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    Comparing A to B, B wins with two victorious 7's over A's highest 6
    Comparing B to C, C wins with two victories (9 and 8) over B's 7
    Comparing C to D, D wins with one victory (the 10) over C's best of 9

    Make sense?

    Crossposted: Yep, it's a common misconception about the dice in this game.

    So it has +1 bonus on interaction with Briseis, and Briseis' Humanity drops from 5 to 4.

    I agree that her past would play into the binding so I'd allow you to roll Past vs itself and roll any successes into the binding. Go ahead.
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    Ignotus. I think Trithemius is pretty good. For some NPC's though here are some suggestions. Are you leaving them up to me?
    • Some relative of the rival you killed who is still searching the world to take his revenge on Trithemius.
    • The lover Trithemius killed over, who likewise may be searching or may have caught wind that he is still alive and might have sent others to look for him.
    • Someone from the village who likes him, perhaps idolizes him and wants to learn the ways of the forest like he has.
    • Someone from the village who has managed to wake his heart again after 20 years, presenting a struggle between his vow to shun civilization and being connected with the human world again. Perhaps she has family who are less than approving of these developments.
    • Someone from the village who sees him as a dire danger and wishes him gone.
  • Unlikely to make a big difference, now that I have the rules right, but give it a shot:

    Past (5):

  • Though, is that against the Throne's Will (since it's related to a binding roll), against some set number of dice, or against the Throne's 'most appropriate' stat (probably Stamina, since she's going after its bits and pieces)?
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    It's vs itself. Five dice vs five dice. She's struggling against the boundaries of her own knowledge. This should be something pretty challenging for her to do even given her background.
  • Hey Ignotus. One thing I'm not really clear on. Why did Trithemius bind Thinker? People don't do this casually or by accident. He wanted help or a tool for something, perhaps hiding? I don't feel like I really have a clear grip on his interests. Is he living in isolation till death? Is his interest not to be discovered? Is he trying to accomplish something else? Does he believe civilization should end and is working to accomplish that somehow?

    Rugrsi, same for you. I understand his interest may be protecting the noble/royal family but is that it? Does he have any other interests, intentions short of the will of his masters? Why did he bind Mr. Sample there for example?

    Yellow, At least one of Briseis interests are pretty clear, she wants revenge for her people. My reading is that she intends to build a war machine to destroy the empire that destroyed her home, is that right? Does she want to conquer the empire or destroy it? Does she have any other interests?

    Finally, Tass your interests are about reclaiming your noble position and re-founding your family, right? Is it also about punishing his enemies? Any other interests?

    I'd like sort of a clear articulation of two to three interests/intents, maybe one if it's all you can think of.
  • Ok i've got to complete one of my styles of kungfu. I look at that tonight.

    I'll come up with a couple more interests.
    A revenge driven monk? It seems strange considering their training but it is the mainstay of wushu films. So yes why not. They will pay the murderous b@£+&*ds!!!

    He is incredibly proud of his martial prowess. So I think seeking perfection in his martial abilitys would be a powerful motivator. It also irronically a meditation for him as it calms his imner rage. That would include sparring / fighting with the greatest warriors in the land.

    And his regaining of his noble position and inheritance. Though whether he would still want to rule in a country which permitted his parents to be killed. He isn't sure. But it's not going to stop him from getting it back any way it's a question of what's rightfully his and his poor parents.

    I won't state the order of importance the interests are to him. That's for bangs to challenge and his reactions to reveal. But there some which are obviously more emotionally driven.

    Do you want me to elaborate on the characters from his past or leave them open for you to breath life into?

    I noticed that you permitted bonuses to the binding roll. Since Lorasai has both a stamina and cover descriptor relevant to the binding. Ie martial arts and warrior monk. Then wouldn't he also be entitled to roll a martial arts roll onto the binding roll. Though to be honest I'm not that bothered as -1 in favour of the demon seems appropriate and his humanity is intact. It's more a technical question.
  • Ardruk opened the metal door to his laboratory.
    Dalomo stepped in, looked behind him then closed the door.

    "You know the Prince told you stop your research." Dalomo smiled a joking smile.
    Ardruk skirted a metal table and crossed over to a refrigeration unit.
    "Remember your mental regimen. Don't let it get your mind, or you'll end up like Karltis."
    Dalamo looked at the dish. A mass of cells pulsed and glistened in the weak light. It smelled of old leaves and ammonia. On the lid, scrawled with a grease pen it read 86.3j.
    "The entire j series has some tendency to . . . how should I say it . . . to move about. I've found several samples out of the refrigerator, dead on the floor. It should bond to your muscles, so that should stop it from getting away from you."

    Dalomo stared at the sample.

    "You don't have to do this." Ardruk said. Though both of them knew he would.
    "I love the Prince, you know that." Dalomo looked at Ardruk. "But that doesn't mean I don't need to take care of myself. With this I'll live another eighty years, maybe more. I'd rather be damned by this stuff than let the jungle take me."

    Dalomo pulled his blade and drew its edge through his leathered old skin, into the muscle up and down in an intricate pattern. Dropping the knife, grabbing the tissues he slathered it along his bleeding wound.
  • Binding Roll
    Dalomo's Wil (4) vs the Sample's Wil (7)

    Dalomo #DiceRoller( 4d10 )
    The Sample #DiceRoller( 7d10 )

    Humanity Check
    Dalomo's Humanity (4) vs. Sample's Pow (7)

    Dalomo #DiceRoller( 4d10 )
    The Sample #DiceRoller( 7d10 )
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    Ouch. Does that really mean his humanity is now 1?
    I think maybe during the event, Dalomo loses control and kills this Ardruk guy. That would explain the humanity loss perhaps?

    Oh, and Dalomo wouldn't mind living forever, or at least a very long time. (secondary motivation).
  • I'm pretty sure that losing your humanity check just means that you lose a point of humanity (degree of success doesn't determine the number of points lost).

    Ok, so Briseis is rolling against herself (I can see that logic). She had:

    9, 9, 9, 8, 2

    Which is actually pretty good. The opposition is her own Will (5):

  • Not bad. Four successes, for four dice on the binding ... she still needs to roll spectacularly for it to change anything:

  • Rugrsi: Nope, you only ever loose one humanity per check, no matter how many victories. So your humanity is at 3, and the sample gets +1 in its interactions with you. You saw the dice examples that I made earlier up thread right? In humanity checks victories don't really matter, just if you succeeded or not.

    Tass: You can make a cover vs itself roll or a stamina vs itself roll (one or the other.) and roll those victories into your bind if you want.
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    With your existing roll + new dice = 10 9 9 8 7 7 6 3 1, pairs of tens and nines cancel. You have one remaining 9 over it's 8 so the bind is now +1 in your favor.
  • Hell why not.

    Stamina or Cover are the same 6 dice. So here goes

    Cover vs Cover


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    Briseis' only goal right now is to bring down the empire. So far, she has only engaged in little raids and skirmishes ... with one ship, she can't really wage war. As such, she's looking for allies and hoping to put together an alliance of some kind - that's why she deals with people like the robber baron, whom she wouldn't otherwise look at.

    It hasn't yet occurred to her that, with the Throne, she could wage war, single-handedly. She brought the Throne aboard because she knew it would be a good tactical resource, and because she needed it to get the Flower of Remembrance back in the air.

    The Throne will very likely suggest options to her, pursuing its Desire to reproduce ... by designing (Contacting) new demons and using the Throne's abilities to manufacture (Summon) them, she could very rapidly bolster her military strength. That would probably also shred her Humanity, so it wouldn't be likely to turn out as a happy ending. If it goes that way, she'll probably end up destroying the empire (though, right now, she merely wants to depose the current rulers).

    Revenge really is the only thing that she's consciously working toward, but other motivations may come to the fore - that's what the kicker should provoke. In particular, it's closer to her nature to protect and nurture than it is to destroy, so she's starting the game at a point where she might actually slow or stop the offensive in favor of protecting her friends and allies. She could yet use the Throne's power to help the periphery nations, making them strong and independent.

    It also hasn't really been made clear that the empire is particularly malevolent. The destruction of the Saar was an accident, brought on by the jungle ... Briseis might have less reason for her crusade than she thinks. Her arc will probably be characterized by the tension between her desire for vengeance and her instinct to nurture (which really is a desire for peace).
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    Nope no victories. So it stays as it is. Which makes sense.
    I like the idea of the mischievous demon messing with Loresai's idealistic plans.
    Not our of maliciousness, just cause it's fun.
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    With your existing roll + new dice = 10 9 9 8 7 7 6 3 1, pairs of tens and nines cancel. You have one remaining 9 over it's 8 so the bind is now +1 in your favor.
    Oh ... for some reason, I thought it had two 10s.


    Ah, I was looking at the humanity check, not the binding check. That would be the problem.
  • Hey both your characters are great. Nice rolling Yellow. Who's the boss now.

    The vengeful pirate with a nurturing nature. With a demon that produces offspring. :)
    And the impetuous, battle hardened warrior. That's a weird smelling sample I know I'll poor it in my cuts. Now that's impetuous. :)
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    Ok the final kungfu style taught by my old mentor.

    STYLE: Secret Gate Sporehopper Kungfu

    5 LINKS:
    Divert to Throw,
    Throw to Long Strike,
    Long Strike to Short Strike,
    Short Strike to Grab,
    Grab to Throw.

    Short Strike = Plague strikes of the Sporehopper
    Long Strike = Cloud leap of the Sporehopper
    Power Inside = The bitter brown spit
    Grab = Judicious iron bite
    Throw =The verid swarm migrates
    Divert = Molting of the emerald shell
    Stance = Stridulations song

  • Posted By: trevisHey Ignotus. One thing I'm not really clear on. Why did Trithemius bind Thinker? People don't do this casually or by accident. He wanted help or a tool for something, perhaps hiding? I don't feel like I really have a clear grip on his interests. Is he living in isolation till death? Is his interest not to be discovered? Is he trying to accomplish something else? Does he believe civilization should end and is working to accomplish that somehow?

    Hmm... I think Trithemius originally bound Thinker to help elude his pursuers and to help him survive in the forest.

    As for interests, I think Trithemius wants to be left alone, and to lead a just and virtuous life to make up for the crime he committed. As long as he lives alone in the Sea of Decay it's easy for him to be just - he has no duties, obligations or dilemmas beyond immediate survival and respecting the ecosystem. Once other humans show up, or if he has to leave the forest, however, things may become... complicated.

    As for npcs, I do seem to have left you in the lurch a bit. My apologies. Here are some npcs for Trithemius, mostly based on your excellent suggestions:

    - The woman Trithemius killed for, when he was an aristocrat. Once princess of the country, she is now queen.
    - a relative of his rival, now a magistrate
    - a daring young woman from the village who spends a lot of time in the forest and holds Trithemius in great esteem
    - the young explorer's father, who is deeply suspicious of Trithemius and would like to be rid of him
    - a prostitute whom Trithemius frequents when he comes to town for supplies
    - a merchant sufficiently uncowed by Trithemius's reputation (or greedy enough for the chitin and archaeotech he has to trade) to deal with Trithemius when he comes to town.
    - Trithemius's aging father, and a couple of siblings, nobles who believe him to be dead.

    I'm thinking that most villagers don't know the details of Trithemius's history, just that he's strange and there are fell rumors about him.
  • Ok, Thinker's stats are up on the wiki and it's time for the binding (wish me luck...)

    Lore #DiceRoller( 5d10)


    Power #DiceRoller(5d10)

    Followed by

    Humanity #DiceRoller(3d10)


    Power #DiceRoller(5d10)
  • Well, that officially sucked. So it goes. I guess I'm down to humanity 2, then.

    Trithemius may be a short-lived fellow.
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    And Thinker has a +1 in contests with him. Definately not much cushion for you. Well Trithemius is a hugly high lore character and has remained virtually isolated. You might have mitigated it a little by haveing a regular stat at 1 (Stamina, usually. Having a will less than 3 in sorcerer is virtually suicidal, but I've seen it done.) , but that has its own disadvantages (buch of sick people here, from the forest I mean.) There are always humanity gain rolls!
  • Just to keep you all updated, I'm doing a little planning making various backstory decisions and I'm looking forward to posting the first scenes this weekend.
  • Going to be away Friday to Monday but will try to post if I can. Otherwise when I return. Looking forward to the first scenes.
  • I'm still working a couple of things out. I'll post the scenes soon.
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