[DVFP] Session One Table Chatter

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This is the thread for all out-of-character talk for session one of our brand new game!

Discuss rules questions, scene suggestions, schedules or give each other props here.


  • Alright, first scenes are up! The game is ON!

    Any feedback on opening scenes? Stuff you like? Stuff that's confusing?

    I'd like to have all of you in or around the same holding in DVFP. I hope that's cool. I don't expect you guys to travel as a pack, that often causes some slowdowns in PBP due to posting schedules, so don't worry about splitting the party. I'm perfectly capable of keeping up with all of you. Trust me on that, I do not mind running five simultaneous games at times. That said, the system of Apocalypse World is very rewarding for groups who work together, so please do find reasons to hang out, work together, however much you like. I'm just saying, play in the world. I'll bounce y'all together from time to time.

    Who knows? Some of your PCs might even like each other. heh

    I'm so stoked for this game, y'all. I've owned this damn supplement TWICE and never ever got any use out of it. It's great to get it out there.

    Okay, since I'm blathering on. I've cobbled together a names list that is over 400 names long. Some are amaze-balls, some are weird, some are lame. But I'm loving them.

    I will be posting up a NPC reference in the Basic Game Info thread, with pics. I'm planning on using a ix of real-world, drawing and CGI for NPCs, leaning more heavily on art and CG for this one. Just to try something new.

    Okay, I'm done for now. Thanks for playing with me!
  • Two more things (I'm stuck on a conference call):

    I'm finding the play with gender in two PCs very interesting. I'm hoping to explore that. If you'll notice, I'll often throw out NPCs half formed and not give them a gender. That's for you to play with! Don't assume they're all dudes.

    Seon, don't forget to highlight! We need those for XP! You guys go first.
    Go around the table one last time. Every player finds the character her character knows the best, the one with the highest Hx on her own sheet (resolving ties by whim). That other player says which of the character’s stats is most interesting to her, to highlight.
  • [Chalk]

    Triss, pick something to highlight. If you feel generous, Hard and Weird are ones I'm going to be hitting a lot. If you feel like making things difficult, Hot and Weird are my worst stats.
  • Also: the mask sounds like the lye-gargling love child of Tom Waits, R. Lee Ermey, and Foghorn Leghorn.
  • Sorry, Triss, but you're also highlighting a stat for me. I imagine I'll be seeing a lot of Hard and Hot, maybe a good bit of Cool or Sharp after that, not too much Weird.
  • Anyone needs any help?

    Are your scenes ok?

    Sort of sad it is so quiet...
  • I'm rarin' to go, that's for sure.
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    Posted By: nilum87OOC - How do moves/rolls work. Do you call them? If one is obvious to us, should we call them and put our roll in the post? If so, I rolled a 5.
    For starting off, I'd rather you ask if a move is firing. The definition of a charged situation can sometimes be difficult to broadcast for some.

    In the case of your thread, Christopher (should I call you Chris?), read a sitch makes perfect sense. HOWEVER, I want die rolls to happen "on screen". The forum has a neat little die roller app!

    To activate a die roller, you type "#" and then "dice( 2d6+X )" X = equals your modifier. Now, keep in mind that once you use the die roller, you CANNOT EDIT that post. I recommend doing a roll in the same post as a bunch of fiction. I always post my "flavor text" before or after the die roll. I'll do an example die roller post next post.

    Once the post is done, you can hover over it with your mouse icon (or tap it on most phone web browsers) and see the results. You can even right-click and toggle sum!
    PS. We need highlights.
    Yup, sure do. I asked for them in another thread. I'm waiting for players to do highlights, then I'll do mine.
  • Read the sitch example:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Triss, you have the highest Hx with me. Highlight one of my stats please.



    Rich - I'll put the roll in the next post, so I'm not editing the dice roll post.
  • Is there a way to receive emails if anything with the DVFP tag gets posted to, or will I have to subscribe to each thread on its own?

    Chris (Sten)
  • Posted By: nilum87Is there a way to receive emails if anything with the DVFP tag gets posted to, or will I have to subscribe to each thread on its own?

    Chris (Sten)
    Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to threads. It's annoying, I know. I just check in daily. You can sort on the dvfp tag in the main forum, it will sort on just our stuff.
  • Ok - I'm highlighting stats. Hopefully I don't screw it up! LOL

    Sten - I'll highlight cool.
    Six - I'll highlight hot.
    chalk - I'm highlighting hard.
  • Oh - and just so everyone knows - i really like the idea of this game! I'm really anxious to get started, but I've got a new job this year and sometimes I forget to check the forums. I'm really wanting to do this, so I hope I can pull my stuff together. :)
  • Sten - also highlight Weird
    Six - also highlight Sharp
    Chalk - also highlight Hot
  • I think I've got another Under Fire roll coming up, yeah? Then depending on how that goes, maybe Seize by Force and Manipulate later?
  • Sten - highlight one of my stats please.
  • Triss,

    I highlight your sharp.
  • Triss, please also highlight Hot

    Who highlights Navarre?
  • Folks, I'm in an all day training Monday through Wednesday of this week. My daytime posting will be nil those days. I'll be posting at night.
  • I can just run with Chalk a little more if such a thing is desirable - I don't mean to be the one-sentence post guy.
  • Arianakir - you can link to images with the code below.

    <img src="http://www.whateverimagehost.com/images/some_jpg.jpg"/>

    Just change the fakey address to that of the image you want to show.
  • Hmmm. I tried this, and maybe it's not showing up in the preview, but I don't think it's working. My knowledge of html code is very limited lol. I'll see if I can figure it out.
  • I think the problem is I don't actually have a .gif or .jpg or any sort of picture file extension. I'll keep looking for a picture and see if I can find one.
  • hey all, I'm going to be away from internet for the next two days. I'll post up some new stuff Sunday.
  • Rich,

    Is it your convention to have us roll the harm move at +0 if we take no harm after armor? I've seen MC's go both ways.

  • I roll the Harm move. It's the only time I hit the dice. :P

    I do roll Harm 0.
  • What are we using for barter? Actual items? Something currency-like? Actual cash?
    Is there something in the DVFP source material that's used?
  • I'd rather you guys figure out barter. The DVFP economy is just boring bucks.

    What's cool for barter in a setting like this for you all?
  • Death Valley? Water, or water-purifying technology, seems like it'd be at the top of the list. Ghu knows it's usually the first thing I ask about in a real-ish AW game. "Does anyone care about cholera? How about giardia?"
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