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And we're off!

Based on the rolls made, I'll keep a turn count at the bottom of all my OOC posts, with light sources and durations when appropriate.


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    So, first an important thing: who's the leader? The leader changes from adventure to adventure (when you're not just doing a one-shot), and it's basically the person who's idea all this is - who got this map and brought this adventure to the attention of the party?

    Do you want to just clarify that, GM, or should we pick amongst ourselves? I could volunteer, since I am an experienced dwarven delver and I'm a resident of Skogenby who certainly knows the smith's apprentice, but I am very careful - even cowardly - and so I might set a pace for exploration that is too cautious for the other characters' tastes.

    Do we have a mapper? We might not need one, and none of us actually have the Cartographer skill, but still: is anyone mapping? I'm not. Robin Bramble would be best at it, out of all of us, since it's a Will-based skill.

    We also need to set goals, so what's the premise here? There's buried treasure under Traveler's Hill? What did the crazy old peasant say?
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    I am comfortable letting you pick a leader.

    Good point re: goals! This crazy old peasant came down out of the hills to the northwest of Skogenby with a big bronze fitting that he wanted to swap for some liquor. Gavan Apprentice related that Osbjörn Smith knew it was a ship fitting, like from a really big boat, the kind that has... trees or whatever on it, with big wind-catching sheets. The peasant, Wat or Old Wat by name, went on at length about plans to plant grapevines, and complained about wolves and banditry taking a toll on his livestock, and intimated there'd maybe be more if the price was right. Osbjörn Smith paid him a few coppers for the piece, and boasted to Gavan how he'd cruelly rooked the old fool, because the fitting was inlaid with silver. Silver.

    You do not need any level of Sailor at all to know that the only suitable place for a vessel with an actual mast is on the other side of the Windwall Mountains.

    I don't know if I can do better than the goal advice on p. 106-107, except maybe to suggest something if people are stuck. "Discover why there are richly-decorated ship parts on the wrong side of a steep and terrible mountain range," "Ensure that [character] does not come to harm in our explorations," maybe "See that filthy peasant doesn't get his mitts on any more treasure" if you're feeling uncharitable.
  • Dwarf leader sounds good.
  • I assume it's a strictly ceremonial funerary ship, most probably laden with the treasures of some king of old, and so my goal is, "Find a thing of beauty, a worthy treasure-gift for Wealhþeow."
  • Poor Helevand. Finding himself suddenly plunged into a hell of bad accents.
  • Ha! I am really spoiled by G+'s +1 feature for "awesome/agreed/so noted."

    Unless a Good Idea occurs - some clever end-run around this first problem - you're looking at an Ob3 Pathfinder test, "nearby + infrequently-used." You can use Gavan's map as Supplies, "burning" it for +1D - it gets rubbed into illegibility, or kicked into a creek, or tears or otherwise gets used up. Scout and Hunter may help.
  • So it's Rus' Pathfinder roll and he gets +1D for my scout-helping, right? (and +1D for being fresh!)
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    And another +1D from Hr
  • Huh. I totally didn't even know Rustin'd added Pathfinder to Helevand.
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    #DiceRoller( 7d6 )1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6, 6
    Woo! 4 successes - Helevand can mark a Passed Pathfinder test. I'll write in the narration thread in a bit.
  • Mental note to self: don't quote the diceroller script.

    Turn 1 accomplished, and you're at Traveler's Hill. If I write in something you disagree with, or want more narrative input on, do say so. I am only too happy to revise in light of your input.

    |<--Turn 1-->|<--
  • Just so I know how to bend things - are you going up to the occupied hovel to, you know "Hail the house!" or whatever? Or stand in the road and wait to be noticed, or -

    Also ask questions if you want to know more. Describe to Live and all that.

    |<--Turn 1-->|<--
  • I assumed the former -- walk up and greet whoever's living there. Deal with whatever situation comes up. If it's all good, establish camp.
  • Sweet. Narrative post in a little bit.
  • Just in case there's any confusion: you can camp, but until someone earns a check (which I am going to do my damndest to not use as a synonym for 'test', i.e. a roll of a skill) you can't Camp. The turn count proceedeth apace. That is not to say you can't do camplike things, like make a Survivalist test to betterize your campsite, or a Scavenger test to add some Supplies to another roll.
  • Or seduce the hillbilly with intoxicating delicacies to help us explore the hill (act as cannon-fodder or porter if he has no real skills)?
  • Or seduce the hillbilly!
  • I want to locate a good campsite before going off and doing dangerous things, and then later ply the hillbilly with wine to see what he might know. Seduction optional, but I concede that privilege to the halfling.
  • It's going to be an Ob 3 Survivalist test to make camp as-is - you get Shelter for free, but add 1 Ob each for Water and Concealment if you want them on your own terms. Scavenger, Hunter, and Laborer are fine for helping. I am guessing this roll will be made by Helevand or Hr
  • I don't think we would want to locate water at this time, because that would cheat Helevand out of his instinct. Besides, we still have wine in our skins.

    But I'd prefer to - as touched on - ignore the abandoned building and scavenge materials to put up a shelter at the campsite of our choosing. The place offered sounds pretty unappealing, and since Crafting is dwarf Nature, I'd certainly have more trust for even a make-shift shelter, if I put it up with my own hands.
  • Righto - I don't think anyone has Survivalist, so that's (Health + Help + Wises/gear/whatever)/2, rounded up, with Fresh and artha added after the division. I had the obstacle listed as 3, but considering the narration I'm dropping that to 2, from "Unsafe" to "Typical" + "Whole Party."
  • Permit me to try to suss out the thrust of the upcoming conversation with Wat. What is it you bold adventurers want from him? I ask, because the treacherous flint-hearted bastard is going to need to lose a Convince conflict to deliver the least bit of help.
  • I wonder if convincing him of anything is worthwhile. Is it a test to just be left alone?
  • Perhaps, if convinced we are not a threat to him but actually super cool nice guys, he'll keep an eye on our excellent new camp while we're away?
  • The thing with Convince (or Trick, or Drive Off if you go that route) is that you set the stakes - if you win, you convince him to help you loot Traveler's Hill, or mind your camp, or just leave you be. Wat's as much a monster as any orc or gelatinous cube - he's just easier to parley with. If you go for one test, sure - it'd be Persuader if you're nice or Manipulator if you're not, analogous to detecting an ambush before it occurs re: a one-test thing that sidesteps a conflict. There's no Let it Ride in Torchbearer, though - a single roll might wave him off for now but he'll be back. To extend the laborious ambush analogy, the ambushers are still hostile and still lurking in the dungeon - they just need a new setup.

    Each full draught of wine you offer is good for +1D to a Persuader test. If you actually make a Cooking test and eat up a Turn you can use a Ration as +1D too. Speaking of Turns...

    <--Turn 1-->|<--Turn 2-->|<--
  • I don't especially see trying to get him to help us loot the hill, because I think we'd have to offer him a fair bit to secure that help (like a fair cut of the treasure), and I don't want to do that. I do want to find out what he knows - where he found the treasure, what he knows about the hill, and maybe what kind of problems there might be with bandits, etc. I'd probably also like to get on good terms with him, because then we can come and go and use this nice spot here without kicking up a fuss.

    So I want to get to where we're all acting like friends here, he tells us what's up, and then he doesn't really pay us any mind as we come and go.

    Plus! This is a great chance to earn checks.

    I fully intend to share out my wine. I'm a little less sanguine about spending an actual turn making an actual Cook test ... but on the other hand, I think that might be what we're doing, nonetheless. Narratively speaking.
  • I'd say make that the stakes of a Convince conflict. I mean, if you're going to shoot for total victory, now's the time - you have Supplies, you're fresh, and that lets the conversation evolve with the scripting. I agree that it seems like a Cooking test is in order, though that's up to Robin - he could just futz around with spices and such.

    I figure for scripting I'll start a new thread just for actions, and put my text in spoiler blocks/black backgrounds with some kind of meaningless die roll so it's edit-locked. If there's a better way I am all ears.

    Speaking of Robin - do you need Goal still? Is there one in a post I missed maybe?
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    Crud. I do need a goal. How about my goal is to bring gold and silver out of Traveler's Hill?

    And I'm unclear how we decide whether to make something a test. Like in this cooking example, we don't stand to gain anything other than using it to augment whatever test will make him compliant. right? Or what am I missing?
  • Excellent goal for Robin.

    You guys can strategize about what rolls to make and when - I would call Torchbearer "fiction-informed," maybe, not fiction-first like *W games. If you don't want to burn up a turn with a Cooking roll I'd get sidetracked with the discussion or something. Or, make the Cooking test - Ob 2, fresh rations into meals for the whole party, charitably including Wat, and a) get +1D to a Persuader test plying him with food and b) hang onto a ration for everyone because in 2 turns Hungry and Thirsty will kick in, and that will at least let you alleviate that condition without dipping into your own stocks of food and wine.
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