Gencon 2013

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Anybody want to do a hotel thing again? I'm way less booked this year, but I do have Saturday evening plans. Thursday or Friday could be rad.


  • Yeah, I was just about to come and inquire myself. I'm not attending GenCon, but I live downtown.
  • Jealous. Wish I could be there.
  • Thursday night meetup at Embassy Suites?
  • I could meet up on Thursday. The Embassy Suites gets awfully loud, but I don't necessarily have an immediate alternative.
  • Yeah, I sort of hate the fact that it's so loud. I'm staying at the Omni this year, but I have no idea if they are cool about folks in the lobby hanging out.

    Any other suggestions? Maybe some place in the convention center (that doesn't require a pass, for Michael)?
  • I work basically right next to the Omni, so maybe I'll cruise by there tomorrow and check it out.
  • Rock on! Let us know.
  • Wish I could be there, guys. But, alas, not this year. Have fun.
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    I think it's probably okay to hang around in the Omni lobby. Actually, (I guess I could've mentioned this earlier) I've had a couple of small work-related meetings there, and it's kind of a morning stopover for some of the people in the office across the street, on account of the Starbucks.

    Looking at it today, I did see that a lot of their floor plan is handed over to things like the Starbucks, the bar, and so on. There are a fair number of public chairs and coffee tables scattered around there, but not a huge number, and I have no idea how crowded those'll be during GenCon.

    In any case, I suggest meeting at the Omni in the southern part of the lobby (across from Union Station). That's where most of the tables are, so hopefully we can just settle in there. If it's too crowded, then maybe we can wander off elsewhere. If nothing else, there's a ton of bars right there along Meridian Street.

    But if you'd rather meet somewhere else ... eh. I'm not attached.

    I'm this person. I will be wearing the hat, or actually one much like it.

    Oh, and what time? I'm fine with whenever.
  • Let's go for Thursday, August 15th at 10 PM CT.
  • (acknowledged)
  • I should be wearing a white shirt with Chewbacca hair on the front. Because its awesome!
  • I'll probably be dressed as Ness.
  • hey guys, I am sorry for the late notice. I really want to participate in a multi-session game of Apoc World taking place Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. All sessions sart at 8 and last until midnight!

    I will be coming to Omni tonight after that, but I understand if you al have already came and went.

    If you want to suggest alternative times to meet, let me know!
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    Yeah, I have work in the morning - midnight meetup is no go. And I'll be seeing you on Friday, Max, so there's probably not a whole lot of reason for us to go meet in a hotel somewhere tonight.

    Rich, I don't have much in the way of plans this weekend, so we could work something out if you're free sometime. Also, I work downtown, so I'll be around if you want to do lunch tomorrow. Dunno if you people are actually going to be pausing to eat real meals or not. (c;

    I'm unavailable Friday evening.
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    are you stuck in Twin Cities, Chris Weeks?
  • my phone has been dead most of the con. I'm leaving sometime around noon. I should be in the con center around 10 or so to hit the dealer room one last time if anyone wants to meet up.
  • I'm playing mechwarrior at 10. I guess we can try again in a future year.
  • So.... How was GenCon...?
  • Conical! I played some mech games and some rpgs and I finally got to play Fiasco and I got a new card game called Card Game.
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