OGRE? (Pitch)

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Is anyone else sitting on a giant copy of Ogre with not enough people to play it with? Maybe I should be soliciting remote Ogre on a different forum, but I kind of figured if anybody here wants to do it, we can narrate what happens? If anybody's up for it, we could go for something like:

Jerry. That bastard tin can killed Jerry. We met on the first day of pilot training. He always had some kind of scam going. Trading duties for rations, making deals, back and forth, all around the barracks in circles until everyone else was back where they started but he had a mountain of food and no work to do. I never planned to end up as the right hand of a con man, but the Combine's been hitting us so hard lately, any way I could get the extra coupons to send home to my brother seemed to good to pass up. And he wasn't just in it for himself; any time somebody got screwed by pissing off one of the officers' cliques, he'd take them under his wing. He kept us all going, reminded us there was something to do other than run, lift, train, fight. And now, his GEV is a smoking crater because some targeting algorithm thought he presented the biggest threat. I'll show it who the biggest threat is.

(GEV in 114 fires on secondary battery of Mk3 in 215.)

I think this would allow us to maintain a game speed appropriate to the name of this site. Alternately, we could be moderately less overwrought if we want to finish a game in less than months.


  • As those Ogre sets were arriving at home across the land I was sort of sad that I decided to back out of the Kickstarter. I'd like to give it some play time; it's been like thirty years. But I'm not one of them. And I guess I'd rather play at a table in any case. But it would have been neat to see someone take you up on this. :)
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