[MH] The Morning After? [Ho, Nx, S2:3.0]

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Hi Nyx.

What are you dreaming of? Whatever it is, you're becoming aware again. You know you're inside, but the place doesn't sound familiar. Somewhere in the distance below your head there is the sound of television...news or something. It's not home. Smells wrong. Well not wrong. It smells nice, mostly, but not like your house. And there's that feeling of being in a place you don't know well.

What happened? You don't really know.The memories are fuzzy. You have... I don't know a sense of power, I guess, of something happening. And pleasure, oh yes, there was pleasure, you're sure of that. It's just... vague. It's like the aftermath of a dream that you can't quite remember.

You're a little weak too, to be honest. And there's a metaphysical stench, like what you were sensing on Riley. It's clinging to you like the smell of cigarettes in a nightclub. Clearly magic was involved.

You're warm. There's a blanket over you. A nice smelling blanket. You hear a doorbell... now where have you heard that before?

You hear someone go to answer, feminine voices talking. They sound familiar, and they drift closer. It's mainly one that you hear, the other is very quiet.

"...just showed up. I'm not... y'know, sure what happened. I... well... I didn't know who else to call. He's in here..."


It's Saturday... the day of the Dance. Have you been moping the whole two days since Wednesday night? Sure, that night Myrii stayed with Teddy, and it was the next day you had to stage the whole 'arrival' for Peggy. Having spent that night, Myrii's powers of magical persuasion had strengthened quite a bit. She stood there in an old robe and Peggy acted as if she were completely, and normally, dressed. And she was very complaint about her staying for her 'visit' during the winter holiday.

That night of course, put her in your room. She could have easily gone back to Teddy's side, of course, but she wanted to stay with you, apologizing for the previous night and leaving you alone with that awful feeling. Did you let her stay with you as she wished? Did you forgive her? She did slip out to be with Teddy again last night, returning before dawn to your room with that lost expression you've been seeing on her face more and more.

She's also been following you around at school for the last two days. Spending some time with Teddy, of course, but otherwise maintaining your story that she's a visitor. Most people don't seem to question it too much. Hardly looking at her at all, which is weird considering how beautiful she is. She looks around, curiously, and asks all sorts of questions. She is, of course, completely clueless, so you have been her guide to the human world. How has that been?

And how have you been acting around Teddy? Have you been in contact with Winter?

It was midmorning when you got the call from Hayden. Peggy picked it up then called you to the phone. Hayden told you that she needed your help with "Al... um... Nyx." In a tone that said that she was worried, and asked that you come as soon as possible.

Did you take the bus? Walk? I don't remember if you said you got your license yet. Peggy would surely have encouraged it, and let you have the car if you do, in fact, have it. She's expecting not to leave the house until evening.

<<a href="http://imgur.com/0M0WttZ">image

"Hi, Holly." Hayden says with a weak smile and concerned eyes, when she opens the door to the run-down little house you've arrived at.


"Come in, please. He's... um... upstairs." She stops in the hall turns. "Look... I know I have a rep but this... he showed up and it was like he was on drugs or something, just completely out of it, and practically collapsed. I um... I put him in my room... just to sleep. I just..." She turns around again. "In spite of what you might have heard, I don't steal boyfriends. He just showed up here.. I'm not... y'know, sure what happened. I... well... I didn't know who else to call. He's in here..."

She's been leading you up a narrow stairway, painted sloppily in a terrible taupe color which is cracked and chipping, and she turns to open the first door on the left of the hall.


  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    I'm very happy Myrii was able to fool Peggy so easily. I did not want her to be cast out or hurt. She is my best good fairy friend and I love her. I wish she wasn't tied to Teddy, it would be nice if she were mine. I know she loves me back, and she keeps saying she can love many people, that we can all love many people.

    But she wants to be with Teddy, not me.

    I let her stay with me the second night, but I didn't want the sex anymore. It feels good, but it hurts because she doesn't want me. Nobody wants me, just me. I'm a substitute. A stand-in. An "almost as good". A "do in a pinch". Myrii feels guilty. I'm her guilty sex. I don't want it anymore. I thought I could ignore it, but I can't. I wish I could take my brain out of my body and stop thinking.

    I should be happy. I have a mommy and a fairy who shares my bed most nights and a sister and I am safe. I am safe in a home and I have friends. It's not right that I am sad, I am selfish. I can't be happy with what I have and that is so wrong. Why can't I be happy? I remember the nights in the Bay's basement when I was shivering cold and hungry and I wished for all these things that I have now. New clothes, my own room, friends, a sister who is good and nice, a mommy. Why can't I be happy? What's wrong with me? Maybe it is because I'm not a real girl? Maybe I was never supposed to be happy. Its just a lack of me. I feel guilty for being sad and lonely. Its so selfish. My head turns in circles of being sad and then mad at being sad and I cannot get out of it.

    Nyx didn't call for the whole week.

    Having Myrii at school has been a very nice change. I like teaching her all I've learned. It is surprising how much I do know. I always feel so ignorant and stupid around people, but with Myrii, I can tell her how I see the world working. Myrii is a very funny, uhm, person. I really do love her. I wish she would choose me. But she can't or won't or both.

    I have tried to make it up to Teddy, every day. I made her breakfast every morning, and I cleaned her clothes and washed her dishes. I am a good sister, she has to see that. I made a mistake, but I am not bad. I know I can fix it. I need to keep being good. I don't think she wants me to say sorry anymore.

    This morning when Teddy was in the shower, I borrowed her phone and sent a textual message to Winter.
    I do not think I should take you to the dance, Winter. I know you think I
    am a joke and you want to make everyone at my high school upset. I do not
    want them to laugh at me anymore. I just want to disappear.

    I'm writing this on the bus. I know Peggy wants me to get a license and it is fun to be in a car, but I do not want to have a wreck. I don't mind the bus, with all the people and the talking. It is interesting, even if it can be smelly sometimes. Plus, if I am driving, I cannot talk to you!

    Hayden called me, it is so weird. I didn't know she knew how to call me, but I guess she knows Teddy somehow. She said she needs help with Nyx. What help does she need with Nyx? If she wants me to help her make him happy, I am not the right person to ask. He is happy with lots of girls. I am nothing special. I thought he liked her already?

    Well, here I am, outside of Hayden's house. It is not very nice. I know it isn't her fault. It reminds me of the basement. You know. I think Hayden is sad, too. I have heard people talk about her in school, when they do not think I am around. When they aren't talking about me.

    Wish me luck.

  • [Holly]

    Holly offers Hayden a little smile at the door, "Hi, Hayden." She moves into the home, standing by the door nervously when Hayden opens it for her. The revelation that Nyx is upstairs is surprising, and Holly gawks, shifts uncomfortably.

    She meekly follows Hayden up the steps. Each time Hayden turns back to talk at her, explain the situation, Holly blinks, shrinks back a little. When they reach the top of the stairs, Holly breathes a little sigh of relief, and follows her to the door where Nyx lies inside. Holly pauses before going in, looks to Hayden. She reaches out a hand to Hayden's arm, touching it lightly, swallows and says, "Hayden, I don't... I don't think Nyx is my boyfriend anymore. I don't think he ever was, not really. It's okay. And, uhm, I don't care what they say about you. They say stuff about me, too, and it hurts. But I know they are liars. Nyx is lucky to have a good friend like you, Hayden." She offers that little smile again, trying to be nice, then walks into the room.

    "Nyx?" Holly says softly, creeping closer. "Nyx, are you sick?"
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    The world is a little off, and in a bad way, not a vibrant, living way like when I dance with the fae, but a disorienting and cloudy way. Something's wrong with the world... where am I? I stink... I push down against the smell, scratching against the blanket and my skin like it might come off. What happened? I was with Riley in her room.... candles... coins. Did we kiss? I... think so. What else did we do?

    I look up, around the room. A girl's room, but a room I don't know, not Riley's room. It doesn't feel like that place. It must be Holly's room, right? But.... it doesn't feel like her either, and she lives with Teddy. I pull the blanket half-off of me and try to sit up, to see where I am. It's... a nice place. Unfamilar but not bad, not frightening, not threatening. I hear the television, I wish I could hear the birds.

    I know what I need, I need to get to the window, open it, breathe the fresh air, that's wha I need! But when I try to rise I hear her voice...

    "Holly!" I say, not knowing how my own voice will sound. "N...no I'm not sick... I think... Holly oh thank goodness... what... what happened to Riley? Holly... did we get to go to the dance?"

    I honestly don't know.
  • [Holly]

    Nyx's reaction and his questions confused Holly. She looks at him curiously, trying to figure out if this is a joke. "No... we didn't go." She pauses, takes a breath and exhales it through her nose, "I didn't think you wanted to go still... since you fucked Chelsea and she's so pretty and..."

    She swallows, fidgets a little, "I got. A uhm, really nice dress. I took a picture on Teddy's phone to, you know, to show you. In case. But then, you disappeared, and I didn't know what happened. I was, uhm, afraid your dad Roger took you away. Or something."

    She moves forward then, suddenly deciding to help Nyx stand up, offering him a hand so he can right himself. It brings them physically closer, too, of course.

    "What.... uhm, what happened to you, Nyx? Did Riley do something to you?"
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    I let her help me up, feels like I need it.

    "Riley... She said she wanted to help and... I went to her room and there was a circles and we did... magic... I think, honestly I can't remember but she needed me to... Needed my blood to help you..." I cant help but check myself for injuries, did she take my blood? "Fucked? Chelsea? Oh yes... that happened Holly but you know it doesn't change how I feel about you... I... I think Riley too... but I can't remember... It was part of the magic... I think."

    This probably doesn't sound good does it.

    "So... we didn't miss the dance?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly listens to Nyx admit to Chelsea again, then add in Riley. She winces a little, glances back at Hayden nervously, looking to see if she heard. "No, we... but your parents said you couldn't go. They said you were grounded for like, for your whole life and stuff." Holly blinks, looking at Nyx with a realization, "Do they know where you are, Nyx? Oh goodness, if they don't, you're really in B I G trouble!"
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    Hayden is here, too. I stand (am I dressed? Doesn't matter, but I'll find my clothes if not) and rush to hug Holly which I imagine is awkward, "you're right, I probably am... but..." I stand back. Looking at her, "I'll find a way to come to the dance... uh... Hayden is this your room? How did I get here?" I go to Hayden and hug her, too, gratitude on my face.

    "Probably grounded for two lifetimes now..." I can't help but smile in a humorously defeated sort of way.

    "This is so great, really... you're both here for me. Thank you.. I'm worried what Riley's magic may have done... Holly... She said it was to help Aubrey... get better."
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    Holly melts into Nyx's hug for a delirious moment. The two of them seem to fit together so well. Holly's eyes follow Nyx to watch her hug Hayden, and her mouth quirks a teeny, tiny frown for a flicker. Then she answers for Hayden, "It's Hayden's room. You, uhm, showed up here, looking, like, drugged or something."

    She steps closer to Nyx and Hayden when he mentions Riley again. "Riley is, uhm, not so bad. I think maybe she's lonely or something." She reaches down to gently take Nyx's hand, "We should, uhm, we should go. To talk to Riley. Or something. Right?"

    Saying that, Holly steps towards the hallway, hoping to urge Nyx on. She gives Hayden a polite smile, "Thank you for taking care of him, Hayden. I think he's, uhm, gonna be okay."
  • Hayden winces sympathetically and glances away when you look back at her, Holly. Otherwise she stands quietly at the edge of the room, in the door.

    Nyx, you're dressed, except for maybe an outer layer or two. And Nyx, I'm pretty sure Riley was talking about needing your blood for Aubrey, not Holly. Still. You do find a thin cut on your hand, a red line that's scabbed over.

    Holly answers for her, and Hayden returns your hug, when you hug her, but pulls away quickly with a glance at Holly, self-conscious. She nods in agreement with Holly.

    Then Holly you urge Nyx to the door and thank Hayden.

    "Sure...It's okay. He's my freind." She puts a little stress on the last word, glancing at Nyx. "I mean... I hope you're both my friends?" She says, looking at you again, Holly. "I'll... I guess I'll see you at the dance."

    As you head out she'll walk you to the door.
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  • [Nyx]

    "Yeah... Hayden, thank you... you're more than a friend," I don't really mean what that sounds like but it probably sounds like but it probably does sound like something.

    We head for the door. I'm in no hurry, this is still confused and i stink of magic and I do like Hayden a lot... I mean, I've spent a lot of time with her in the woods lately and...

    "Holly, um... yeah. Riley was really mad but I don't think she meant to hurt anything... but I'm not sure she understands what she did to me. I don't even understand but I think it's real... something happened."
  • [Holly]

    Its obvious on Holly's face that Hayden stressing friend, when its obvious there's more, and then Nyx emphasizing this out loud pricks at Holly's spine, just a little. However, Hayden's question about them all being friends, seeing each other at the dance, it also has an impact. She turns to walk over to Hayden, walks into her and gives her a hug, pushing her arms around the girl, laying her head on her shoulder.

    After the hug, Holly says, "Hayden, yes we're friends. At least, I would like to be your friend. I'm sorry, for being selfish." She steps back, "Nyx wants me to share. Him. I'm... I'm, uhm, adjusting. But you have been very brave and selfless and true. I could not ask for a better friend than that. I hope to see you at the dance, very much." Holly offers her a smile again, this one has more heart.

    She walks back to take Nyx's hand, "Should we be talking about magic and blood and stuff, Nyx? I'm sure Hayden doesn't understand our game and she might think you're still on drugs." Holly seems ready to wait on the answer before pushing for them to leave, sensing Nyx's hesitation.
  • [Nyx]

    "What do..." it hits me. I look at Hayden... right, she doesn't know... well. Now she knows. She probably just thinks it's whatever drug or something she thinks I may have used. Wow... I must sound crazy.

    "Sorry... Hayden I don't know what happened to me..." Holly holds my hand which is great and I hold it tight. "things have been a little crazy. You know? I hope I can go to the dance."

    An exhausted smile is about all I can manage as Holly leads me from the room.
  • Holly,

    She smiles back at you, and responds with a quiet "I'll be there."

    "Sorry... Hayden I don't know what happened to me..." Holly holds my hand which is great and I hold it tight. "things have been a little crazy. You know? I hope I can go to the dance."
    She nods. "I hope so too. Remember... I'm here if you need me. Either of you. See you guys."

    Once she lets you out the door, what's the plan. Going home? Going to Holly's? Going to see Riley?
  • [Holly]

    Once they are outside, Holly takes Nyx's hand, a firm grip. "Nyx, you ninny. Having the S-E-X with Riley and letting her do magic on you and taking your blood! Come on, we are going to see Riley and make her say what she did." Holly pulls him along, walking down the street towards the bus stop.

    "You are lucky she did not hurt you. She was so very, terribly angry with you, Nyx," Holly says, scowling at him. "She is mad at her daddy, and it made her mad at you. So silly. Why do you have to do it with all the girls?"
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    I take my lumps. Holly is angry at me but I'm just happy to be with her, it's been so long. Why can't we just walk along holding hands lke this more often? (Ok, maybe not just like this, Holy is kind of stompy right now but she IS sooo cute when she's angry)

    "She's all right, Holly, I'm sure she didn't mean to do anything bad..." I kind of hesitate becuase I'm pretty sure something bad did happen, I just don't believe she knew what harm may come of it.

    "And I don't have... sex with all the girls, Holly... I just feel it in my blood. It's part of being alive."

    Riley's house.... scene of the crime.
  • [Holly]

    Holly continues ranting, "I can learn stuff, Nyx! I'm not dumb. I can do things you like! I want to be all the girls!" The admission halts her tirade for a block or so, but she's still pulling him along. Maybe a little less stompy.

    "Something is wrong with Myrii," Holly says finally as they pass an ice cream shop. "She came to our house. She can't leave Dora. I mean Teddy. She has to be near her all the time and now she's going to school and using fairy magic to trick everyone and I'm rather surprised she didn't come along, but she's so moon-eyed for Dora it is just sickening..."

    "When you couldn't go to the dance," Holly continues, a bit less irate, more frustrated in tone, "I asked a girl to go and she said yes. But Dora and Ash hate her and said she was only trying to get me in trouble and I thought about doing it anyway because I'M LONELY! But I didn't. I sent her a textual message that I didn't wanna be a laughingstock anymore and even though Ash paid for my really pretty dress, I was going to not go to the dance and just stay at home and eat bad food like they do on TV shows when girls are in bad moods."

    Her shoulders slump, but she keeps trudging along, pulling Nyx with her, "It's a really pretty dress..."
  • [Nyx]

    I walk with Holly. Not much choice in the matter but I make the best of it. There's probably a smile on my face throughout just from being with her.

    That's really surprising news about Myrii and I can't help but feel hurt that Myrri wouldn't come to me first... well. I guess I've been locked up in town forever. I can't blame her, that woldn't be fair. But I wonder what's happened.

    "I'm... I'm so sorry Holly... about the dance, I want to go more than anything," I consider telling her the real reason I've been at Hayden's house so much. I wonder if she knows I've been going there. But I don't want to burden her with murder... that's my responsibility.

    I tug on her hand to stop her walking for a second and look at each other.

    "I'l be at the dance, Holly. No matter what, ok? I don't know what wll happen to me after but I'll be there with you..." it really does take a bit of effort to add, "only with you. I promise."
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    Holly turns her head, looking up at Nyx. She peers for a second, still scowling, still holding his hand, "I would like that," she says in an uncertain tone. "I am sorry for making you be just mine, but I want it. I will let you sleep with all the girls later. Just don't get any diseases and stuff. But at the dance, just me. Me, me, me."

    She turns her head and continues walking, the stomping mostly gone. A little smirk, that she tries to hide with her hair.
  • About 10 to 15 minutes of walking later you find yourself outside Riley's house. I suppose Nyx knows the way there since he grew up here, but maybe you did too, Holly.

    Holly I imagine it's you who knocks on the door. It's answered by a pleasant looking middle-aged woman with a round face, kind eyes, brown hair in a short curly cut wearing a blue blouse and khaki pants.

    "Hello, come to see Riley? Come in, come in. I'm Bernadette, Riley's Mom. Riley!" She holds open the door, and Nyx, you notice the thin red line of a cut on the hand she rests on the doorframe. Once you're inside, the woman says Riley will be right up then goes deeper into the house to shout for Riley again.

    You can hear the sound of emo rock music, heavy guitars, drums and cellos, with a soprano voice drifting lyrically above. It comes from the basement and gets briefly louder before dimming again. There are footsteps on the stairs and soon Riley emerges into the living room, looking gothy as ever, though it's more of a white-out goth look today, except for her black hair and red lips.

    "Hi Holly" She says, her lips quirking into the ghost of a smile, before she sees Nyx and stops in her tracks, looking tense.

    "You aren't welcome here. Go away."
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    We walk along, and on the way I manage to smile and relax some. Holly's presence washes away some of the stink of magic hanging about me. We hold hands like a real honest to goodness couple and walk through town together. I'm pleasantly expectant when we visit the house, though the woman I hadn't seen before is a surprise.

    More surprised at how different Riley seems.

    "What? Me?" Of course she means me, "seriously? I was just telling Holly how nice you are..."
  • [Holly]

    Holly smiles at Bernadette sweetly, does a duck of her head, which is her revised curtsy. When Riley comes in, she smiles again, "Hello, Riley.We need to talk about the magic you did to help Aubrey. Can you explain it to me, please? I am worried about the dark magic that I saw a couple nights ago in a haunted house, and I think there is something evil here. I know you want to help your friend, and I do, too."
  • Riley folds her arms over her stomach, glares at Nyx, but it's a nervous glare.

    "What a surprise, I told her what a shit you are but she's too nice to dump you, apparently."

    She looks at you, Holly.

    "I don't know what you're talking about, but yeah, there is evil here and you brought it with you." She looks pointedly at Nyx again, before coming back to you. "C'mon, Holly, you're better than this."
  • [Nyx]

    I'm kind of stunned, for a moment.

    "Call me what you want, Riley. I'm not evil and I don't hate you..." honestly it does bother me, at least part of me. "because you're trying to do what I couldn't... for Aubrey. I didn't know what was right for someone so close to me... and... and if you think you know what's right for Holly you're just as foolish as I was."

    I stand by Holly, I don't want to be in the middle of this and it just feels more and more strange in here but I'm not leaving her side now.
  • [Holly]

    "Riley," Holly says in a frank tone, "Nyx is a.... hrm, I think Dora said he's a man-slut." She huffs a little laugh. "He isn't evil. It isn't like it was for your mommy, okay? He's just different." Holly shifts a little, looking from Nyx to Rileyy, "Its up to me, right? Whether he is, uhm, worthy of forgiveness or not, you know? I mean... nobody makes you dress how you want. Nobody can tell me... who I love."

    "Please tell me how you're going to help Aubrey." Holly repeats it again, trying to steer the conversation away from her relationship, or not, with Nyx.
  • "He would have to be a man first." She shoots back, sharply. "And he's not. And you don't..." She looks around, steps closer with a hiss. "You don't talk about my mom. In fact, I have stuff to do, so you need to go now. If you feel like coming back later, you can, but don't bring your dog."

    She's nervous under all that nasty. Nyx, you can smell the stink of the magic on her.
  • [Nyx]

    I don't like how she's talking to Holly. Oddly, I don't care what she says about me as much as what she says about "Holly's boyfriend."

    I step forward, "you took my blood, right Riley? What are you going to do now... and have you forgotten about your promise?"
  • [Holly]

    "Riley, I'm not trying to be mean," Holly says softly. "I just met your Mommy, she's really nice. I can't just go away. I won't let you hurt Nyx, even if it helps Aubrey."
  • She backs up again. Looks away.

    "I'm not doing anything that will hurt Fairy boy. I don't know what you're talking about, either of you."
  • [Nyx]

    "Bringing me here, being all nice.... I guess that was a lie..." I take a step towards her but not too close, "taking advantage of my good faith in you, taking my blood... what did you do with me? Drop in the street somewhere? It doesn't matter I guess... but now you treat me like shit in front of someone I love! And you break your promises! You've already hurt me, Riley. I believed in you. I trusted you when everything I could see told me I shouldn't..."

    It's hard to keep my fae anger within, it sort of half-shows here but I swallow it down.
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