Earth Walk [Smith]

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The corridor is about as nice as can be, for a lovely looping stroll and an earth walk. You're handing around some earth 'artefacts' (replicas) and talking about the Appalachian trail Smith. How many people are there? Who's the troublemaker in the group and why do they keep turning up, do you think? What are the artefacts and what do they mean to you?


  • We have 8 today, including Crimson and Rouge. Roflball's twins are always making trouble for people. They think that because Rolfball literally has the power around here, they can push around anyone they want. It's weird, because Roflball always seems super nice and helpful. Makes me think they're acting without approval, but most of the kids are still afraid to call them on it.

    I've created some Arrowheads. Normally, they'd be buried by ancient Earth hunters, but there's not really a good place to bury them here, so I just try to quietly drop them out of my pockets so people can "discover" them on the next pass around the loop.
  • What do you make the Arrowheads out of and how?

    You notice Crimson and Rouge are walking in the opposite direction, scooping up the arrowheads before anybody else gets a chance to see them. The other kids are still interestedly listening to you talk.
  • I carve the arrowheads out of regolith. Gotta do somethin with all those blades.

    I stop and address everyone. "Can anyone tell me what sort of cool things we might expect to find on the Appalachian Trail?" I look at the twins, hoping they'll take this chance to impress everyone.
  • Crimson just kind of rolls her eyes but Rouge stands up straight and says
    "Appalachian trail, ruled by King Black Bear wearer of the Triple Crown"
    in that scratchy voice of his. He looks down at the arrowheads kind of guiltily.
  • "Excellent, Rouge. It looks like you've found some of King Black Bear's treasure." I wait to see if the other kids notice his arrowheads, and then offer them some shortly either way. I try to make sure the twins still have the most so they feel like they have some kind of advantage.

    Then, I have an idea.

    I address the group. "I wonder if we could make a Triple Crown? We could have some kind of tournament, and crown a king. Would that be fun, guys?"
  • Crimson gives a mad look at Rouge, throws the arrowheads on the ground and stomps off. Rouge looks like he's not sure whether he should follow her or stay and participate. In the end, the appeal of history wins him over. All of the other kids are enthusiastic too. They're suddenly asking you how they'll make the crown and what kind of tournament you'll all have.
  • "I can carve the crown, but I think we should all help with the tournament. We can come up with things kings would need to be good at: running, jumping, finding a path on a trail, being fair, maybe even battles. I hear Storm has a good battle game."

    I'm glad Rouge stuck around. Crimson might make problems later, but that's universally true, and I'm just glad to have less problems now.

    "Who wants to be on the Royal Tournament Committee?"
  • It's at this point that Rolfball sort of slides around the corner, obviously having been just out of sight the whole time.
    "Well, gee, I guess I could volunteer for it"
    He's got that smirk on his face, the one the twins picked up that you just know means trouble.
  • "That sounds good, but I'm guessing that's not the only reason you're here."
  • "Very sharp, very acute. I like that. I need the twins for something. Where's Crimson?"
    Rouge looks upset and disappointed that Rolfball has turned up, and a little scared.
  • "Crimson just left. Can't have gone far."

    I point Rolfball in the right direction.
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