[DVFP] Half Dozen of Another (6 1.1)

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Oh Six, you awake in a luxuriously comfortable bed with silk sheets. Is this your place or someone else's? There's someone in bed with you, it's Kite. Tell me about them. How did you two hook up? Is Kite a mark, or just a lover? Or something else?

It's dawn, is that early for you? There was a small gun battle outside, not too far away. Not pants-crapping close, but "not gonna sleep through it" far away, either. As you look around, you see there's a picture of a couple people on the side table, who are they?

Are you on a job, or between jobs right now?

What do you do?


  • [Six]

    This is definitely not my place. Silk is nice every once in a while, but not for your routine sleeping arrangement. Actually, I don't know that this is Kite's place either. They seemed to think something was pretty funny while we were fucking last night. Must have been that picture of whoever actually lives here.

    Kite has a fuller body; half short, half long hair, kind of splitting their head in half, all black; delicate hands; and alert eyes. Kite's not a mark yet, but not exactly a lover, either. They...we play at romance, but it feels hollow somehow. We hooked up a month ago or so at the local bar. I was between things, struck up a conversation, and soon found myself on my knees begging for mercy in the good way. Anyway, we have our fun, but it's nothing I'd call deep emotional attachment. There's a space there.

    Dawn is early for me, but not by much. I'm not too out of it being woken up by the shooting going on. I consider letting Kite sleep, but I decide it's better to have your wits about you and not need them than to be the other way 'round. I shake Kite gently and say, "Hey, sleepyhead, we gotta move. There may be trouble." Then I slide out of bed and start to get dressed.

    That's when I remember that, shit yes, I'm on the job. I was supposed to be tailing (who?).
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    Kite does a sort of groan that turns into a petulant whine, and bats long eyelashes at you. Amazing how even in the early morning, those eyelashes are still perfect. "I'm trouble," Kite says while smacking dried lips. Then, "Are you worried Hacks will come back? I told you he's on long patrol. Gone for three more days. We're golden, lover. Come back to bed. I've got a use for you right now, hrm?" Assuming you're intent on getting up, Kite will harumph and rise to dress as well.

    Lugger, that's the guy the Fat Man wants you to tail. He's supposedly going to fence that sliced data at the trader's tents. Are you planning on tailing him to find out who he sells to, or are you going to intercept it before he makes the transaction? The tents don't usually open for a bit after dawn, so you could set up. Or, you can head back to where you saw Lugger crash. up on the fourth floor of Crawl On.

    What do you do?
  • [Six]

    "I know you're trouble, that's why I gotta get a move on," I say as a smirk appears on my lips. "Don't make any more trouble than you can handle today, okay? There's not many good days that start with gunfire." I stow my knives and throw my rifle across my back on its strap. "I've got to get back to it."

    My plan is to sneak into Lugger's room and swipe the data before he wakes up, maybe find something there to help figure out exactly who would take it off his hands. I'm gonna head over to the Crawl On Inn.
  • Kite sulks a bit, says, "I'll stay out of trouble, Six. Like always." Then Kite comes up behind you right after you check your knives, kisses the back of your neck. "I'll be at the bar tonight." Which is an invitation, of course.

    You head over to Crawl On Inn, which is a dirty hole filled with lowlifes who are just competent enough to earn enough jingle to have a roof over their head. Most of the doors are ripped off, the small one-room hovels are torn apart. It's squalor. And lucky for you, most of these punks aren't early risers.

    Lugger is up on fourth floor. Let's see you Act Under Fire to sneak up there and snag that data.
  • Do Something Under Fire (roll+Cool)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    I assume you don't exactly sneak your way up to fourth floor, right? I mean, most of these idiots crashed for sleep around 3 or 4, so they're stone cold out. And sneaking isn't needed, might even draw some suspicion. Or maybe you do, which is fine.

    You made your way up the concrete steps from the fire exit, over a guy who passed out in his own puke on third level, and headed down the hallway. Back when this was a legit hotel for visitors to the national park, which was generations ago pre-DVFP, the hall had a nice red carpet, off-white plaster walls, a few pictures in frames. Now the carpet exists only in patches, most of the floor is exposed presswood or even the metal frame underneath, with occasional plywood boards thrown over holes.

    Room four forty, Lugger's room, still has a door. Original, even. The keycard lock was removed years ago, and a hole sits where it once was, with a plastic grocery bag shoved in there. You know, for privacy. But you're above such concerns right now, eh?

    A moment later, you're in his dark room. Enough light creeping in through the slits between the cardboard curtain over the window for you to see he's not alone. He's asleep, flat on his back, a girl nestled into the crook of his arm, sleeping contentedly with him. You recognize her by her hornet tattoo on her left shoulder. It's Dobie, your little sister.

    Did you know she was hooking up with Lugger when you took this job? What did your last meeting go like? And really, is Dobie your sister, or do you just, you know, say that?

    Oh and by the way, you see the data module, it's lying right by Lugger's boots at the side of the bed. What does this data module look like?

    What do you do?
  • [Six]

    Come on, Dobie. Really? With this oaf? Oh well, we'll talk about it later. I'm on the job, and that comes first.

    Obviously, no, I had no idea she was hooking up with Lugger. She hardly tells me anything these days. Our last meeting, we didn't even fight. Just sort of said our pleasantries and coldly left it at that. And, yeah, she really is my sister, at least as surely as she can be.

    A-ha, there's the little thing! It's one of those new, hi-tech data modules in the shape of a cube. No idea how it works, but of course the Fat Man will have the gear to use it properly. The real question is, 'who else has this level of tech that wants to buy it?'

    Well, then, here's the plan:
    1. Pocket the cube
    2. Search for information on who the buyer is
    3. Get out
    Definitely going through with step number 1, but if at any time Lugger wakes up after that, I'm drawing a knife and pinning him to the bed, blade at his throat. I can't afford to mess around with Dobie here, and I'm sure I can persuade him to part with information in that position.
  • Six,

    You move quietly forward and carefully bend down to fetch the small cube. It's so small in your hand, easy enough to palm it. As you're starting to pull back, Lugger smacks his lips and groans a bit. He's starting to rouse. You slide out your knife and put it against his throat.

    The cool metal wakes him and his eyes snap open. He freezes, and Dobie is still asleep at his side, unfazed.

    What do you do?
  • [Six]

    First, I want Dobie out of the room safely.

    "Dobie!" I call until she wakes up. Then I tell her to get out, now. "I've gotta have a little chat with Lugger here."

    If he so much as complains about her leaving, I'm putting a bit more pressure on the flat of the blade. I'm not looking to draw blood yet, but rather to show him I mean business.
  • Dobie sits up, sees its you and blinks, "Six. What the? No! I'm not going anywhere!"

    Lugger winces at the blade, but says, "Go, Dobie. He's after the cube."

    "What cube?" she asks with curiosity.

    "Never you mind. Ignorance is bliss," he replies wryly.

    "Ignorance gets you killed!" she snaps. "Six, if I'm in this, then I'm in this. I'm staying."

    What do you do?
  • [SIx]

    "Fine, Dobie. Fine." I turn to Lugger. "Alright, Lugger, let's talk data. That's a fancy piece of tech to have just floating around. Tell me who's in the market for this, and we all go home whole." I keep the blade steady.
  • Lugger closes his eyes, resigned to his fate. "Cat Head is some shit-hot slicer up in Free City. Somehow, he nicked enough of a sample of the PEN to mark up a kind of cypher. He wants to move the cypher through other hands... mine, to see if it works or not..."

    "Waitasec," Dobie cuts in, dropping her sheet and sitting up to glare at him, "You're trying to move ICE that might trip every alarm in the DVFP and you're the middle man if it all goes wrong? What in the hell are you thinking?"

    "Shut up, Dobie, I'm not that stupid," Lugger retorts, "I figured Fat Man would slurp this up, I've been un-careful about tryin to move this. So, he'll work it over. I just wanted to get some scratch from the fool who bought it before the Fat Man came down on him. Guess our little private time cost me some jingle, hon."

    She makes a pffft noise, and starts getting out of bed. "That's some horse-shit, Lu. I'm out of here."

    Lugger sits there, your knife still at his neck, "Merry fucking Christmas, Six. I hope the cypher works, or Fat Man will string us both up."
  • [Six]

    That's just great. This is much more risky than Fat Man let on. I'd better be able to squeeze a little more from him to make this worth my while.

    "That's all well and good, but that doesn't answer my question. Who's the fool who was going to buy this off of you?"
  • Lugger hesitates for a moment, not wanting to sell him out. But you press that blade and he flinches, "Short Eyes, alright? Shorty was gonna buy it off me, he might have his own techies, I dunno."

    Dobie's nearly dressed now. "Are you done, Six?"

    What do you do?
  • "Yeah, I'm done," I sigh as I back off of Lugger.

    "Look, this whole interrogation-at-knifepoint thing isn't usually my style, so I'm going to continue the trend by giving you this," I say as I pull a bunch of fruit from my pack (1-barter worth). "Just don't tell anyone what went down, alright? I'll be sure Short Eyes doesn't get wind of your confession, either."

    "Keeping your mouth shut goes for you, too, Dobie."

    If there aren't any interruptions, I'm headed out.
  • No interruptions at all. Dobie was trying to play tough, but as you're leaving, she sort of play-punches your arm and mouths the word "Thanks".

    Where to, hotshot?
  • To the roof. Gotta take some time to think this through, see how best to turn it to my advantage. I don't put a lot of stock into this whole "psychic maelstrom" business, but what's the harm in tuning in now and again, yeah? Maybe some insight will spring forth and I'll be able to lengthen the time between jobs a bit.
  • The roof is littered with rain barrels and rusting, old air conditioning units. Nobody stays up here, even early in the morning. With the sun rising, people are moving about, getting on to their meager existence. What's one of the jobs people do here, Six?

    And Six, if you want to open your brain to the psychic maelstrom, feel free. But tell me, what's the psychic maelstrom like for you? When you open your brain, what do you see?
  • [Six]

    Out of necessity, folks recycle used junk. For the most part, what we have is what we've got. If it's at all usable, you can sell it. One of the worst jobs is sorting the mismatched piles of junk into sensible piles for sale.

    When I open my brain, it's mostly sound. Snippets of conversation, noises, music even. It's a bit like tuning a radio without stopping on any one station. Sometimes blobs of color appear.

    I stare off into one of the rain barrels, take a deep breath, and open up to the symphony of cacophany.
  • [Six]

    Open Your Brain (roll+Weird)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Six,

    What is the psychic maelstrom like for you? How does your third eye see the world?
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