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Hi there, welcome to the Basic Game Info page for the Apocalypse World play-by-post game setting of Death Valley Free Prison. I'm Rich aka orklord, the MC for this campaign.

Rich's Rules, Tips and Tricks for PBP for this game:
Where do I put my Character?

I'd like for each of you to create a thread for your PC. It's your own space, spruce it up how ya like. If you don't know how, check out the PC threads from other games, use the "quote" feature to see the code behind it and STEAL, STEAL, STEAL.
Here are some PC thread examples:
* Rus's Gunlugger Grekkor
* Scott's Battlebabe Merry
* Trevis's Chopper Brick
* My "Wronged" Rue Wakeman

Who starts scenes?
The MC (me) starts scenes. I will open new threads for scenes. I like how in other games that the scene thread lists the characters and what session/scene they're in. I will replicate that for this game, plus add in tags for the PCs involved. Scenes will have your PC's first initial in the suffix as well as the session and scene number. I often go with memorable or silly scene titles, they're just a shorthand to help me keep them straight.
For example, if I kick off a scene in the infirmary where Navarre and Tris are in her infirmary for first scene (just an example, mind you), it might be titled:
[DVFP] Better Get that Looked At (N 1.1, T 1.1)

And of course we have Sten and Six, both "S" names. I'm going to go with S for Sten, and 6 for Six. I'm lazy that way.

What if I want a specific scene?
Any player can ask for a scene at any time. This is actually a good idea for times when player activity is out of sync and you want to keep going (as long as I can keep up). Ask for it in OOC thread and I'll start up a scene with a new thread.

How do we help each other?
I'm going to allow players to Help AFTER the roll here. Players can ask before they hit the dice, if they wish.

What if I'm not in a scene, but I have a cool idea for something to happen? Or, what if I am in a scene and I have a cool idea for something for the MC to do to another Player Character that my character wouldn't do?
First of all, both situations are great! I welcome input and collaboration. Please post the ideas/suggestions in the Table Chatter thread. I may ask questions, I may throw it into the In-Game thread whole cloth, I may modify it. But I love the feedback and I will do my best to foster collaboration because this is *our* game, not *my* game.

When does a "game session" end?
This is important because Apocalypse World has mechanics for session ends. I will call end of session based on feel, taking into account how much real-life time has passed, how much game time has passed and how many events have occurred. If you feel a session has come to a natural end, please say so on the OOC thread, I will take it into account. I've found that six or more scenes per PC is about right normally.

How often do we play?
The game is basically always live, which is for good or ill. I post with relative frequency, but without much consistency (meaning sometimes during weekdays if work is light, sometimes at night unless I have offline fun/responsibilities happening). My weekends are primarily for my family, so expect light posting then. If I am going to be offline for more than two days, I will note it in the Table Chatter thread.

What if I will be away for a couple days?
Note it in the Table Chatter thread if you'll be away for more than a couple days. If you don't note it and a day has passed and we're holding up for you, I reserve the right to move on and let your character fall into NPC status until you pick it up. NPC status means I will play your character based on my interpretation of how the character sheet reads plus anything I see you have done in the game (that I can remember). You won't get XP, you won't help other PCs, you won't use Moves. I won't do this lightly. I don't *want* to play your character for you, it increases my workload and steals some of our collaborative efforts. I have two primary goals for taking this action, if I choose to do so: 1) I don't want to keep the majority of the players waiting in limbo 2) I don't want the game to die on the vine: I really want to play this story to its completion.


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    1. Garage
    2. Trader's Tents
    3. Trader's Wholesaler
    4. Sandy Shops
    5. "Crawl On" Inn
    6. Arena
    7. The Bungalows
    8. The Bar
    9. Guard Housing
    10. Guard Housing
    11. Free Prison System Water Well
    12. The Vault
    13. The Fat Man's House
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