[Sorcerer SOC] Scene 1: Voices in the Dark [Dalomo]

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The dreams were terrible and it took Dalomo several minutes to sort out where he was and that the voices sounding in the distance were not the faceless creatures of the dream debating something unpleasent. The dreams were acute during these periods in the dark. But the voices... They were far away but their presence was strange as no one but he ever came this far down into the palace cellars.

Dalomo moved silently through the dark following the voices, straining to hear the words. He caught snippets. "...sure it isn't found." An incoherent response. "...the rotwood..." "...won't get far..." "...on schedule..." The voices faded to nothing. They had sounded familiar but there was enough distortion that he couldn't be sure.

Dalomo realized he was in an unfamiliar part of the cellars. The smell was different, mustier and alive. The sample seemed to sense something too and began to writhe actively upon him. The faint light in the room revealed a circular shaft in the floor with a ladder going down inside of it. Dalomo recognized the faint smell of the rotwood wafting up from the shaft. Next to the shaft on the floor was a large lump. Sensing no one nearby Dalomo investigated the bundle. He was certain after only a moment that it was a body.

After another moment Dalomo uncovers the head. The white face of his lord stares up sightlessy in the dim light.


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    Dalomo holds his breath.
    Memories of his Lord flicker in his thoughts. He was a good leader. He did not deserve this.

    "Yes, I sense the danger. Calm yourself. I've been closer to the rotwood than this before, without a mask, and have been fine." He scolds The Sample.

    A hint of tears well up in his eyes, briefly. The white face stares back at him. With a cough Dalomo stands up.
    Holding very still, Dalomo listens. Time passes.

    With a heave, he gathers the body and climbs the stairs. Slowly.

    Dalomo returns the body to whoever is in charge of such things now. He plans on investigating (last known location of the Lord, witnesses, suiting up getting some recruits and exploring the depths of the cellar, etc..). Do we have a name for the Lord or the Family?
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    The Lord's name is Balun

    Dalomo carries the wrapped body through the palace, headed for her Ladyship's chambers. He is crossing the gallery over the main hall when he hears voices and stops. As he watches from behind one of the columns of the arcade which stretches on all four sides above the main hall, he sees Creo, Lord Balun's chief of staff and Dalomo's superior, come into the hall talking to his assistant. "...go and see if you can find Dalomo, His lordship will want his advice on the issue." Creo pauses, looking to the end of the hall beneath Dalomo's position.

    "Your lordship," Creo says, "I thought you wished to wait till morning." Lord Balun's voice says "Relax Creo, we shall indeed meet in the morning I'm merely thinking." A moment after the voice, Dalomo sees the figure of Lord Balun walk from below the balcony Dalomo stands on.

    "Worried about your daughter, m'lord?"

    "Ismene can take care of herself, but the Princess of Saar has gained a fearful reputation of late and no father is ever entirely secure sending his child out in such a dangerous world. Still I believe the outlaw's words are accurate about Princess Briseis and her ship, though my mind turns to other strategic options I would discuss with you..."

    The voices fade as the men walk out of the room still talking.
  • What are Dalomo's past experiences and relationship to Creo? Friendly? Professional?
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    Freindly long ago when they were younger men in the military. Creo has grown distant from Dalomo over time as he's gained in rank, becoming more professional. I'm thinking he's probably much more of a politician than Dalomo is. Recently he's delicately suggested that it may be time for Dalomo to retire, though he seems to hold Dalomo's words and experience in the highest respect.
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    "Chief Creo!" Dalomo yells as he strides, following Balun (or his doppelganger) and the Chief of Staff off the gallery. Yelling just loud enough to attract attention (he wants witnesses) but not loud enough to cause alarm or panic. "Lord Balun."

    Dalomo approaches, with the corpse in his hands. Looking at Balun, while talking to Creo, "Sir, I have discovered something quite urgent."

    Dalomo drops the corpse to the ground and reveals its content to the pair.

    Dalomo has two intentions. First, to make many people aware of the deception going on with who or what Balun is. Second, to read the face of Balun, to see if he is the Lord he knows and trusts. Communicating to the Sample to help with his senses.
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    Can you qualify the type of perception the Demon lends you? You're supposed to define it during creation. I thought its perception was for the purpose of the teleporting (so it can see where it's going) If it's something else, we need to decide what it does, enhanced senses, sense emotional states.

    btw: demon tweaking is allowed, it's hard to get what you're envisioning out of the gate

    I'm changing my color b/c I find the red too harsh.
  • I imagined teleport within line of sight. Maybe the Sample is very familiar with one particular place it likes to incubate, and can teleport there without line of sight (but if that is too much, then I'm fine without it). I imagined Perception as just basic enhanced senses all around. I imagine the Sample as a mass of nerves and sensory organs with Dalomo's tale tale of milky eyes are actually some of the Sample's nerve fibers.
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    Rolling Dalomo's will + demons power vs "Balun's" cover


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    A look of shocked icredulity fills both the faces of "Balun" and Creo. They gasp as Creo looks from the corpse to Balun and Balun looks between Dalomo and the corpse.

    "What...what evil is this?" asks Balun.
    "I know not milord," Creo responds.

    "Balun's" reaction is good, but not quite good enough. Dalomo sees the shift in his eyes, the split second delay, the note of falseness to the voice. Dalomo is certain this man isn't the one he knows.

    Creo bends and covers the face of the corpse. "Come, Milord, Dalomo, we should make a closer exmination in a more secure location."

    Note: The powers the sample gives you are pretty much there in terms of availability all the time. You don't really have to ask it for the powers. You're aware when they're available and when they're not, as if they were inherent abilities.
  • "Secure might not be possible, sir. Many of the people have seen me with the corpse."
    Dalomo made no special effort to hide what he was carrying. If anything he tried to gather people's attention.

    "Its like the infestation scare we had last season, where everyone saw the spores and we had a panic." Dalomo says this to Balun directly. This, of course is a lie, last season some spores were found but Balun and Creo did a great job of keeping it quiet. There was no panic, but quite the opposite. This is an open test of Balun in front of Creo. Where the natural response from Balun would be to deny it, or correct Dalomo. Dalmo's goal is to tip Creo off that Balun is not who he says he is. I also took some minor backstory liberty in introducing the spore thing, hope that is ok.
  • Creo looks up raising one of his bushy grey eyebrows at Dalomo.

    "Balun" says, voice grave, "Indeed we don't want to risk another episode of panic. Creo, seal the palace until we may determine the truth of this matter, and Dalomo, cover that thing and take it to the labs, we must analyze it."

    There is moment of hesitation. "Indeed your grace," Creo crisply, "It will be done. However,I insist that you go to your quarters with your personal guard, we must search the palace. There maybe unwholesome characters about. Sergeant!" A guardsman comes running up in reply. "Escort his lordship to his quarters, let no one near him who doesn't give an alpha clearance password, even if they look like me. Third stage emergency protocols are in effect, move!"

    "Wait" says Balun, "Stand down Sergeant." The Sergeant stops and waits, looking to Creo and Dalomo. Balun then says to Creo "I won't hide like a scared lapworm. If we make all this fuss we are sure to start a panic. Seal the palace, quietly, and then we should talk, in private about what's best to be done."

    The backstory bit is great, and perfectly permissable.
  • “Yes my Liege,” Dalomo replies. “I will inform only my most trusted men to step up patrols. But first, I shall take this . . . thing to the laboratory. I will find you both in an hour.”

    Dalomo gathers the body and moves off in the direction of the laboratory. Once out of sight of Balun, he stops and waits and, with the help of the Sample, observes, awaiting Creo to separate from Balun.

    Probably could move to a new scene. I don’t think Dalomo would move against the Imposter without doing a bit of investigation first.

    Dalomo will store the body somewhere else, some other secondary lab, with people he trusts.
    Dalomo will try to meet with Creo and figure out, since Lord Balun is dead, who is in charge, so he can show the body to them.
    Given enough time Dalomo might try to use his Lore, to see if he could summon a demon to interrogate the corpse. (summon, bind etc…). I’m thinking Perception: memories of the dead, would be the only power Dalomo would need it to have.
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    Perhaps an organic demon, probably a possessor, that inhabits and puppeteers the bodies of the dead? It could be a stringy thing, a lot like Dalomo's current demon ... perhaps 'budded off' of Dalomo's demon or obtained from the same lab. Give it the Past power, designated as the host's own Past, and it'd probably do what you want. Giving it the Hop power could also prove useful.

    Though, mainly, I suggest this because I just like the idea of a zombie Lord Balun being kept in a closet somewhere. (c:
  • Fun idea Yellow. Though, you might have to get some Pine Tree Shaped Air Fresheners for the cupboard though.
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    Dalomo conentrates and can hear the false Balun and Creo talking as if he was still standing next to them.

    "My Lord, I really must insist that you return to your chambers, Dalomo and I will find you there shortly."

    "Dalomo looked at me strangely just now."

    "We were all surprised, your grace. Besides the cataracts change his aspect, you might say he looks at everyone strangely now. Now, please rest for a bit, my lord."

    "Yes, yes, in an hour."

    "Indeed, my lord, until then."

    The sound of many footsteps, that would be "Balun" and his guards walking away. Quieter footsteps, a single set, and the soft swishing of robes move near to Dalomo.

    I don't think we're quite done yet.
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    Assuming Creo approaches . . .

    Dalomo steps toward Creo.
    “I don’t know about you, but I think I would enjoy a bit of mass panic rather than letting whatever that thing is continue posing as our Lord.”

    Rage building slowing, Dalomo begins to pace and talk.

    “This body is important though, and we can’t risk leaving it in the Royal Labs. Who else needs to see it? Who else do we trust? Where was Balun last night? Can you remember his schedule . . . ”

    Dalomo looks to Creo through marbled eyes, holding the body in his old hands.

    “He deserved better than this, Creo.”
  • As Dalomo talks, Creo takes his cap off and blots the sweat from his bald pate with a handkerchief. Then he fits it back to his head, the green jewel of office gleaming. "Of course he deserved better. But you know well that in this world, deserving has nothing to do with it." He strokes his bushy beard, his expression somber. "A great tragedy." he pauses "Yet we can not stop to mourn, our country needs us."

    "Though panic might be cathartic, old friend," he says, voice gravelly, "I don't think it would serve us well. No, we must see if we can resolve this without raising any more alarm than absolutely necessary. We must not," he eyes Dalomo significantly, "allow our emotions to run away with us."

    "As for his Lordship's schedule, he's been having insomnia for some time. He'd taken to wandering the palace at night, frequently slipping his guards. I scolded him about it several times, but he woudn't listen. Now, it's too late."

    Creo looks sorrowfully at the corpse in Dalomo's hands. "You should take the body to Ardruk's lab. Not his official one. I'm sure you know where it is. We may have need of his more...esoteric research. And get a group of guards whom you trust implicitly, have them relieve the imposter's current guards and hold him there." Creo smiles, but there is no warmth in his eyes. "We shall say he has taken ill and is not himself. You and I shall question him. For the moment, I trust no one else."

    "Unfortunately there is another problem." Creo holds up a folded piece of heavy paper with a large seal in dark red wax on the outside. "This," Creo sighs, "is from the second son of his most August Majesty, the Emperor. I recieved it earlier this night, and was going to discuss it with his Lordship. Apparantly our young Ismene has been blessed with the prince's hand in marriage." Creo furrows his bushy eyebrows. "Though I don't know how they recieved a positive fertility test. We were sending false tests so this wouldn't happen. Perhaps our imposter is connected somehow. In any case, with our Lord dead, a wedding would give the Emperor direct control of this country. No doubt our esteemed prince is on his way here now."

    "What advice do you have Dalomo?"
  • Dalomo takes and reviews the heavy paper. He touches the redwax lightly. “I could never obey a Prince of the Emperor.”

    He looks Creo in the eye. “And Ismene, she would never . . . “

    Dalomo looks out upon the people walking past. The evening light fades to night.

    “The people are stronger than you think; we have nothing to fear if knowledge of some murderous plot was widely known. The people ought to know. It will make them stronger, more cautious . . . but then what do I know, an old military dog like me. You were always better dealing with the people. Maybe you are right. I’m going to tell my top men, at least, they should know.”

    Dalomo hefts the corpse.

    “After I deliver the body to Ardruk and inform my men, I think we need to get Insmene secured and informed. Where is our Princes, I have not seen her around lately?”
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    Creo shakes his head. "A person individually is strong, intelligent and calm, but people are dull witted, fearful and full of panic." He puts a hand on Dalomo's shoulder, " We shall reveal it, Dalomo, but we must know what it is that we reveal, and right now we know little except for the fate of our Lord."

    "Ismene should be back soon. Lord Balun sent her with a message to that pirate who used to be the princess of Saar. He was hoping she would help us in our future plans. I advised against it but our Lord was determined. We were keeping it quiet, and I count, as always, on your discretion."

    "And," he says grimly, "We may not have much choice in the matter, the laws of the Empire give the Prince the right to choose his bride without leave from anyone, including her. To refuse could mean war... before we are ready."
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    "I understand, Creo."
    Dalomo gives Creo a strong hand shake, then takes his dead Lord to the laboratory.

    Dalomo will gather six of his best, most trusted men, and have them set the guard for the Impostor, as Creo suggested. He will show only one of them the corpse, but warn the others that the Lord might not be "entirely himself" and to confirm any of his orders through Dalomo or Creo. His intention is to make sure, that if something happened to Dalomo, there are others who know.

    If there is time, Dalomo might do a bit of Lore research, on the subject mentioned in the older post.
  • So it's a new scene for you.

    Now do you just want to research the possessor or are you going in for the works?(contact, summon, bind, which would be a scene)? Keep in mind you can't store bonus rolls, they have to be applied to the next roll. Most rituals take from half an hour to three hours to perform correctly. If you want to be extra careful and take eight hours to 24 hours per ritual then it would give you a 1 die bonus to the rolls. RP bonuses still go for texture and description of course.

    I figure your next scene is talking to Ardruck or interrogating Balun, unless you have a different idea.
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    I have no preference on the scene. I would think the Balun scene would be juicer, as I would imagine Dalomo as being cautious when summoning and such-- so he wouldn't jump into that right away.

    I would imagine the thought of Ismene out and alone, facing the Saar would worry Dalomo and the back of his mind would be working through ways to check in on her.
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