Treasure of Traveler's Hill [Torchbearer] - Characters

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dem characters

(More to come...)

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    (This is where I'm situated at this moment, but flexible if I've done something suboptimal (or y'know, wrong))

    Robin of the Bramble Clan, lately of Nivaa's Cross -- Journeyman Chef, natural burglar and reluctant adventurer; thirty years of age. Friend of Eli the merchant and enemy to Altfar the magician. Not a pawn in the war between law and chaos.

    I have hidden depths (1) and I am foolhardy (1).

    I instinctually always scan new surroundings for traps. I believe that when you must fight, the key is surprise. My current goal is to bring gold and silver out of Traveler's Hill.

    I am Fresh.

    Will - 5
    Health - 3
    Nature: Halfling - 5/5 (sneaking, riddling, merrymaking)
    Resources - 0
    Circles - 4

    Needs a little salt

    Cook - 4
    Criminal - 3
    Fighter - 3
    Hunter - 2
    Persuader - 2
    Scavenger - 2
    Scout - 3

    head - helmet
    hands - torch (4)
    torso - leather armor and backpack
    belt - thieves tools, spear and wine skin
    backpack - cash 2D, small sack (2), fresh rations (2), tinderbox, hammer and spikes (6)
    small sack -
    And a leather headband adorned with beads of moss agate holds my hair out of my face.

    1 - cooking for Wat
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    Helevand - Descendant of a once proud family of weavers, who would weave the rare threads and fibers discovered by the Young Lords. And when they ascended the family’s legacy and skills had no market, so they fell into poverty and ruin.

    Fresh [-], hungry & thirsty [ ], angry [ ], afraid [ ], exhausted [ ], injured [ ], sick [ ], dead [ ]

    Human Warrior 23yrs,
    Home: Nivaa’s Cross a busy crossroads
    Parents: they are dead. 1D value a finely gold thread woven length of cloth
    Mentor: Drutle, the Scavenger outside of town (Circles +1)
    Friend: Aemilia, brother’s wife and haggler (Circles +1)
    Enemy: Steelguard, the Dwarf

    Alignment: Unaffiliated
    Belief:My brother has The Blight so his fate depends on me.
    Weapon: Polearm

    Goal: Prove to Hrolfr I am an invaluable member of his crew.
    Instinct: Always make note of the nearest water source before camp.

    -Heart of Battle
    -Foolhardy (changed to Defender)

    Wil: 3


    Haggler: 2 (Hometown)
    Pathfinder: 3 (I’m Human) P
    Persuader: X (F)
    Orator: 2
    Scavenger:2 (Specialty)

    Circles 4
    Resources: 0

    Nature 3
    Boasting, Demanding, Running
    Drink and Boast +1
    Bow to elves and dwarves No change
    Do not fear (replace home trait with Defender)

    w- Helmet
    w - Woven finery of gold (1D)
    c- Polarm
    c- Small Sack

    w- Backpack
    w- Backpack
    Weapon- Hatchet
    Skin- Wine
    w- Shoes
    1- Rations Fresh
    2- Rations, preserved
    3- Torches (4)
    4- Torches (4)
    5- Small Sack
    6- Stake + Mallet

    1- ?
    2- ?
  • Nice! I like the belief about the Blight.

    (I need to futz around with tables in HTML.)
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    Cool. I will clean up the instinct once I read through condition list.
    The inventory part I know is important but looked procrastination worthy. :)
  • There are some cool bbcode table generators out there.
  • The inventory is much easier to stomach on paper, that's for dang sure. :D
  • The question of carrying a stack of torches in one hand came up on BWHQ and never seemed to be satsifactorily answered. Me, I am okay with holding torches 1 lit, three reversed and unlit or something similar - the risk comes when twists are invoked: dropping one torch in a puddle while the others are in your rucksack is annoying. Dropping all 4 in a puddle and ruining them all can be pretty serious.
  • Also, I am ready to roll on a game thread as soon as we get the last bits of inventory straightened out.

    Michael - I like your image-based inventory solution! I am guessing that's a copypasta in Hr
  • Ok. I will bust out the inventory stuff tonight.
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  • Lookin' good! I will open the game threads later today - since I don't anticipate people being split into scenes, I'll just do an IC and an OOC.

    Also! The Traveler's Hill writing is coming along splendidly, and you all will get playtest credit (assuming you desire the dubious honor) so do mention how you'd like to be credited.
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  • I think the sling is beyond the scope of a starting character. I am okay with having a helmet but no armor, if that's how you want to roll - you also may start with "as much gear as you can carry," so if you want to have some stuff in a sack in your off-hand that's fine. When there's a fight, though, you're going to have to drop it or something, with that polearm you're toting around.

    Also, I'd advise having Wine in your skin while you can - +1D to recover from Angry, if you use it for that purpose.

    The stake and mallet, I mean - it's 3 linden stakes and a mallet. You can test Theologian to kill a vampire with them, but I don't see why they'd be less useful than any non-sacred mallet and stakes re: wedging doors, securing ropes, etc. Less useful than iron spikes and a hammer for sure! I'd probably call it a factor (that is, +1 Ob) to do an iron spike's job with a wooden stake. I'd also take a cue from the Iron Spikes gear listing re: #spikes necessary to do a job - there'd be a 50% chance that your 3 stakes would be insufficient. It does take up fewer slots than spikes (pack 1) and a hammer (pack 1). You picks your inventory and you takes your chances.
  • I imagined the sack tied to my polearm, like a proper hobo. Just slide it off when it comes to smacking people with it.
    What else goes in a pouch?
  • @Rus: A pack 1 item, so - 2x small sack, bundle of candles, bundle of torches, oil flask, garlic... or you can just leave it empty. I mean, ideally, you want enough gear to survive with + enough space to carry the phat lewtz. You could stick a cloak in your small sack. If you wanted to not worry about the stakes/mallet thing you could replace that with 6 spikes, and use the peen of your belt-slot tool-hatchet.

    I think - if it were me - I'd do that, swap mallet/stakes for iron spikes, keep the hatchet as a tool/hammer thingy, and if skipping armor I'd wear a rope coil or cloak in that empty torso slot. Tuck the small sack back with its mate so there's no dropping and losing things in a fight or as a twist. Or carry something clumsy in it like a wine bottle or grappling hook.

    Is your raiment that woven finery? What's that like - a neckcloth kinda thing?
  • I am going to get this party killed aren't I. Can't even pack my own bags. :)

    I put leather armor on.
    I randomly selected gear and got the stake and mallet, so we will roll with it.
    If he can have the sack in hand then I think loading with torches sounds likely.
  • Sack in hand is totally fine.
  • Just screwing around with the dice roller - don't mind me.

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