[Psi*Run] The Road Out of Town [ALL 6]

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Moments ago, you were in the middle of Hartsville, South Carolina, trying desperately to avoid capture by Men in Black.

Now... you're on a quiet road in a wooded area. There's a thick tree canopy above, giving plenty of shade, and the road itself is recently paved, and smooth.

You pass a sign that reads Cherokee National Forest. There are no other cars on the road. Hard to tell, but it seems to be about the same time of day, late morning.

Casey didn't make the trip, somehow. His blood on the seat is the only evidence that he was ever here. It's just the three of you left now.

What do you do?

The car, a 2010 Honda Accord Sedan, looks like this:


  • [Barco]
    "Casey... Casey!" I sit back. "Casey didn't make it." Sitting in the back seat, covered in blood. I think I'm finally accepting that we're all going to die today I look at the forest all around me. It's so green and peaceful. All of the sudden, I grab the seat in front of me and pull myself forward to talk to the two in the front seat. "Did that say Cherokee National Forest?!? We better pull over, there might be a ranger taking park fees. We can't let anyone see us like this." I realize that they haven't actually seen the state of the back seat. Are there any driveways or buildings that don't look like Parks and Recreation?
  • Well, actually... you're headed "out of town", meaning the small town is in your rar view. You're driving into a national forest, lots fo trees all around, maybe a campground up ahead? Yeah, coming right up.

    The air smells clean and the breeze is wonderful. Lots of untouched parts of nature here. With small cans, bottles and cigarette butts marring the beauty slightly.
  • Everything is hazy. I can't understand what happened. I feel like I'm still sitting in the car, but it seems wrong, somehow. I see Casey in the back seat, bleeding all over the place, but the others, they aren't here. I can hear them talking. But they are gone. My head aches with possibilities. Casey, bleeding out in the back seat. I reach back to touch him, only to find that my hand falls through his body. Am I dead? I hear Barco talking, something about a forest. It's like he's right in front of my face. I feel his breath on my skin, his voice sinks into my mind and bounces out. I look at the driver's seat, and it is empty too. Reaching out, my hand brushes against something, but there is nothing there. Panic swells up inside, a moan bubbling up through my throat, turning into a scream as it exits my mouth.

    Where am I?
  • We pull over (ooc - I have no idea who is driving lol). I hear the scream from Violet I'm not sure if I hear it in my ears or in my head. I close my eyes and run through a meditation technique trying to loose the panic and fear and concentrate on what I need to do. "Barco, I am going to try and heal Violet bring her back to us. I hope this works".
  • #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
  • Goal:4 Runner achieves goal GM has first say
    Reveal: 6 Runner has a memory question answered player has first say. What is my name?

    As I enter the mental state needed to bring Violet back from where or whenever she is I find myself standing on a stage of a little town hall or some other auditorium. My hands are over my head and my congregation is before me. They are all wearing robes, I recognize some of the faces in the crowd from this escape. The crowd is chanting "Jeremy Jeremy" ... oh that's me, I'm the one they're looking for. I'm Jeremy Banepali.

    Chase: 5 Chasers make no progress towards the runners
    Psi: 2 Power goes wild: People are dead, things destroyed GM has first say.
  • Let's say not Vik is driving, because Violet is screaming and Barco was in the back seat with Casey.


    You feel your sense of self return, with not Vik in the front seat with you, pulling over to concentrate on you. You feel him, not Vik, no... you know him. He's pulling you, like a seamstress pulling together the pieces of a Ragedy Ann. It's Jeremy, this is Jeremy, you know him. And he's bringing you back. Just like how he brought Casey back from the nearly dead. After a moment, the buzzing in your head fades, and you feel whole again.


    You're currently at a roadside gas station, the first place not Vik (Jeremy) could find when he turned around to head away from the park. As you watch not Vik (Jeremy) finish trying to help Violet, there are a couple cracks outside. For a few hundred yards around you, the woods that this gas station was nestled in, just a single dot of civilization in nature, all the trees have blackened, some are falling, others splintering into pieces as you watch. It's horrific.

    But Violet stopped screaming.

    There are a couple vehicles in the parking lot, a rusty truck and a mid 90s Toyota sedan. There are maybe five folks inside, travelers and the lone gas station attendant. They're looking out at the massive deforestation with complete shock on their faces, one chubby guy in his thirties has a mobile phone up to his ear.

    What do you do?
  • [Barco]
    I start tugging off my blood clothes. Fortunately, the blood hasn't soaked all the way through to my boxers and anything on my skin just rolls right off. I fold the back seat down, sandwiching the stains and pull the seatbelt over the seatback to hold it down. I fish in the trunk for something, anything, to wear.
  • Barco,

    You find a plastic blue poncho with the Coker U insignia on it, so you can throw that on. Nothing else, really.
  • [Jeremy] I start driving and look over at Violet. "So do you want to talk?"
  • My voice feels harsh and rough, and sounds it too. "Jeremy?" I ask, my question full of wonder. "It's you? You were here all along. Why... why do I feel like we're connected somehow?"
  • [Barco]
    I pull the poncho over my head. The heat in the car and proximity to fresh blood is a little sickening. I roll down the window a little and the poncho snaps in the wind. I start to put my seatbelt on but stop, the thought of being tied down puts me on edge, like I might have a panic attack. Instead, I sit in the back, quietly, and listen to the conversation in the front seat.
  • --END SCENE--
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