[Psi*Run] Quality Inn [ALL 5]

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All four of you walk two blocks south until you find a Quality Inn. The prices aren't exactly cheap at just under $100 a night, but it is close and while walking, three more cop cars passed by, as well as an ambulance and a fire truck, too.

The outside is nice and clean:

The clerk at the front doesn't give you a second glance, gives you a room. Guess you really do look like college kids now. I assume you grab a set of double beds instead of one queen? Turns out there is a sporting event taking place, this hotel is a little busy. People in the hallways decked out in Coker colors, folks in the lobby watching TV (not a news report), it's lively. You pass a family while walking along the outside walkway to your room, they don't give you a second glance. But the young girl, maybe twelve, she's asking her dad about all the sirens.

The inside of your new room (344) is adorable and clean, a good place for a shower, too.

Unfortunately the free breakfast is the only meal they serve, other than room service. I'll assume whoever wanted a shower took one. Now you can hole up for a couple days at least.

Except for, you know, food.

And like, what the hell is going on.

Otherwise, things are peachy! So, what do you do?


  • [not Vik]
    I shower and sleep but thanks to a wake up call I arranged from the front desk I am up in time for the free breakfast. I then go back to sleep for a few hours waking up when I hear the cleaning staff coming around in the late morning. I make myself a little pack with a toothbrush, tiny soap, shampoo, and toothpaste and wrap it up in a hand towel and stow it in my pants pocket. Then I call the crew together for a planning meeting.
  • [Barco]
    No one has ever showered like I do. Rinse, soap, rinse, towel, back in the shower, rinse, repeat, now scrubbing with the towel in the shower. I'm sure I'm annoying everyone waiting to shower after me (good thing there's unlimited hot water) but I don't care. I emerge, rubbed raw and still slippery. I suppose it's a good thing the water just beads up and falls off of me because I've probably used one more than my share of the clean towels. Slick as I am, I'm far too self-conscious to share a bed with any of the others. I sleep horribly in the corner, wrapped in a comforter, my head atop a dirty towel. I'm bleery eyed as I prepare to revisit the yesterday's horrors and ascertain our course of action.
  • Barco and not-Vik, you're headed down for the continental breakfast, right? Anyone else following?

    There is a small min-numb crowd of folks milling through the line for food. Mostly fresh fruits, little boxes of cereal, oatmeal, a microwave, a big jug of milk and OJ. Not enough tables. Smokers outside. Little rinky dink TV showing the morning news. No volume. The closed captioning is complete crap and nonsensical.

    Oh and by the way, that Chinese place is on. They show the outside of the restaurant, the bathroom, police tape up. Then, they show the security camera feed. Oh hey, there you are Barco. You look really suspicious. On the TV, I mean. Well, here too, I'd assume.

    None of the morning crowd has picked up on it. Yet.

    What do you do?
  • [not Vik]

    I whisper "Get back to the room and turn on the news. I will bring you something". I then casually walk up to the TV and try to read the close captioning if not we will look at the TV in the room. I am getting some food in me and bringing some back for Barco.
  • I stop, staring wide eyed at the TV as I see Barco's image there. My hands begin to tremble, the tray I'm carrying threatening to spill if I can't get a hold of myself. I quickly set it down on a nearby, empty table. I grab the fruit and the roll and book it back to the room.

    "Shit! What are we gonna do?" I ask Barco, pacing back and forth in the small confines of the hotel room. The food looks unappetizing now, but I feel like I need to eat. The room feels like a trap, as though the longer we stay the more likely we are to be found and brought in for questioning. And I know in my gut that that won't go well.
  • [Barco]
    I sigh. So this is how it's going to be now. I start to walk toward the elevator but then turn and go back toward the stairs.

    "I don't know," I say dejectedly. "Maybe get away from things... A cabin in the woods, a boat? There aren't many places to go these days... Canada?" I rest my head against the suitcase stand. "I guess we need a car."
  • [not Vik]

    whatever we are going to do we need to put some serious miles between us and here. Greyhound, a boat a car these are all good options. But Penday's money is not going to last forever. I don't know where there is a cabin in the woods at least I have no memory of one. But if we are in a cabin there is less chance of us hurting someone. But that also means we are trapped with no where to go and no witnesses to give the bad guys pause. It is also easy to get lost in a large metropolitan area. We are a culturally diverse group we stick out more in suburbia than we would in say Manhattan, LA, Atlanta or even Charlotte. But then there are video cameras, TV news and lots of people. People give us the ability to get lost among them and opportunity to work our abilities to our advantage. But if our abilities are dangerous then those people can get hurt.
  • Outside, there are a couple police cars, locals. They didn't come raring in with lights on, but both of them drove up quickly and parked in the lot. Four officers are walking into the lobby.
  • [Casey]

    Casey looks up from his blueberry scone and tea and gestures with a butterknife covered with jam, "Oy. Don't look now, but there's a few bobbies headin' into the lobby look like they mean business. I don' think they're raisin' an alarm jus' yet, but we need to grab Barco an' get out of here. The fun is over. I'll go warn Barco. You lot head over next door to the Taco Bell. I'll meet you there."

    Casey moves quickly to the elevator where he jabs the button. His eyes slide toward the police officers, who are speaking to the desk clerk, and then dart to the ground. As soon as the elevator arrives, he steps aboard, hits the "2", and then holds down the button to close the doors. Once on the second floor, he jogs down to the room and raps on the door, "Hey. Barco! Come on. We need to leave, like, now. Don' even bother grabbin' your shit, jus' move!"

    Lacking a key card, Casey shifts nervously from foot to foot in the hallway.
  • [Barco]
    "F*#k." Disregarding Casey's suggestions, I grab the food and a map out of the bedside drawer. "You heard him, time to go," I say to not Vik. Taking the side stairs, I walk with the map up, blocking my face. I try to talk calmly about the map - look like a traveler passing through.
  • [Casey]

    Casey trots along beside Barco, looking for signs of pursuit. "If somethin' happens, just keep going an' meet up with the others. I'll draw their attention, let 'em chase me a 'lil bit, 'an catch up later."

    #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • [Casey]

    Goal 5 (Runner achieves goal. GM has first say)
    Reveal 1 (Runner has no memory triggered. GM has first say)
    Chase 6 (Chasers make no progress toward the Runners)
    Psi 3 (Power surge: people may be injured, things broken- it would make the local news. GM has first say)
    Harm 1 (Runner is dying. Player has first say)

    Regarding the last...

    Not Vik, Barco, and Casey reach the first floor and begin walking away from the Quality Inn. To their right is a busy street, and in front of them are some fast food eateries. As they walk across the parking lot separating the Quality Inn from a Taco Bell, someone shouts from behind, "Stop! Police! Don't move!"

    Without looking over his shoulder, Casey turns right and runs across the street, cutting across traffic. As he pushes off from the curb, he almost bounces across the intervening space between sidewalk and the median, reaching the middle of the street in scant milliseconds. He suddenly hears three sharp cracks behind him and unable to stop himself, hurtles forward into the next lane. There's the wail of a car horn, the protest of tires on asphalt, and the crunch of metal and bone.
  • [Not Vik]

    Barco, Violet, Penday and I head out following Casey's orders and head over to the Taco Bell. When we hear the shout to stop I say "just pretend you didn't hear and keep going; don't run, don't look back. He will make some kind of distraction" As we get across the street we hear the commotion. "C'mon just go he'll catch up" I don't look behind unless someone else turns and sees the accident and says something.
  • Alright, let's assume everyone went outside to get out of the hotel, yes? If that's a no, speak up, I'll split you into a new thread, no problem.

    Casey zipped across the street in a flash. No, a literal flash of light, moving so fast it was like he was in one place, then halfway across the street. The guy in the UPS truck never saw him. Not until it was too late. Casey was hit, knocked to the ground, then the truck skidded to a stop, the wheel inches from his outstretched hand.

    The cops rush across the street, stopping traffic. One of them calls for an ambulance on his radio, another is dropping to his knees to check on Casey. None of them have eyes on the rest of you.

    What do you do?
  • [Barco]
    Calm, slow, breath in, breath out, slow, calm, I think. I keep walking until I'm inside the Taco Bell. Only then do I turn and put my face to the glass. I stare in horror but can't peal my eyes away from the street.
  • "Shit shit shit! Should we try and rescue him? If they take him to the hospital..." I leave the conclusion unsaid. He was dying, but if he went to the hospital, the ones chasing us would get him for sure. "I think I can get him," I say, as I feel a familiar tingle in my body. Somehow I just know I could zip over there, grab Casey and zip back in the snap of a finger.
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    "If you can get him, do it. They can't help him in a hospital if the bad guys take him to their torture place. If it's a head injury I may be able to help him."
  • [Barco]
    I can only nod. This is too much.
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    The tingling I was feeling seemed like it was being held back, caged by my will. I let it loose and it expanded to fill my entire body. I thought it would hurt, but instead it felt good. As it got stronger and stronger, I focused on the street where Casey lay bleeding out.
  • #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • Goal: 5. Runner achieves goal. GM has first say.
    Reveal: 4. Runner has a memory that answers one of her questions. Other players have first say.
    Chase: 1. Chasers move two locales closer to the runners.
    Psi: 6. Power causes no trouble. Player has first say.
    Harm: 5. Runner is unharmed and unimpaired. Player has first say.
  • Violet,

    The energy tingles inside you while you're envisioning grabbing Casey and getting back here. And like that moment when you are on the edge of the diving board right before you decide to jump in from way up high to that moment of freefall when you don't recall actually deciding for sure to do it, you're moving. At least, you felt like you moved, with a wild lurching sensation like a teacup ride where the other person in the little teacup has her hands on the spinner wheel in the center and she's turning as hard as she can and all you can do is appreciate the sheer gravitational force of it all.

    Then in less than a blink, you're on the street, grabbing Casey's hand, shocked faces of two cops gawking at the girl who just appeared between them without warning.

    And BAMF, you're back where you were with Casey's hand still in yours and he's lying there, moaning in pain and mostly conscious but man is he gonna feel THAT in the morning.

    You've got maybe a couple seconds before the two cops, who are currently gaping at each other with incredulous looks, look your way.

    What do you do?
  • I walk into the Taco Bell and right out the other side without stopping or looking back. I keep walking down the street.
  • [Violet's memory]

    As the corona of energy around her dissipates, a flickering memory plays out in her mind like a tiny, private film.
    Violet wakes up in what looks like a hospital bed. The sheets are soaked in sweat, and there's a pulsating pain from her stomach. She pulls aside the blanket on her and finds dried red antiseptic smeared around a series of surgical staples which are pulling together angry red flesh from a messy incision. Rising to one elbow, she overhears a woman in a white labcoat remark in a nasal voice to a man in a suit with a Bluetooth, "-was a success. Are you moving him to a secure location?"
    The man in the suit replies, "The package is already en route. Just keep her sedated so there aren't any surprises."
    Violet struggles to get out of the bed, and a wave of dizziness washes over her, accompanied by two thoughts. One is, "I need to call him." The other is, "Jeremy is gone."

    Six black SUVs with tinted windows are converging on this place, and you hear a helicopter in the distance.
    (I've updated the Trail Sheet on the OOC thread)

    The CHASERS are here.

    They are trying to box you in, some of them hopping out of the SUVs and reaching into their vests, others on mobile phones or headsets. They're dressed like men in black, really. Best way to describe them. Men in Black.

    What do you do?
  • [Casey]

    Still holding Violet's hand, Casey coughs weakly, tries to rise and fails, then sputters, "You shoulda- you should have left me. Go. Get out. I don't know who we're runnin' from, but I do know there's somebody we need to find. Call it a sneakin' suspicion. You all need to keep runnin'."
  • I can see the MIB's talking to each other; I've done it before anyway. Using my sight I want to avoid them and keep walking away nonchlantly.
  • [Barco]
    I follow the others, still holding the map and trying to cover my face and stay calm. I don't know what to do! As I start to panic, I can feel my skin getting slipperier. My feet are even sliding a little inside my shoes as I walk. Why are they doing this to us! We didn't do anything wrong! ...I think.
  • I lay my hands on Casey's head and I use my mental powers to try and heal him.
  • #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
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