[Sorcerer SOC] Scene 1: Voices in the Dark [Dalomo]

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The dreams were terrible and it took Dalomo several minutes to sort out where he was and that the voices sounding in the distance were not the faceless creatures of the dream debating something unpleasent. The dreams were acute during these periods in the dark. But the voices... They were far away but their presence was strange as no one but he ever came this far down into the palace cellars.

Dalomo moved silently through the dark following the voices, straining to hear the words. He caught snippets. "...sure it isn't found." An incoherent response. "...the rotwood..." "...won't get far..." "...on schedule..." The voices faded to nothing. They had sounded familiar but there was enough distortion that he couldn't be sure.

Dalomo realized he was in an unfamiliar part of the cellars. The smell was different, mustier and alive. The sample seemed to sense something too and began to writhe actively upon him. The faint light in the room revealed a circular shaft in the floor with a ladder going down inside of it. Dalomo recognized the faint smell of the rotwood wafting up from the shaft. Next to the shaft on the floor was a large lump. Sensing no one nearby Dalomo investigated the bundle. He was certain after only a moment that it was a body.

After another moment Dalomo uncovers the head. The white face of his lord stares up sightlessy in the dim light.


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