[DVFP] Triss the Angel

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Name: Triss
Triss is a short, blonde woman with a bubbly, infectious manner. She wears faded blue jeans and t-shirts. A worn gray backpack hold the tools of her trade, as does a rather large fanny pack around her waist. She sports cowboy boots on her feet and likes to wear teashade sunglasses, even at night. There is always a bit of humor about her eyes, but no one is sure exactly what she finds so amusing.


Cool: 2
Hard: 0
Hot: -1
Sharp: 2
Weird: -1

Infirmary. You get an infirmary, a workspace with life support, a drug lab and a crew of two (Saga and Rane). Get patients into it and you can work them like a savvyhead on tech.

Battlefield grace: When you are caring for people, not fighting, you get +1 armor.

Angel kit
One practical weapon
oddments worth 1 barter
A sawed off shotgun
fashion suitable to your look, including one piece of worth -1 armor (not sure what this is, but I'll take it!)


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    hey Triss, what do Saga and Rane look like? What do you look like? I love pics!

    Does Triss have a small flak jacket for her 1 Armor? A thick leather coat? Something else?
  • How do I post pics? I'll find some and put them up if I can figure that part out. :)
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    Working on photos - hopefully some soon!
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    Here's Triss!

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