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It's Saturday. It's been a rough couple of days I suppose. Did you feel better after that first night with Myrii's smooth, sweet-smelling warmth tucked against you? She sang to you too, softly, with her already musical voice in words you didn't understand but that sounded vaguely eastern european or Russian or something.

The following day you staged the visit, with Myrii, much recovered, only wearing an old robe, but your Mom didn't even blink, welcoming your new guest as if she were normally clothed, and about your age (or only a little older.) You definitely got a sense of how deceptive her magic can be. Did that creep you out at all?

She spent that night (Thursday) with Holly, but snuck back into your room on Friday night. If you ended up having sex on either night, let me know because you probably offloaded a string there.

She went to school with you, following Holly around a lot, but spending time with you too. Again you saw people just plain not look at her very hard, as if she were completely normal.

You haven't seen Ashley at all. She hasn't been at school the last two days. Did that throw you? You had to get to school a different way I guess. The last time she missed even a day of school was when she was violently ill with the flu, like two years ago. If you've been trying her at all, you're getting voicemail.

More than that Nula's disappeared. Just up and Gone. Jarrod and his Dad have gone too, all together. What kind of rumors have you been hearing about it? How have you been dealing?

Brad asked you again, about the Dance, what did you say? What are your plans for tonight?

But here you are at a nice restaurant. A favorite, right? Your Dad is sitting across from you. He's been warm and talkative and jovial. A little too much, actually, like he's nervous.

The waiter has just brought your food (what did you order?) Your Dad gives you that crooked grin of his.

"So... kiddo. I, um... I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. The first one... um... well the first one is that I've been in a relationship with a very special lady and... well we've decided to get married." He's watching you closely, clearly anxious about your reaction.

What do you do?


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    Right, we're at Galyn's, it's like this old boarding house or something they turned into a restaurant before I was born. We're up in the second floor dining room, and there's this big view out over Frenchman's Bay, and I've got the crab cakes ... which I guess sounded like a good idea or something, when I ordered them. But I guess I'm not so hungry, actually.

    What I am is, well, I guess kind of tense - like I don't one hundred percent pick up on Dad's mood here (I mean, he left when I was in middle school, and I haven't actually seen him much since then), but there's enough that I'm kind of cluing in, and I don't really ... well, though it could be just that it's been so long like that, and maybe he's just uncomfortable or whatever from that? I don't know, maybe he's only even doing this because it's like an obligation or something ...

    So I guess what I'm doing is I'm trying to, like, be a good daughter? Like tell him the good news, and leave out the bad stuff, and I told him about Brad asking me out again and how I basically said yes. I think Brad's picking me up and we're going to get something to eat, though nothing fancy or whatever - I told him nothing fancy - and then we'll go on to the dance. Unless Dad wants to drive us, since I could tell Brad and change plans. And I think originally Holly and me and Ashley were going to get ready together this afternoon, but ... not now.

    I think I actually put a pretty good face on things, though. I've had, like, lots of practice, and I'm feeling sort of weirdly alert today too ... I slept actually pretty well last night, with Myrii. I mean, I'm not great - a couple good nights isn't going to totally fix months of nightmares and insomnia, but I haven't had to take the sleeping pills and I'm mostly at least a little better? I guess.

    Now I'm telling him, well, like I don't know. This knot in my gut over Mom and, you know, Ashley - it tightens up, just clenching. Though that's stupid. I mean, Mom and Dad, it's not like ... you know. It's not like he was going to swoop in.

    So I'm like, "Um ... okay. So that's, uh ..."

    And I can't remember his girlfriend's name. What was it? I don't know.

    "... okay."

    This is totally weird, what does he want me to say? Am I supposed to like bless it? Say it's okay? That I hope his second marriage works out better than the first one did? God, this is the only reason he came here, isn't it? For closure? Suddenly I don't know if I'm ever going to see him again.

    But I'm trying to look, I don't know, supportive? I don't think it's exactly happening, though.
  • "I... Look... I know that you..." He sighs, reaches out and puts a hand on your arm. "It's not so bad. It's just... it's time, honey. I think when you get to know Gloria, you'll really like her."

    He leans back and takes a sip from his beer.

    "And..." He says, putting the glass down. "I was wondering if you wanted to come and live with me... with us for a while."
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    MC, I guess this isn't exactly connected, but you were talking about Myrii? Myrii is amazing. Like there's nothing - I mean, you asked if it was kind of creepy how she glamors everyone, but it's totally not. Or at least, I remember what it was like with the King's power wrapped around me, and it doesn't really freak me out. I want that. It's so natural for her, and I just - I'm fascinated.

    And I did it - I had sex with her again the other night, the first night. It was, um, she was there, so close and nice and singing to me, but that - it wasn't what I wanted. I felt like a child, being comforted, and I wanted to be more than that. I know she really is so much older, I might as well be a child, but I still wanted more. So I turned against her, and I kissed her. And more.

    It was just the first night, though. By last night, I was thinking again, and I've figured out I'm not actually that sure how I feel about me and Ashley now? So I need to figure that out ... sometime. And until then, I don't know. I mean, it's not like I love Myrii or something - and I don't think Myrii really loves me. She needs me, is what it is. And being with Myrii is also just so much more real when it's right there in my normal life, not out in the forest. And then there's Holly ...
  • Anyways, he says that, and it's emotional whiplash, kind of. It's not like I've never thought about it, obviously - I mean, I sort of fantasized about it sometimes, especially before high school. But even then it felt wrong to think like that, didn't it? Like, I've always known somewhere doing that would be basically betraying Mom.

    (But this thing with Ashley's dad, isn't that a betrayal too? Maybe it'd be best just to go away, let everything fall apart without me being involved?)

    I kind of blurt out, "I - can't! I mean, I'd love to Dad, but I can't go that far ... I've got friends, and school, and Holly just moved in ..."
  • "Teddybear..."

    He clasps his hands in front of him, looks a them for a moment, then looks up at you.

    "Look... I know you've got all those things and I'm not saying it would be easy. But... I miss you. I know I haven't been there for you. I'm sorry about that. It's my biggest regret really, about what happened. I've... I've missed an awful lot and I want to have some time with my little girl before you're all grown up."
  • I look away, like down at my stupid crab cakes and then out over the bay, but then back to him. Kind of watching his mouth instead of quite meeting his eyes.

    "Um ... when? When were you thinking?"
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    He gets a hint of his crooked smile.

    "Soon as you like. After Christmas if you want. That's when the wedding is... Gloria's hoping you'll be in it, by the way."
  • After Christmas? And she's hoping I'll be in the wedding? She hasn't even met me! I mean, what is that? Is she just telling him what he wants to hear, or is she in some kind of delusion that we'll just instantly love each other when we do meet? I frown a little.

    "... Did you talk to Mom about, uh, this?"

    And: "Well, I guess the wedding sounds, um, like I'd have to talk to Mom, and I guess I have some stuff going on - some friends who're going through some tough things? But if you want me there ... though for actually, like, moving, I thought you meant in the summer or ..."
  • "I talked to your Mom a little bit. We... we agreed that you were old enough to choose where you wanted to be." He says. "And I know you've got your friends and things... It can be whenever you like. The summer's just fine. But if you want to come sooner, whenever, just say the word."

    The strained quality to the smile tells you he was hoping your reaction would be more positive. That maybe you would be excited about living with him.

    "As for the wedding, we absolutely do want you there. And it would be great if you were part of it... if you want, of course." He holds up his hands in a placating gesture. "I know it's weird. You and Gloria don't know each other. But she's going to be an important part of my life for a long time, and you already are. She... she knows how much you mean to me and she just wants a chance for the two of you to connect." He glances down and back up.

    "You don't have to decide now, sweetheart. Just... just give it some thought, okay?"
  • "No, it's -"

    I try a smile.

    "- it's kind of weird, I guess, but ... I can be there, if you want. Um, after Christmas? Where's it going to be?"

    And I know I'm promising ... well, if I can deal with this thing between me and Myrii, it's not a problem, right? But I know that it's like she can't be away from me - not at all - and I haven't asked but I think probably she can't leave the island, either. So, but that's why I need to deal with it, right? There has to be a way, right?

    "And - and it'd be great to come live or, uh, visit with you, Dad. Like, this summer definitely, and maybe - there's some things going on with friends and with, um, with Mom, but maybe it'd be good to - to kind of get away earlier, anyway ... I don't know."

    Like if it all goes wrong and Ashley ends up just hating me. Or if - I don't know, I guess I'm still not doing great, because my eyes are starting to prickle, though I'm not exactly tearing up yet. Too much going on, it's overwhelming.
  • "Down in Boston. The Wedding is on New Year's Day." He says, but then he's frowning. He's noticing your excessive blinking.

    "What's going on with your Mom? When we spoke it... well I haven't heard her sound that good... well in a while. Is there something wrong? Or anything, your friends? You can talk to me."
  • I try to stop doing that, and kind of shrug and mumble:

    "She's sort of dating someone now, but I don't, um, think it's a good idea. He's my friend's, uh, dad ..."
  • He considers that.

    "That seems like it would be a good thing... she certainly seems happier. Is it making you uncomfortable or is it your friend who is unhappy about it?" He asks.
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    "Um. He's, uh ... married."
  • Your Dad was just taking a drink of his beer when you said that. HIs eyes get wide in surprise and he starts coughing.

    "Wha..' (cough) "What? Wh..." (cough, cough)

    He coughs a few more times before he can get it under control, but he finally he does. There are a few more mild coughs as he studies your face and there seems to be a certain tension building in his as his mouth gets flat.

    "And... your friend doesn't know it yet." The tone is kind of flat. He looks away from you for a moment, kind of hunched over, the fingers of his hands wavering between being curled and open.

    He leans back and slaps the palm of his hand on the table, enough to make things jump and causing other people to look your way. His other hand goes up to cover his eyes for a moment. "Dammit. Goddammit." It's a whisper.

    Have you ever seen your Dad angry? I mean... ever?

    The hand over his eyes slides down his face and he exhales, obviously getting a grip. His eyes come back to you again. "I'm... I'm sorry honey. I never..." He looks around seeming a little dazed. "Jesus Peggy, again?..." He mutters. He shakes his head, meets your eyes. "I never thought she'd do this to you, sweetheart. I'm... I"m sorry. I'll... we'll straighten this out, okay? Who is the... the man she's seeing?""
  • I don't know - angry? I guess kind of? Well, yeah, when they broke up back in middle school, there were a couple of big arguments. Not while I was in the room, you know, but I guess there was that kind of simmer still, even the rest of the time.

    I'm kind of stuck now, trying to weasel out: "It's - uh, I don't know if I should ..."

    Though actually, if he's thinking, it might not be that hard to figure out. I mean, it's not like I really have that many real friends, I guess. I'm not nearly as close to anyone as I am to Ashley, like even before we started ... secretly making out, or whatever it was we're doing. Or were doing. Anyway, her name probably comes up like five times more often than anyone else's did, in my emails.

    "... I don't want to get anyone else involved ..."
  • Apparently he is thinking about it.

    "Is it..." His eyes are watching you for a minute. "It's Mr. Lange?" He asks in a whisper. "Ashley's dad?"

    Your look is probably enough to confirm it, right?

    "Look, honey. I'll... I'll.. talk to her. She..." His eyes are still angry. His throat tight. "I won't... I won't let her mess things up for you."
  • Well, I go kind of stony-stubborn when he guesses it, and shake my head no, though it's just sort of a little tiny movement. But you know, maybe it would be better if he talked to her? I'm worried, though, just maybe instinctively that much more on edge from his anger. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

    I kind of plead, "Don't ... don't fight with her, okay? I mean, she's just - she's actually really happy, and I just don't know what to say. But they're spending, um, kind of a lot of time, and -"

    I was about to say Ashley's name, but I stop, and hesitate, and then say, "... his wife, I think she knows something's wrong. She might be thinking about, like, a detective? So it's - it's just not going to work!"
  • He nods. But he seems full of his own thoughts and feelings.

    "Happiness doesn't make it right. I'll talk to her. It's one thing to hurt me, it's... it's not... I won't let her hurt you too. I won't."
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    "What are you - what are you talking about?"

    And maybe for the first time in, like, ever, the words kind of slip out: "You're the one who left -"

    It's a sick feeling, talking about this. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to know about it. Why can't this just be about me and Ashley? Why does it have to be about my parents, too?
  • "I know, baby. I'm sorry." He sighs. "And It was partly my fault." He pauses. Leans forward again, putting his elbows on the table.

    "I was sick. I have bipolarism. You know what that is, right? Manic-depression? Well... it made me pretty hard to live with. After a really rough patch I checked myself into a hospital and got some treatment. It was a few months before I was well enough to come back and... Well, your Mom had decided she was done. I guess... she'd told me... proved... she'd been seeing someone that uh... whole year. So she gave me the papers. And... I didn't take it... well."

    He shakes his head.

    He's been looking out the window and turns to you again to meet your eyes.

    "I wanted to come back sweetie. And when the divorce was happening, I wanted to take you, but... well I'd just been in a mental hospital and my lawyer said that... that there was no chance I'd get custody."
  • I'm sitting there silent for a long, like, minute or two - just rolling with it, or something.

    I do know what bipolar disorder is, pretty much, from reading about lithium and things, since I'm interested in that kind of pharmacology. But it's confusing. I mean, I wasn't that young, I should've noticed something, if it was really that big of a thing. Did they hide this from me? And what would Mom tell me about all of this, in her side of the story? She cheated on him? I'm sort of uncertain. I always assumed ...

    "... Sorry, Dad. I don't know. I just - just don't fight with her, okay? For me? It's - I'm really glad you - you want to see me, and have me, but ... this is home, and I never, uh, wanted to pick sides. Or anything. And if I want to visit you, to see both of you, you and Mom, you can't be fighting with each other. I just want it to - to be okay between us, okay?"
  • I think I'm probably manipulating him:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (2)

    I'm also curious if this counts as him dumping emotional problems on me, for purposes of Hungry Ghost.
  • Heck, I'll roll Hungry Ghost - feel free to interpret that it doesn't apply, but I don't want to waste posting time if it does work.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    On a 10+, I choose to gain a String on him. On a 7-9, he can pick either to erase his conditions (if he has any) or to gain a String on me.
  • I'd say it's close enough. He's making himself vulnerable there, so take the string.

    He looks at you steadily for a moment. then gives you a half-smile. He knows it's a lot to take in.

    "Okay kiddo... I won't fight with her. For you. Or, I'll do my best not to anyway. But I will talk to her about this. It's... it's just not right."
  • -- End Scene--

    (Unless you want something else there, just let me know.)
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