Setting Idea Or Something (Not a Pitch)

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  • I want this to be a whole game. I'm reading Analise right now and thinking of Dr Who. What if there are fixed things? You play forward from a save and, as you do, you can claim things (as in Analise). These are fixed aspects of reality that will always come up no mater how many times you reset. If you reset, you get something for reintroducing those claims or pay something to change your mind and not reintroduce that claim. Throw in a little Dark Tower and you have an old machine that doesn't entirely rewrite - there is bleed and deja vu and premonitions and things you just know. Every save and reset breaks things more.
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  • I'd want this to be a PBP game -- one of the things I've found about time loop scenarios in games is that it gets really difficult to remember "did this happen in last iteration or the one before?" Or to flub something like "whoops, that NPC is reacting to something you told him LAST iteration that he doesn't know THIS iteration."
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