Ozair's Garage

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Poptop's shotgun was hit in the forearm and that is cracked and beyond repair. However the action bar is intact and the other moving parts are still fine. There is a crate of old gun parts and rusted guns taken on raids that Ozair accepts on trade for small repairs like this. He is able to salvage a replacement forearm that can be used with just some minor adjustments. The whole time he is grumbling and talking to himself, especially when he lays hands on the old guns in the parts bin. These all have stories and start jabbering at him as he tries to touch only what he needs. So he is having words with some of the parts, telling them to quiet down or that no one cares what they know right now. But as he settles back down at his work station he has a mumbled conversation in his deep gravelly voice with the part he is extracting from the old rusty gun. "stop being ornery ya rusty bastard, I need this now, let 'er go. Nice and easy ummmhmm".


  • [Proper]

    Proper glances at the biometric monitor mounted above the hatch at Ozair's garage. A red LED gleams behind the lens, and the clone imagines momentarily some computer humming away somewhere, processing whatever the fuck it is that's encoded in his tattoo. He thumbs the entry button once, twice, a dozen times, like that one impatient guy who thinks spam-punching the elevator button will make it arrive that much faster. "Ozair, are you in. It's Proper. Have a job and a question for you."
  • Ozair pinches his finger between the parts as he removes the forearm from the rusty barrel. "son of a lizards asshole, you fucking piece of shit. Oh hey Proper whatcha need?" *he looks you up and down from head to toe and back*
  • [Proper]

    The clone glides in as the hatch cranks open. "Ozair. You're well I trust." Proper pulls a handful of Fade capsules, seam-split and empty, from a pocket. "These are making their way into Lock 44. They're not mine. Can you tell me where they come from, who's making them." Proper deposits the empties on a nearby not-too-cluttered benchtop. "That fucking Fade-rat Lits says he got them from Lamprey, but I don't think that walking talking shitpile has the brains to do this kind of chemistry." It is unusual for Proper to use such terms as "shitpile" to describe his clone-brethren. "Storm and I intend to pay a visit to Lamprey, is Keeler around. I might need extra muscle." Proper pauses, eyes Ozair. "Unless you have better ideas, you're an idea man. What do you think we ought to do."
  • sure we can make some trade. How bout this .. I don't do fade, mother doesn't like it. Makes it hard to understand her. Let me keep a jar of hootch behind the bar and you dole it out to me when I stop by. So long as I don't get sick or whatever ... deal?
  • [Proper]

    Proper nods. "Not hooch, though. You want something good, right. I'll get it." A smile flits across his tattooed face. "It's what I do."
  • "mmm hm, That's a deal." Ozair takes the capsules and sets the on his work bench clearing a space. Then he gets out a pair of dentists glasses with the magnifying lens attached to the lens of the glasses. Except that there is only a double lens on the right side the left eye is surrounded by an empty frame. He picks up the capsules and inspects them closely like a jeweler looking for imperfections in a gem and then he tries to listen to them. "ok fellas" he mumbles clearing his throat "what have you been up to?" (whenever Ozair speaks his voice sounds like Billy Bob Thornton in Slingblade)
  • Things Speak: Roll + Weird: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Oh shit I did that wrong it's 2d6 +2 so just remember it's a 10 not a 9
  • On a 10+ I get to ask the MC 3 questions. My questions are:

    1. Who made this?
    2. what words have been said most recently nearby this?
    3. what’s wrong with this, and how might I fix it?
  • This fade capsule (and the contents) were made by The Wood Grouse. That's all you get, just that name. How do you know that though? What else have you encountered that was made by The Wood Grouse and what have you heard about them?

    "This is the last of this shipment, come back next week like usual. Be early, I got three more buyers"

    It's... not quite the usual Fade. The 'high' lasts longer but there's more of a crash too. And it could, unlike your Fade, Proper, kill someone if used wrongly or in too great a dose. What happens if someone hits your Fade too hard?
  • Proper has seen his share of Fade-rats since he and Gams colluded to sell the stuff through Lock 44. They like to joke "Past a certain point, you don't get more high, you just get less Fade" but really, if you just pound that shit up your nose, it'll burn out your memory and turn you into an amnesiac on the spot. Textbook example of that was Reigal, probably the first full month that the Lock was in business. He'd won a high-stakes card game and decided to celebrate, bought a round for the house and then the same amount for himself - ran forty or fifty grams up his nose before he tweaked. In the morning he had no idea who he was, where he was - nothing. Spoke in baby talk, fell down a lot. Ba squared his first debt with the house by arranging an "industrial accident" with Reigal.
  • Glances up at Madu "Wood Grouse, hmm that's a gang leader out in the badlands or something. hmmhm He used to deal in narcostabs and other angel kit supplies, must be he's moving up in the world. Let me see what mamma knows." clears throat loudly *Opening my brain*
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • *Ozair's eyes rollback and he goes kind of still. My spirit finds itself dressed like a hoplite sitting at the foot of Dido's dias and divan.* "Good morning mother you are lovely as always. What can you tell me about this Wood Grouse? Where can we find him? What are his intentions?"
  • Dido appears before you, languorous and divine, all flowing silks and polished jade and river stone. Her voice thrums through you, more felt than hear

    "Wood Grouse... Wood Grouse... Dido does not like him. Why do you care about him little one, little child?"
    She reaches out and strokes your face and tousles your hair and her touch electrifies you
    "Let me show you something"
    And suddenly it as if you are flying over the whole settlement. You can see everything. And then you fly down, down towards the north eastern corner of the place, towards a little cluster of hab-units and you fly right on down and look through the window and you see that inside they've been all joined up and walls have been removed and there's the neatest little laboratory at work in there.
    "He wants to own the minds of all the poor unfortunates in this place, he wants to help them forget and fade away. Are you going to help the unfortunates, child?"
  • "no mother, i don't like the fade it makes it hard for me to hear you speak. It makes it hard for me to fix what I work on. And if they all fade away I cannot profit from them and learn how it all functions. Thank you for showing me the way."

    I drift out of the maelstrom and shake the cobwebs from my mind and look at Proper.

    "Wood Grouse has a lab in the north eastern corner of Rainbow. In a little cluster of hab units. He is not content to make a little profit on a few junkies. He wants to drown our whole settlement. He must be uprooted and removed or he will first bring down Lock 44 then the rest will follow." I pick up my shotgun and my huge ass wrench. "Keeler feel like fucking some shit up?"
    [note that was a use of ofener right - proper has +1 on any rolls he makes if he follows my advice. If he takes my advice I mark XP.]
  • [Proper]

    Proper nods, more to himself than anyone else, the single sharp neck-jerk of someone acknowledging news they suspected was going to be bad. "Don't go anywhere without me, okay. I'm going back to the Lock to get some of the gang and my armor." He shoots a measured glance at Storm. "Do we need to drag Smith into this, do you think."
  • Ozair takes this opportunity to put on his welding mask and gloves and make sure his leather apron is secure and his shotgun is loaded and loose is it's holster. Then he leans the big ass wrench against the building and starts locking up the garage.
  • [Proper]

    Proper moves at a pace that in a less elegant person would be a jog - he sort of seems to snap between strides, like there's a strobe aimed at him that only illuminates his white suit, brown face, and black tat-mask. At the Lock he collars the first two gang members he finds - in this case it's Brux and Wing who've just shown up for the shift and are getting an earful from Shatter for being late. They're lovers, Brux and Wing are, and they've taken to dressing alike. Proper curtly cuts Shatter off. "I need these two more than you need to bake their cases. I've an errand to run, so I may be back after the next-shift opening." The clone eyes Shatter for a split second. "Go ahead and open without me, Shatter, and take a manager's cut. But don't. Fucking. Let. Anyone. Sell Fade that isn't one of us, right." He points at the lovers, both of them pie-eyed and a little rumpled. Probably late because they were fucking. "Come with me." Proper goes to his room and retrieves the padshell that fits over his shipsuit - it flash-fabricates buckles that nuzzle into the suit's crevices, securing it to him. After a second's consideration, he takes his knife - a dull gray billet of matter, like a less-versatile version of Smith's blade-o-matic, it just makes a slim filleting-knife blade with an edge a molecule wide - and drops it into the padshell's tacpocket. Collects Wing and Brux. "Ozair's, now, go go go."
  • Wing just nods but Brux looks a bit scared.
    "Trouble? Bad trouble?"
    looks at Wing for confirmation.
  • [Proper]

    The clone grins - eyes glittering chips, maybe it's a flash of real humor or maybe he's just doing his best death's-head impression. "Someone's moving their bitrotted fake Fade through the Lock, or trying to. If there's trouble it's trouble we're going to make. Chin up, Brux, try to look like a fucking enforcer." He heads for the hatch, then stops - "One other thing, Shatter. Real important customer doesn't want to Fade, just wants to get twisted the old-fashioned way. Means I'm looking for some good hooch, single mold wispy or whatever it was. Ask around, see if someone can hook us up." Shatter nods, sure boss, whatever you say - it's clear she's thinking about how much she can rake off without it becoming a thing. Proper shrugs to himself, bigger rats to zap at the moment. Chivvies Wing and Brux ahead of him, goes straight back to Ozair's posthaste.
  • Fingers in every pie, to get us some single mold wispy.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • When Proper and his enforcers show Ozair shoulders his big ass wrench and leads them to the North East corner and into the hab unit cluster and points out the window he saw in his vision. "That's the place ...hmm hum"
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    The clone looks at the MC, waiting to hear about what passes for law enforcement and social structure in The Colony.

    Edit: Holy shit, the forum ate my question post and I never even noticed. -1 forward on Sharp, Gary. Duhh.

    Since I'm here, I'll ask again and hope that Ghu of the Ceiling sees fit to speed my words on their electrical way. What I wondered was how The Colony's rules are enforced - like, what the level of disruption vs. retribution exists. Proper's focused but not stupid: if he and Ozair and Storm roll in there and just jack the fuck out of the Wood Grouse, paint the walls with brains and burn the place out - and then the Administrator (or whoever the fake-Hardholder is) comes down with both boots on Proper's neck - well, that's suboptimal as regards long-term survival. I, as Proper, am as Hard as any motherfucker out there and have no trouble killing if that's indicated: but if not, I am fine giving this Wood Grouse one (1) warning to back the fuck off.
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