[Technoir] Shadows Under Camelot [DaF 1.1] [Ma 1.1]

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You spend way too much time here, DaFino.

Shadows is appropriately dim, everything covered in a lurid red glow as if you're seeing it through a filter of blood. Everywhere except the stage which is alive in swirling light as Temptation dances her set to men shouting cheers and wolf-whistles. Is this your table? You've been here often enough I bet. Watching her. Watching over her. Which is it? What's the deal there? Everyone can see you're Loyal, that's not in doubt, but why is that?

It's crowded too. Hot. Music pumping in a low steady thrum. You can dim it of course, link into the counter frequency and turn it down or cancel it right out. Your specs let you see the local 'face overlay. People have public profiles floating over their head like strange predators, ready to dive in and eat whatever's left of their souls. Some of profiles are poor fakes, obvious masks, like the badly done fake ID's of the 20th. Some are excellent lies. 'Upstanding businessmen' who live too high on the hog or make deals in the corners and private rooms.

Everything else has an advertisement attached to it like a tumor. The local 'face broadcasts 25 local peepshows you could watch simultaneous to Temptation doing her stuff and thousands of non-local ones piped in from wherever. Or you could gamble: sports, cards, you name it. If you know the right access codes you can place a bet on the number of bodies there will be in the undercity by morning or buy a friend or two for the night, in whatever flavor you like.

So tell me about your last job. Why does it still piss you off? And the one you're on now... the one you're about to finish up when your mark shows. Why did you almost turn it down? Is for one of the 'Easties' again? The wealthy inhabitants of the East Terrace?


  • Marius,

    You're in this soup too, just stepping in the door, I guess. This is probably the most popular club in the undercity, do you spend much time here? If you do or if you don't, you got a message from Wilhelm to meet here. Weird when he could just talk to you at the office right? Or are you so unofficial that you can't see him that openly?

    I imagine you see DaFino across the room. Heard of him? Private eye. Good, they say. Wilhelm isn't a fan. The man sticks his nose into too many pies. He's maybe been on your 'potential trouble' list to for a while depending on when Bertie decides to lower the boom.

    You've been watching over Moses for a day now, since he arrived to ring city on transport. Babysitting. Maybe an easier gig than usual, right? Why do you think Wilhelm asked you to watch him?

    You know.... you've been heard to say that you trust Wilhelm. Don't ask me where. Why is that? How literal is that title of 'trouble-shooter anyway?

    You approach the hosting station and get a dazzling smile from the host behind the hosting station, a fit-looking redhead whose costume seems to be selectively opaque and changing from moment to moment.

    Your personal message feed suddenly flashes "Reservation: Smith668" The message is from Willhelm and shows as secure.

    Also, just between us, who is your biggest enemy in the Ring?
  • Wilhelm and I have an understanding and my work for Steiner is strictly off the books. Many of the things he gets me to do break the law and, more importantly, would get him in trouble with others at Steiner. So we keep it on the hush-hush, no official visits. I trust Wilhelm and he trusts me, mutual respect goes a long way.

    I don't trust DaFino either, he's just a bit too good at his job and a bit too bad to be trusted. Barks up too many of the wrong trees. He's going to have to be dealt with one day, although for now I just avoid him. Moses seems like too easy a job, so I keep waiting for the catch. Something is going to go precariously wrong there, I can feel it.

    I flash the message up in my view as I arrange to be seated by the hostess.

    Biggest enemy in the Ring? There's a guy with a similar background to me, Rupert Antioch, who seems to turn up and take delight in tormenting me. We've worked together before and he took great pleasure in selling me out to the enemy and twisting the knife. I know he's been working the area, I just haven't run into him yet.
  • I didn't quiet explain myself there, sorry. The message was like a text, sort of, letting you know that there was a reservation for you. Once you give the hostess the number though she starts leading you though the crowd to one of the many darkened corners, booths set up for privacy, but only after she looks you over provides you with an interesting peek-a-boo tour of her various charms.

    That reminds me to ask, Marius, who's your squeeze these days and where is he/she right now?

    The hostess indicates the booth. You still have a view of the stage from here. I suppose that's a good thing, these booths are heavily shielded so that, as soon as you choose to step inside it you will loose your interface signal, and are stuck with bare eyes. In fact there's some kind of visual code gate in front of it, which won't allow your optics to record even from out here. It doesn't take the Interface to identify the woman sitting opposite you though. You already know Faizah Nyondo, the newly elected Union foreman for the beanstalk sight. How do you feel about Faizah? You owe her, right? When were you supposed to pay her back? But... this whole thing was a setup from Wilhelm...


    She's slight. Maybe you're used to thinking of construction workers as big burly men, but not anymore. At least not always, especially with the nanoconstuction materials being used. She looks young too, but these days who the hell can tell.

    "Hello Marius... Please, sit."
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    It's my table by virtue of my ass-print being worn into the chair, but that's usually enough to get interlopers up and out when I come in. Temptation is my sister, well, half-sister. Momma remarried when pop left. When I heard she was coming to the Ring for a job, I assumed it was something...hell I don't know, something else. Anyway, she's here, and my work gives me a chance to watch over her, so I do. She's 15 years younger than me and we weren't really close until Momma and Jacques (her father) died in a car accident. We grew close as we grieved.

    After I check the room over I push my specs up to my forehead. They are light sensitive, so it's not like they are really restricting my vision, but I just hate having all that shit in my view if I don't need it. Anytime someone new comes in, though, I push them back into place and surreptitiously check them out.

    As I take as sip of watery whiskey, I'm still pissed at that "Lost Kid" job. I really should stop taking those. They never turn out well. When I found the kid, it turned out he was escaping from the slavery his "father" had arranged to sell him off into. Sheesh. At least I got half up front.

    Cheating lover jobs are the best and the worst. The worst because they put all the shittiest stuff we humans do to each other right out on the marquee, but best because they are ususally so damn easy. Follow the mark, take some video, note their "whos" and "whens." Cha-ching, payday. This one was a little hot. Some highriser from Steiner wanting me to keep tabs on his boy-toy. Steiner makes my skin crawl, but after the half-pay from the kid job, I had to make rent. So...here I sit waiting for the boy-toy, sipping watery whisky, watching my sister shake her hips and tits for strangers.
    Fuck, I rub my hand over my scalp, I gotta get outta here.
  • DaFino

    So you just saw Marius enter, right? And maybe you saw where he was escorted by the host. Same table you remember Faizah Nyondo going to a while ago. Your memory is good for things like that.

    So are you trying to talk her out of all this or do you just sort of suffer and watch? Temptation... sorry, what do you call her? Her real name, I mean... she has really developed a following and not just among the scum. She's 'accompanied' even some Easties to important events. She's got a particular suitor you don't care for much, right? What's the story there?

    The boytoy has showed. Handsome, definitely. Tall and lean with hair that you don't see outside of expensive salons or sims. He's there on the arm of some serious bad news. An N.A. Cartel gangster named Graves, someone you're definitely on the wrong side of, right?

    What do you do?
  • Graves, interesting. That guy makes my skin crawl. Seriously, not a moral fiber in that guy at all. Eyes like a shark.
    Snap some vid with my specs of the boy toy. Send it along to my client along with a bill for the rest of my payment.

    Then I turn my attention back to Sis. I've always just called her Sis, but her real name is Tsetseg Jones. She's been seeing a lot of a some hotshot musician lately. I think he's mostly harmless, but I can't stand the narcissistic twit.

    Hmm, Wilhelm's hitter is meeting with Faizah Nyondo? Interesting. I'll stay and watch for now.
  • DaFino

    So you know this is a Cartel place right? It's considered neutral ground. No violence. At least none that they talk about.

    When you're shooting the vid, you see something odd. I mean you studied up on boytoy, right? A harmless dilettante type, as far as you could tell. Well shooting the vid you've got an interesting angle. In a moment where boytoy is standing mostly behind graves you see him fiddle with a pocket in the outrageous ensemble that he's wearing. He pulls something partway out, fingers feeling it over efficiently. When you get a zoom you only catch part of it but you're sure it's a ZXB special. A needle weapon. An assassin's gun, specifically. And the expression on boytoy's face... well in that moment he doesn't look so vacuous, more efficient and professional. You catch him doing a quick scan, locating exits.

    Something's up. Odds are, someones going to get killed pretty soon.

    What do you do?
  • My current squeeze is Mani and it's... well... he wants things to get serious and I'm not so into that. I know he's out tonight, partying somewhere in the downtown area, keeping to the safe zones and the clean bars.

    Faizah I respect and it kind of pains me to owe her the money I do. Trouble is, I just don't have it yet. I sit down, all smiles and friendly.

    "Good evening Ms. Nyondo"

    Playing it cool, letting her do the talking.
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    Don't shit where you eat, right?

    I get up and walk over to one of the big, stern-faced, meatheads they have as bouncers. Fortunately I spot Sibusiso, a meathead with brains and a soft spot for Temptation.
    "Sibusiso, looking good tonight. " I lean in close and say quietly "Graves just came in with a guest. His guest is... " Shit, what if it's an inside hit and I'm about to put myself in the cross-fire? Oh well, "In for a dime, in for a dollar."
    "...his guest is packing and looks like he's a hitter. Just a heads up. "

    Then unless he stops me, I return to my seat.
  • Marius,

    She pauses a minute, while a waitress puts a drink on the table for you. You didn't ask for it, but it's exactly right. What is it?

    Once the waitress has left she takes a smooth drink from her own glass and begins.

    "Mr. Willhelm and I have a common problem and he and I agree that you're a man capable of discreetly handling this sort of task. You've heard of Frequency? The hacker group? Both of us were recently contacted. They've demonstrated that they have some sensitive information that could be very damaging to both of us. They're demanding that Mr. Willhelm give them some information in exchange for their consideration."

    She takes another drink and leans forwad. Fixing you with intense eyes.

    "We believe they are a proxy, hired by someone else. We want you to troubleshoot this issue, both with Frequency and with whoever is paying them to do this. It should be discrete and permanent. I'm willing to forgive half your debt to me, if you'll do this."
  • DaFino,

    Sibusiso nods, immediately scanning for Graves, seeing him disappear into the VIP lounge along with boytoy. He claps you on the shoulder and heads after them, making a motion to one of the other meatheads to follow. Say what you will about the man, he takes security seriously.

    When you return to your seat, a man is approaching you out of the crowd. He's trying to blend but not quite pulling it off. He's a tall middle-aged asian with a haircut and bearing that tells you he's wealthy, but not the flash and swagger of gangsters wealthy. He more the Eastie, country club type... that's what it smells like. But like I said he's trying to look like he belongs... and failing. And though he's calm you can see a certain primal alertness in his eyes as he surveys the other guests with both distaste and fear.

    This place is kind of known as your hangout. I mean with that being 'your' chair and all. Temptation made enough threats when they tried to give you the business over it that they left it to you. Do you actually maintain an office somewhere or is this it?

    He takes a seat at your table without invitation. "Mr. DaFino? Please, I need your help to find my daughter."
  • I have an office in a squalid high rise. the elevator only goes to the 23rd floor. I'm on the 32nd. The front is an office, the back is my single room apartment. I have a sign on my door, "DaFino. Private Business." Most folks find me here though. I like it. I can tell a lot about a person by the way they react to this place.

    When he sits down I raise an eyebrow. When he starts to talk I turn on my specs recorder, it's my SOP.
    "Alright. You want to talk here? Or somewhere more private?"
  • He looks around.

    "More private would be ideal."

    Are you just headed for one of the booths or something even more isolated?
  • Marius sips at his whiskey sour and carefully listens to what she has to say, trying not to raise an eyebrow when she mentions erasing half of his debt. He pauses to act as if he's thinking about it even though his mind is already made up

    "Can you supply me with any additional information on this group? And do you have any suspicions, no matter how faint, as to who they might be acting on behalf of?"
  • Marius...

    She shakes her head slightly, keeping her eyes on you.

    "I have a wide array of enemies, both inside Steiner and the union. Even the nationals. So does Wilhelm. But they are looking for security access to East Terrace. I expect it might be the Cartel or something similar. Frequency itself... well no one is certain as to the true operators of that organization. But it employs a lot of hackers, street kids, most of them."
  • Marius nods.
    "Well, I'm sure you know I'm in to deep to refuse such a generous offer. I'll do it. Do you have any leads or any info you can share with me to start me off?"
  • 'Marius...Of course you could refuse. I have faith in your integrity and that you will pay me back eventually. But I thought you might like the chance to limit your obligation.

    She pauses to take a drink, a momentary convulsion of her slim and elegant throat. It's something of a tell. This thing has shaken her more than she lets on. You probably could negotiate your whole debt to her be forgiven. (Like by Coaxing her into it... maybe giving her an adjective of desperate, or something, by telling her your not sure how much help you can give...like that.) She sets the glass back down, traces the edge with a finger.

    "I've heard rumors through the union that the Cartel is up to something bigger than usual. I don't know what, but the tactic is something they'd use. They're probably using Frequency to mask their actions. Your current change, Moses, was incarcerated with a known Cartel smuggler, perhaps he can help you. Otherwise I suppose you might track down someone in the know in Frequency. At least some of them hang out in that abandoned factory in the undercity."
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    "Listen, Faizah... maybe you're right. Maybe it would just be easier for me to handle the debt in my own time. After all, I'm sure you can take care of this situation by yourself? It's not like you Need me, is it? Things can't be That bad" says Marius, leaning back and doing his best to look insouciant and free of cares.

    (I want to, as you helpfully suggested, Coax her and give her the adjective of Scared. Ok so I've looked over how this works but I'm still a little vague, could you possibly help me through it a little bit? It looks to me like I'll only have 1 die..., from Coax)
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    Did you mean to whisper?

    Okay so you want to give her an adjective of Scared? You've already pretty much described the action, but you might need to edit. So we need to build your pool. You have a rating of 1 with your Coax verb. Are there any other adjectives, objects or tags that you can justify might help you? Maybe looking tough and indifferent? You could roll a push die then.

    You're creating this 'scared' adjective by playing it cool, like you could decide not take up her deal.

    So, roll 2 dice if you want to include tough, or one die if not.
  • I totally didn't mean to whisper, sorry.

    Definitely want to play it a bit hard, act a bit aloof and tough.

  • She can't match that. So now she's more scared She reaches out and puts a hand on your arm, her eyes more intense.

    "Marius please... We... I do need you. This could really hurt me. I'll forgive the whole debt, you'll be free and clear, if you help me with this. Or is there something else?"
  • Marius puts his hand over hers and applies a brief moment of reassuring pressure.
    "I can... I *will* help you"
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    Faizah looks relieved. You have maybe a moment to revel in it before you realize there is quite a commotion going on outside the booth. Gunfire from the sound of it. And Screams.

    When you get a chance to look out, there is a guy running for his life, taking the club like parkour course and on a beeline for the exit. A lot of other people are shouting and taking cover. That's probably because a group of three NA Syndicate guys are shooting at this guy as he tries to make an escape.

    The syndicate made a, uh... a membership offer to you once, right?
  • As coolly as possible, Marius gets to his feet and says 'I'll be in touch' to Faizah, before vaulting over a rail and ducking into the guy's path to tackle him.
  • Sounds like you want assign an adjective to him... is that true?
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