[GhostL] What we know . . .

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What We Know So Far About . . .
( a temporary holding place for game content, maybe move this to a wiki or something at some point.)

Emperor Scientists
- They secretly retrieved leviathan oil and reported it stolen publicly
- They are shipping containers of something to the Skovlan Region.

- Use Copper Chits as money

Cloudspire Insurrectionists
- Exiled if caught

Witch Hunters
- Also run by Emperor? Perhaps a different organization?

Exoneration Comittee
- Possibly estates of witches go into limbo, so legal mumbo jumbo to "unwitchify" someone so the estate can get transferred? Perhaps witch estates are assumed cursed- tainted-haunted, condemned.

Iruvia Sages
- Future Seeing?
- Powerful Political influece in Iruvia.

- Large cars, almost as though they were a small town in and of themselves.
- Use "Charging Stations" on occasion.

- They are mean.
- There is a class of ghost, tall, shimmering, that can consume the spirits of those they kill.

- Leviathan Oil must come from living Leviathans. (does it always kill them?)

- Dualist
- Cruel
- Cousin to Polonia
- Moreana (A hound and Bull trainer) knew him somehow.

General Krinos
- Has association with the Emperor Scientists

- Unfriedly friend of a friend of Arden(McKeel)

- Family of Adric

- Murdered

- A Senator's paige.
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