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So Nyx,

You spent the rest of the day hanging out with Hayden, right? She did teach you how to shoot. As well as she could anyway. You'd need a lot more practice to be very good at it, I think. You spent the afternoon and evening talking and laughing, getting to know each other better. Hayden is pretty easy to like. She was also careful not to be too intimate. Did you discuss how exactly you were going to carry out this thing with Liam?

Did you go back home? Stay in the house? I know you were trying to be good earlier, and your parents are still pretty ticked off.


  • [Nyx]

    Yes, I'll get home at a reasonable hour, though it's easy to lose track of time in the woods, especially with a girl like Hayden. I keep my distance, too. She doesn't feel right so it's not right.

    I think Hayden will lead Liam into the woods where we will get him lost, ostensibly both of them, but she'll know where to go... I'll be waiting with the gun and finish him. Hopefully nobody will see them go off together, that's the tricky part. And of course... I'm not a good shot so I may have to just sneak up in the dark and get super close to him. Fine. I don't want to make her shoot him but if things go bad I give her the weapon.

    We dont involve Holly if at all possible.

    Most of my free time is with Hayden, then. The rest playing good at home. I don't want to attract more attention.
  • Wait, are you doing this thing now? Or planning it for Friday?
  • Night of the Dance. We'll slip out to do it even. We're teenagers, we're not planning in too much detail. "Ok, sometime during the dance I'll slip outside and give you a signal, then a little later you lead Liam out to the woods and get him all hot.... lead him somewhere quiet, where I'll be waiting. The dance is noisy so nobody will hear the gun... you head back and I'll hide the body in the woods somewhere."

    Something like that.
  • When you get home, you find your parents concerned about your brother. He's apparently very upset. He isn't there, though, having gone out, presumably, to hash things out with his girlfriend. Mom and Angela are about to head out for another trip. Your dad is camped out in the family room with a beer, watching the game against the 49ers.

    The next day you don't see Holly or Teddy in homeroom. Ashley is missing too, as are Nula and Jarrod. You hear some interesting rumors about the last two. Nula's 'grandfather' and 'aunt' were both admitted to hospital last night. But Nula seems to have disappeared. Amy is in her usual seat looking solemn. Not only that but the police chief and his family seem to have gone missing too, suddenly disappeared with no warning to anyone. Hayden's there though, and she gives you a smile and a touch when she moves past. And of course she's happy to talk.

    Unless you have some particular thing you want to see there nothing interesting happens until midday. What were your plans with Hayden today? I guess you're in one of your spots, right, when Riley and her friends find you. Hayden is supposed to meet you. Riley, here, clearly has a full head of steam going.

    "This is it, elf boy." She says, storming up to you like a little gothic tornado. (She's pretty short.) "You need to stay the fuck away from my friends."
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    This is all taking place after school, right?

    I'm concerned why so many friends are missing from class. Especially Holly, who I haven't seen enough of lately. I may ask Hayden to change our plans a bit so we can check up on her. Hayden and I were going to go walk along along the woods North of school ostensibly to find a good place to dump Liam's body. I also just happen to like walking through the woods. So I may be waiting near the bus stop for her.

    I'm likely leaning/sitting on the back of a bench watching towards campus when Riley and her friend approach. She's cute, and I enjoy even watching her storm up to me. She finds me with an amused smile on my face even as she threatens me. "What are you talking about Riley?"

    Elf boy. I kind of like that, but... "I'm not an elf. You know elves aren't really real." I bit my lower lip and expect her to go off.
  • I was thinking mid-day but it could be after. Let;s go with that.

    Riley puts her hands on her hips, her face flushed. Lily has her arms folded and is trying to look belligerent. Beth is hanging back more, biting her lip, and seems less certain.

    "I know what you are, you asshole. You almost killed my friend. What happened to Aubrey was your fault. You think you can just go stomping on the hearts of any girl who catches your eye, well you can't."

    Lilly. image Beth image

    and Riley image
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    My smale fades, though my mannerisms don't really change, I speak sincerely for a moment, "yeah... yeah that was my fault. I'll never forget it..." I look at Riley's eyes, dark and angry. "so.. uh... what's happening here? I mean... I appreciate what you're saying but I don't think you get it. Really. What you call stomping I call uplifting... at least it's supposed to be. I screwed up Aubrey, I admit it... I made a terible mistake and I don't think I can ever make up for it. But it doesn't make my whole life wrong..."

    I look at Beth, and Lilly, they look like nice girls. They all do really.

    After a moment I ask the three of them really, "what do you think I am?"
  • Riley's face does not soften a whit.

    "You're a Fairy. And you enjoy playing with people's feelings. You use your...." She waves "Your power to lure women and toy with them. Aubrey hasn't been the only one to suffer. Holly told me what you did to her. And I heard about that senior girl. I will NOT let you hurt Hayden too."

    There is a weird buzzing noise. Annoying. Like tinnitus but louder, or growing louder. It seems to be attached to Riley.
  • I get a little more serious, taking a step back. How do they know? Well.. maybe it's obvious.

    I exhale through my lips, almost a whistle, "wow... hey. It's not like that. I didn't do anything to them... I don't have any power, I just listen to them... I just... care about people... about how they feel and what matters inside... everyone's beautiful inside. Riley... who do you think you are? What did you say to Holly?" I take another step back, what is that sound. It's weird.... bothers me and it's getting worse.

    I look at Beth and Lilly... are they with her on this? They seem unsure.

    "What are you doing? Doesn't this seem pretty weird?"

    I'm speaking to Beth and Lilly at the end of course, trying to catch their eyes and draw their attention to how strange Riley is acting. Get them on my side even.
  • "Don't listen to him... he'll use his magic to snare you." Riley admonishes. Beth and LIlly look at each other. Beth is certainly looking doubtful.

    She turns back to you, getting in your face. "I told her the truth, scumbag. That she deserved to be respected and not treated like crap." She hisses. "Oh she was easy prey for you wasn't she? Living with those people, she doesn't think she deserves anything. She thinks everyone matters more than her. She wants love so desperately that she won't stand up for herself when you crap all over her feelings."

    Her glare is up close now. Her heavily black-rimmed brown eyes, fiery.

    "I asked Aubrey why she did it, you know. Do you know what she told me? She said, 'He loved me when I was dead.'"
  • It's hard not to dismiss someone who's calling you a scumbag. I mean, she doesn't know what it's like. Her eyes are so closed. She thinks she understands Holly but we're not like that at all. That's just what she wants to think.

    But then she hits me with that... with what Aubrey said. And a reality hits me. I haven't even spoken to her. I've avoided her since that day... not even gone close.

    My mouth just hangs open for a second, my smile gone... I look at the other girls who suddenly seem like witnesses to something terrible rather than just pretty girls following the queen of their witchy clique.

    MC do you think that might make me hold steady here? That's a pretty big blow.
  • I can see that, go ahead.
  • Well crap I'm bad at that.

    Holding steady:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Well anticlimactic but I'll keep my cool. Just wanted some guidance as to how Nyx is taking this, really.
  • They're all looking at me like that now, Riley cut me to the bone with that... could it be true? I thought Aubrey must hate me. Does this mean she wants me still?

    In all sincerity I look to Riley and ask, "what can I do for her?"
  • "Do you really really want to help her? Then give me three drops of your blood so I can free her of your compulsion." That weird... anti-noise almost. It's worse every moment she's near you. It's... wrong.
  • "Blood?" I thought something was strange about her, blood? Is this magic like Aubrey knows? "What are you going to do with my blood? Exactly? What do you know Riley?"
  • "I know this is your fault." She says archly. "I'll use it in a ritual. A ritual to free her from you. Bind your power over her."
  • "I... I don't think I have power over her, we just fell in love... and I guess I fell out of it first." It's sad but I guess that's what happened, I raise my hands, palms up in a kind of surrender-like gesture. Like there's nothing I could have done. "It's not what I wanted to happen... RIley do... do you really know some kind of magic? Are you just making this up?"

    I want her to show me, because once we get past the terrible thing we're discussing, if Riley knows magic... isn't that kind of amazing?

    "Can you show me something? It's a little hard to believe."
  • "Duh!" She says contemptuously. "Of course I do. We do. But it isn't flashy. This isn't TV. It's not the kind of thing you just show. And don't kid me about belief, Fairy. Not with what you are. If you believe me, then you can do the right thing and give me some of your blood to use. If you don't, then you can give it to me and there is nothing to worry about."

    She looks away from you towards the school

    "And you didn't fall out of love. Fairies don't fall in love. They just... enjoy themselves."
  • "That's not true..."

    She turns away from me, I step after her, touching her on the shoulder, "that's not true... I loved her... I still do."
  • She turns to look you in the eye. Tilts her head. Well up at you, because she's short (like 5 nothing). "Then give me what I'm asking for so I can help her."

    Nyx... you just placed it. That wrongness... that energy that is coming off her? It's the enemy's.
  • I recoil from the touch, the scent of the enemy on her.

    "No... no there's..." I look at the other girls, are they tainted as well? I hope not... I hope she hasn't gotten into their heads.

    I back away from Riley. She's dangerous... I talk to the other girls, "you gotta stop this... she's wrong. You're not trying to help Aubrey, what are you after? Why do you really need my blood?"

    What has she done to Aubrey... what has she said to Holly?

    "I won't let you do this, Riley."
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    Not as much as Riley is, but yes, they've been affected.

    Riley blinks and hisses. "I'm dangerous? Won't let me... I'm not the one who drove a girl to attempt suicide! I'm not lying, you jerk. I need your blood for a ritual to help Aubrey. My friend." As far as you can tell she totally thinks that is true.

    She looks at you a moment, that frown on her face then seems to make a decision.

    She steps forward, reaches out, stroking her fingertips down your shirt in a... seductive way?

    "Aubrey needs this, Alvin." Her dark eyes lock with yours. "What can we do to... persuade you?"

    Lilly and Beth look at each other. Is Riley really getting them all into this?
  • She's an attractive girl for sure, but she's seriously creeping me out right now. She stinks of corruption which I suppose only a fae could smell.

    I take a step away, pulling her hand from my by the wrist, "no, Riley... you're wrong. Someone's using you... who put you up to this?"

    I look at the other girls... the three of them? It might be worth it... I blink and shake my head, no... no no. This isn't for love. I hold Riley's hand, gently, but firm.

    I look at the others, "don't listen to her any more, you should forget about all this."

    And finally ask Riley again, quietly, "who taught you this... magic?"
  • She looks at your hand holding hers. She's not real happy with being turned down. I mean with the way you've been acting with other girls, it's hard not to take a rejection like that a little personally.

    She glances at Lily and Beth then back to you.

    "Why in the world would I tell you that?"

    If you really want her to talk about it, you're going to have to convince her somehow.
  • "You're asking for my blood," I hold her hand a little closer to my chest, "you want to help Aubrey? So did I... it's never so simple... maybe we should just keep magic out of her life. I haven't done anything to her, Riley, nothing.... magical or weird... I was just a jerk. A huge one."

    She's so small, it's hard to talk to her without looking down. I lean to her ear, quickly.

    "Magic is dangerous, Riley. I don't want Aubrey to lose any more friends to it... you're her friend, right? How did you find this magic?"

    I don't know if it's enough to convince her to open up, but if she's becoming attracted to me, I'm not above exploiting that to get to the truth. I am shameless after all, and I don't have many other weapons here... it's what I am.
  • Are you manipulating or turning her on? Roll it either way.
  • I want her to tell me, so, manipulate sounds more like it.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • "Come on, there's go to be a better way to help her."
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