[DVFP] Mr. Fix-It (N 1.1, S 1.1)

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Sten and Navarre,

It was freezing cold last night. Luckily, there isn't enough water around to freeze up. At crack ass of dawn, a group of scavs including Flip Flop, you know, that punk with the big Afro and metal teeth, and drug-crazed Rock Spider, with those webs of ink across his arms, well, they came up to your shop and thought they could huff and puff and blow your house down and take your guns and drek.

Sten, I gotta know... how did Flip Flop die? Did you have some booby trap set up, or did you just walk out and mash him?

And Rock Spider, he nearly got the drop on you, right, Sten? That was until Navarre took him out. How did you cap his ass, Navarre? And how the frak did you know these idiots were coming?

Anyways, the sun is starting to peek over the rocky mountains, it's gonna be a hot day. Probably in the nineties. How's your water supply today, guys?

Skinny-ass Pisello is laying there, slowly bleeding out on his back. Who did him? He's coughing up some blood, and laughing a little. He feebly raises a hand to the sky, in a reedy voice, he says, "See that? Contrails, man. Super sonics, breakin out the atmo. Breakin out...." His breathing is becoming shallow, he's almost gone.

Do you think these morons only came rolling up with four, or could they be the canon fodder to see what you got, Sten? I mean... surely there's more out there. Somewhere. Where would they probably hide outside your shop, Sten? Out in the junkyard, right?

What do you do?


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    The problem with sneaking up on my shop in the middle of the night, is you can't see the homemade bear traps I've got rigged up in the scrub around my place. Sure, they could use the entry road, but I could see anyone coming that way.

    Flip Flop, who got his name from his refusal to wear closed toe shoes, stepped right through the old wood I had covered a hole in the ground with and covered with dirt/dust. When the old, rusty bear trap closed around his leg, all I had to do is wait for the savaging animals to finish him off, while I was safe behind a chain link fence.

    As for water, there's a deep aquifer under this area. All I need is my smoke belching water drawing machine to keep working and we should be ok.

    As for Pisello, I certainly didn't kill him. Not my style. I'd just leave him there, like Flip Flop.

    I'm not sure if these morons are on their own or are some sort of vanguard, but I'll grab my gun, head up onto the roof of my shop (before it gets too hot to stay up on the corrugated metal), and scan the horizon for movement, especially the junkyard behind my shop.

    Is read a sitch firing?
    You said yes already in the OOC post. Will post the roll in the following post so I don't have to edit the dice roll.
  • Read a sitch

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
  • I grabbed Rock Spider's head and put it into a sharp corner of one of the shop work tables.

    How'd I know they were coming? Got me a gitchy feeling and damn well didn't ignore it.

    I put my six-shooter, the one I called Rondel, the one with the internal hammer so if things get close and personal it doesn't get snagged on anything right up to his left hip bone and dropped him like a bad habit. When he was on the ground (because bullets to the hip drop motherfuckers) I shot him again in the chest just to let him know I wasn't playing and those are the shots that came out his back.

    I'm crouching over the skinny shit, re-loading Rondel, having used almost all of the bullets on these choads.

    "You're going into shock, Pisello. Tell me how many more are out there and I'll make it quick, maybe even get you to the Angel."
  • Sten,

    Go ahead and ask your one question from Reading the Sitch.


    That's a solid manipulate there, right? Let's see some dice.
  • [Sten]

    What should I be on the lookout for?
  • Sten,

    You should watch out for the four Ravens hiding out behind Rust Ghost.

    You can tell they're Ravens because of their bald, misshapen heads and their radioactive symbol patches. At least one of them has a rifle. Looks like they were using this first wave to smoke you out.
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    I don't think they saw me, but just in case, I drop my fat ass flat against the roof. No point making myself an easy target up here on the roof.

    No way I could hit them at that range (how far?) with my magnum, but I just happen to have a friend over with a big fuck off gun (Navarre. What is your big fuck off gun?).

    I head back down, inside my shop, and try to catch Navarre's attention as he interrogates Pisello.

    "We've got trouble, man. 4 Ravens out in the heap with a rifle. Finish up with this guy and then I need some help."
  • Got a 10 on the manip.
  • Hey Judd, I need die rolls in the forum. There's a neat die roller app.

    For Navarre, since from the Pitch thread you show his Hot was -2, all you need to do is type into a post:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-2 )

    (of course, ignore the roll above)
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6-2 )

  • Pisello is still looking up at the sky when shots ring out. Automatic fire rat-tat-tats against the wall of the shop in a frantic spray pattern. One of the Ravens just went full auto on you, Navarre, and three shots hit you. Two in the chest, a third in the arm. They hurt. How many times have you been shot, Navarre?

    Two Ravens are moving up fast, they're hoping to take advantage of the gunfire to mask their attack. One has a spiked ball on a chain, the second, Fat Back, he's got a frickin long sword. Seriously, a hand forged, not terribly sharp long sword. They're going to be on you in a few seconds.

    Take 3-Harm before armor. Let's see, you've got two armor now, so take 1-Harm. I'll do the Harm roll in a second.
  • Navarre Harm Roll:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Navarre,

    The shots knock you on your ass and you drop the bullets you were loading into Rondel. Your ears are ringing but you can still hear them screaming while coming at you.


    You get a bit of a view of this. You heard the whole thing. Those two charging are in range now, but you'd have to make yourself visible to get a good shot on them.

    What do you do?
  • [Sten]

    I hide behind a big heavy piece of machinery, is what I do!

    Seriously through, I'm totally just waiting for them to get closer, so I can shoot them from my concealed cover. It's tactics. Not cowardice.
  • I stay on the ground and put the pistol away.

    I take out my SMG and aim it down my body, at the rust ghost that I can see between my feet, waiting for movement. If they approach the door, I'm going to light their asses up.
  • Navarre, you line up your shot and wait.

    Sten, you're down, taking cover, waiting for a good moment to thwack some punk.

    Neither of you have to wait long. The pair of runners start screaming their challenge a half step before they come bounding over the hood and around the side, whipping weapons around their misshaped heads and trying to spook you while coming forward. The Raven with the rifle comes around and starts laying random cover fire.

    Navarre, sounds like you're trying to peg them and suppress this fight before they get close. I'd like to see you Seize by Force here. Sten, if you can think how you'd like to help Navarre, go for it and roll to help.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+2)

    I concentrate my fire on the Raven in short bursts, slowly going from being on my back being crouched on my knees.
  • [Sten]

    Navarre looks like he's got those 2 dead to rights. Why waste my bullets on them?

    But there were 4 Ravens originally. Where did the other two go? I can't see them from my position in cover, but if I close my eyes, and try to feel them, think like they think, remember the layout of the junk yard, maybe I can divine their intentions/position.

    (Open my brain?)
  • Navarre,

    Choose your two options from the list for Seize by Force.


    Sure! Go for it! What does the psychic maelstrom look like to you, Sten?
  • [Sten]

    When I close my eyes, everything around me disappears. The machines, the walls of my shop, the sounds of gunfire. I'm just left with myself, the wastes, and my focus.

    Normally I'd hold a piece of metal, and see both what it is, and what it could/will be. In this case, I imagine the 2 missing Ravens, as I saw them, hiding behind the old, rusty car. Where could they have gone after that? Where will they be?

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Sten,

    As it does, the world, the distractions, fall away. You imagine those two Ravens, like little programmed robots following a schematic. You know exactly where they'll be for the next few seconds. Take a +1 Forward against them.

    Since you've opened your mind to the psychic maelstrom, I get to ask you a question, Sten!
    Who, among this lot, do you care for? If you went away, who would mourn you?
  • [Sten]

    If I bought it right now, Sheek, the head of a biker gang I do work for, and my sometimes lady friend, would probably be the most worked up.

    I stand up, my eyes still closed. Pull my magnum from out of it's holster and, with my eyes still closed, fire at the 2 Raven still outside, through the corrugated metal walls.

    (Go aggro, or seize by force?)
  • Sten, since you're both fighting and armed, it's a Seize By Force.
  • [Sten]

    Seize by force

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • [Sten]

    Suffer little harm
    Inflict terrible harm
    Impress, dismay, or frighten.
  • [Navarre]

    I Inflict terrible harm.
  • The two charging fuckers, they get eaten up quick by the SMG fire, Navarre. They go down hard, each taking a burst before they stumble and fall. Neither of them got to you, Fat Back got close, but not cigar-close. Knife to a gun fight, stupid bastards. The only thing they hit you with was blood spatter.

    Sten, you don't see the shot hit home, but it certainly does. Takes down one of them. The other, the one who just went full auto, he was reloading. When he pops around to see his buddies all lying on the ground, he sprays and prays a clip while taking off for the hills, getting the fuck out of Dodge.

    Navarre, you take 2-Harm before armor from a lucky shot. Sten, you take 1-Harm before armor as well, a bullet from someone, maybe the guy you took down, maybe the sunken-eyed one running away.

    What do you do?
  • [Sten]

    The stray bullet, a small caliber thing, lost too much energy coming through the wall and bouncing off my heavy iron equipment. It couldn't make it through my thick leather welding jacket (0-harm)

    (Harm move at +0?)
  • Sten,

    Here's your Harm move, sir.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    That bullet didn't hurt, yeah. The thing is, it broke your concentration, so you're now just a guy standing inside your shop with your eyes closed. You've lost track of that fourth Raven and youll have to go outside to catch up to him.

    What do you guys do?
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