The Purpose of Snail's Pace

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Snail's Pace is a forum for online, play-by-post gaming, or storytelling or story-gaming, or whatever. The intention is, given that there are lots of forums for play-by-post out there, that this will be a forum that focuses on "indie" or "alternative" games - games with small print runs, games that feature unusal rules, or experimental or home-made games. Moreover, the intention is for this not just to be a gaming space, but a gaming community. It's not just a tool to facilitate a game, but a place to come and talk about the games being played here, in the context of the actual play happening. Especially, I'd like this to be a place in which we develop further the relatively unexplored field of PBP gaming. It seems like there are very few games that are developed explicitly for this form, yet there is so much potential for it. There are many drawbacks to play-by-post, but several advantages as well. I'm interested in exploring what those are, and seeing game designs which exploit them.

I should hope that the rules would be self-evident. Don't post into in-character threads unless you're in the game, and don't post into out-of-game threads unless it's specifically stated that it's ok. Don't be an ass. I'm hoping to never have to make a moderator post here. If you have questions, or want more specific rules, let me know. At the moment, while it's just a small crowd from Story Games and Knife Fight, I can't see it being a problem.

So, welcome to Snail's Pace. Don't be shy! Pitch a game even if you think no-one will be interested. Join a game even if you don't know any of the other players. Chat, relax, take it slow. The name of the forum is no accident. Play-by-post is slow. Learn to love that pace.
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