[DVFP] Chalk the Faceless

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Name: Chalk
Look: Concealed gender, scrounged armor, blank eyes, wiry body.

Chalk is a short, wiry person who habitually wears a mask. They sport scrounger-armor composed of bits and pieces of metal and mesh, Armourlon webbing, sliced-up tires. They carry a fire-ax, one of those brute-heavy ones with the fiberglass handles, the upper third of the haft wrapped in leather to protect from overstrike damage. When Chalk talks, which is fairly rare, it's in either a high-pitched male voice or a husky female voice. Sometimes people make fun of Chalk for the way they talk. This is a quick and easy way to have the spike peen of a fire axe embedded in people's heads.


• Cool +1
• Hard +2
• Hot -1
• Sharp +1
• Weird = 0
Highlighted stat appears thus.

• Rasputin: When I'm being scary as fuck and coming at someone, +1 armor. Still get hurt, it just doesn't seem to matter so much.
• Norman: I seek the advice of my mask. Roll +Weird and see what it tells me to do: 10+, mark experience and take +1 if I do as it wishes. 7-9. +1 if I do what it wants and act under fire if I don't. On a miss, it has its own agenda, and act under fire if I don't follow it.
• Pit Bull: When I take a debility, name the person most responsible. Take +1 ongoing to all rolls against them, forever.

The Mask
• is scrounged and battered. In this case, a weirdly androgynous mannequin face, sawn off a mannequin head and with crude eyeholes cut out. Its rouged cheeks and molded brown hair are chipped and cracked - a hole has been drilled through the pursed lips, just a little larger than a cigarette. A couple of repurposed belts buckle it firmly to my head.
• makes me Afraid (-1 ongoing) and Ashamed (Hard=0) if removed. Those conditions remain until my face is covered again.
• Anyone seeing me unmasked for the first time takes s-harm.

• Fire axe (3-harm hand messy)
• Scrounger armor worth 2-armor
• Oddments worth 1-barter

Navarre +2 (stood shoulder to shoulder)
Sten +1 (strangest)
Six +2 (equals eight. why are you looking at me like that?)
Triss +3 (kind and unafraid)

[ ] Stabilized

[ ] shattered (-1 Cool)
[ ] crippled (-1 Hard)
[ ] disfigured (-1 Hot)
[ ] broken (-1 Sharp)

Experience & Advancement

(•) (•) (•) ( ) (>) XP-marks

[ ] get +1 hot (max +2)
[ ] get +1 sharp (max +2)
[ ] get +1 weird (max +2)
[ ] get a new faceless move
[ ] get a new faceless move
[ ] get a new faceless move
[ ] get a holding (detail) and wealth
[ ] get a gang (detail) and pack alpha
[ ] get a move from another playbook
[ ] get a move from another playbook
[ ] get +1 to any stat (max stat +3)
[ ] retire your character (to safety)
[ ] create a second character to play
[ ] change your character to a new type
[ ] choose 3 basic moves and advance them
[ ] advance the other 4 basic moves
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