that was on a silver chain around her neck. It ripped it off after rifling through her pockets like some street beggar finding a defenseless drunk. It will not make it far with that stolen trinket.

    My lightning hook is a bit heavier than standard issue. I asked for it when I saw it in the armory. The main shaft is rather standard, conduits and fuses to control the current, sturdy wires that will survive years of use and abuse. I'm rather proud of the thing. The hook at the end is shaped like a hook from a pirate story, wide enough to curl around a man's neck. It's brilliant to watch the electric current leap across the open space between the curve of the hook when it is alight.

    As for why it's unique to me? Well, I added a few runic shavings, just small mentions of our homeland. A poem, for luck. The fine work took weeks, and I had to ask Arcy for help on some of it, but it looks grand.
  • McKeel (Arden)

    I jump backwards, narrowly avoiding a swinging lightning hook. You know, this is just like that night we snuck into the bullpens. Stampeding people aren't that unlike stampeding cows. Stampeding Bulls. Get it? Of course, there wasn't a murdering ghost on the loose, but still. I shout insults at them, ducking and sidestepping. Isn't this what we were trained for? Skies above!

    That's when I see the conductor. And I can't really hear him, but I focus on his lips. He has rather nice lips. I'd think about that more, but I've just realized that he's screaming "...another one! There's another ghost coming!"

    I utter an oath that would make my mother gasp and press her palm against her heart. Where is Adric? Is anybody doing something?
  • Booker
    This is my chance to prove myself. I'll finally be a real anchor, "Bulls, on me!"
  • Looks like we get the penalties for everyone not swearing to follow my orders without hesitation (there simply hasn't been time for that) and not having worked this area before. No advantages just yet.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-2 )
  • Haig (Arcy)

    Seven feet tall, shimmering and glowing in the light of the electricity, taking on that white-bluish tint. And with the next surge, I see it, swirling in the stomach of this specter. Denser than the rest of the ghost, looking like silk scarves gyrating in there. The surge ceases for a moment, the material slows it spin, and I can just make out the face of Sergeant Moreana, screaming...in fear? In rage? I can't quite tell.

    I hesitate just for a moment before joining Booker draped in his antique Anchor suit. "If you had half the experience that suit has, I'd say we'd be alright. Then again," I point to the embellishments remaining, "that experience may be better suited for working in a museum than on the lines."
  • Moreana’s body crumples at the ghost’s feet. It lifts a silver locket high and then places it around it’s neck. Inside it’s stomach you see, through the tran-substantial essence of the ghost’s body, Moreana. Her eyes are starting to go vacant with despair.

    The ghost scans the crowd. It seems to have locked it’s eyes on someone from first class, is that a gentleman dressed in the garb of a senator’s assistant? Why yes, yes it is.

    Other features of the Scene
    - The charging station continues to crackle.
    - The Bull trainees continue so rush in panic.
    - People are pouring from the first class cars.
    - The conductor has retreated to his cabin as another ghost approaches from the front of the line.

    Booker, you get a sense that McKeel, Haig and Brogan are the only Bulls with enough guts and are ready to support you.

    What do you do?
  • Booker

    Damn thing's taking us by surprise, but I knew our training would come to an end eventually. It's a shame Moreana had to go with it. That was just too much for most of the trainees, and now the cowards are adding to the panic. The ghost seems to know what it wants, but I barely know where to start. I guess I'll try to draw it in so the three of them that are still paying attention can do something about it.
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    Rolling Steel to get the ghost's attention and draw it in.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Booker

    It doesn't even notice me. It's heading after the assistant. I slowly turn to follow, pointing a heavy arm. "That way, lads!"
  • Booker, what did you do to try to draw it's attention? What did it look like? Also, from the steel yourself list, what was the option that you didn't want to do?
  • Brogan and Haig, you were both fairly close to this Ghost. Now you see it blow past Booker, it marches into the crowd, ghostly claws lashing into the ranks of the scattering bulls. Several of the passengers crumple to their knees cowering, paralyzed with fear now that the ghost towers amid their ranks.

    The Page stands, his mouth sloughed open, drooling in fear. "No, no, they said it wouldn't . . . " You can't quite hear him say this clearly, but you get the impression he is in denial about something.

    The Ghost's mouth seems to grow larger, large enough to eat a person, you think. And it looks hungry, very hungry.

    What do you do?

    McKeel, you and the conductor seem to be the only ones aware of a second ghost approaching. From the gloom along the tracks you can sort of make it out. You have a brief moment to take stock of it. What does it look like? Is it attracted to the train, the charging station or something else?

    What do you do?
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    I attempt to imitate the stories I've heard of my uncle. "Attend, foul specter! Your kind is not welcome here! Vacate this place, or face the wrath of..." uh, what's my badge again? I look down. "THE BOOKER!" I mustn't run away. The ghost looks feminine, but...too large. Probably ten feet tall, and a bit distorted, as if stretched. I was taught that normal spirits kept the form they had in life, but perhaps this one's propensity for consumption is exaggerating its form.
  • Haig, you can tell right away Booker has never seen this type of ghost before. Their existence is not widely known. Why is that? How is it that you were in the know? The unnatural form of spirit must have got to Booker, because you see him start to lose his nerve, he begins to run, just like the others, but he is headed right toward you.

    What do you do?
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    McKeel (Arden)

    I follow the shakily pointing finger of the conductor. The second ghost is coming straight for us, long, long...hair? Something like hair is streaming behind it. And there's something wrong with it's face. At first I think it's got a giant hole where it's face should be, but no. That's not it. That's it's mouth. It's mouth is open so wide, it's taking up it's entire face. Holy goddess! Time to move!

    I start pushing through the stampede, not caring if I smash my pointy elbows into anyone's face. If I can successfully fight my way to the bar at All Hallows on Thrice Eve, I can get through this crowd. I can vaguely see someone standing up to the ghost, and that's where I want to be. I know Adric will be there soon too.

    "THE WRATH OF THE BOOKER!" I echo in a shout at the ghost, finally reaching THE BOOKER's side just in time to hear his challenge. I give him a quick scan, slightly incredulous. What in the name of the Emperor is he wearing? He looks like a walking museum exhibit, and he speaks like one too. But I'm grinning. Cause I've immediately decided that I like THE BOOKER. He's got balls.

    "There's another one coming!" I yell, pointing behind me. Oh, there's Adric. I knew he'd be here too. I give him a crazy wild grin. "Let's do this!"

    I turn to grin at Booker, but...he's...running away?
  • [Haig]

    You mean ghosts aren't supposed to look like this? I'd never been on the lines before, but this fits the description my cousins would give when we were young. Maybe they were just trying to scare me, but looks like it worked out well.

    I notice Booker starting to bolt in my direction. I quickly get in his way and try to force him to turn back to the ghost. "Come on, now, where's that noble spirit? We've got a job to do!"
  • Brogan, Haig has intercepted Booker. Looks like that leaves just you with enough wits and attention to deal with this ghost. A ghost that, even now, descends upon the first class passengers, so far only slowed by a few electrical streams from the train.

    No wait. As you look you see McKeel on the other side of the ghost approaching from the front of the train. Oh, and what is that, another ghost far in the distance approaching on the rails?

    Brogan and McKeel, what do you both do?

    Booker, Haig gets in your way. What was it that Haig did that quelled your fears? Haig made you feel up to facing this thing once more. Was it something he said? Did?
  • Booker

    "That noble spirit..." It's my duty to stand and fight. Not just for the memory of my uncle, but for my own honor. "Thanks. Let us make our stand." I turn to face the ghost again, and begin slogging toward it.
  • [Brogan Adric]

    I see my sister coming from the other side. I can't let her get the glory. I'm hitching up my hook and firing it up so I can hook this damn creature. Look, girl, follow my lead.
  • Brogan, your hook heats as the electrical current brings it to life. What does that look like exactly? Seems every Rook has their own style and tactics, what are yours?

    McKeel, Brogan has his hook fired up. The crowd clears a path for him, relieved a Bull is on the job, but also quite afraid of electrical burns, or worse. He's taking the first few practiced moves to engage this ghost. He looks fluid, strong and . . . what is that? Is he mocking you? Or is he just trying to steal your glory?

    What do you do?

    Haig and Booker, Brogan descends upon the ghost, you can smell the ozone as it builds about him. McKeel is poised and ready to act, whatever she decides to do she'll have done it before you can react. What do you do?
  • McKeel (Arden)

    I narrow my eyes at my brother, my resolve stubbornly hardening. Yeah. I see you, Adric, and I know what you're doing. If you want to steal my glory, you'd better move fast cause this ghost is mine!

    I've drawn my lightning web-slinger. It's humming and crackling in my hands as it powers up. I'm going to bring this thing down, and I'm going to do it first.
  • [Haig (Arcy)]

    Alright, let's see what's really going on here - I slap on my spirit-goggles. The world turns into a kaleidoscope of color before I can start detecting patterns in the blues, pinks, and greens. I start carefully picking my way through the crowd, toward Brogan and McKeel, prepping my standard lightning-hook to help any way I can.
  • Booker

    I advance. Slowly is all I can currently manage, but I beat a vambrace rhythmically against my chest plate. I don't know of if the rhythm attracts the ghost specifically, or if they're just annoyed by the metal clanging, but I've been taught it's a viable technique for obtaining attention.
  • [Brogan Adric]

    My hook's current is a brilliant green. I'm not sure why it has that hue, the quartermaster told me the phlogiston that is housed in the hilt compartment colored it somehow. I'm not sure why, to be honest, he used some arcane words to describe the process that I didn't comprehend and I nodded enthusiastically and thanked him for the honor.

    My style is natural to me, aggressive and unflinching. I'm not graceful like my sister, nor do I need to impress anyone with how I do a thing. It need only be done. I use my mass and my strength to push in close, and then I hook the ghost and man-handle it where we need it to go.
  • McKeel (Arden)

    Rolling Finesse
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Haig (Arcy)]

    Rolling Insight
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Booker

    Rolling Force:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Derp, that should be +0, so I have a 7 if we leave that out. I can reroll if needed.
  • [Haig (Arcy)]

    Spending hold 1 of 2 to ask:
    What's really going on here?
  • Booker

    Let's take the seize/drive back/opportunity one.
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