[MH]Aftershock,Preparations and Reunions [Nx, Ho S2:3.1]

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So the shock right? It's Saturday. You were gone for two whole nights, spending at least one at Hayden's house. After you were done at Rileys' you went home. You went home to find out you didn't have a home.

Your parents have kicked you out. How did it happen? What did you say that finally went over the line? Or what did they say? Do you have anything with you now, or did you bother?

Holly... did you witness this at close range or were you outside?


You're just now getting back to the apartment, Holly. Nyx in tow, I presume.

When you come in the door Peggy looks up from where she is in the kitchen. She's dressed up in a very nice skit and blouse. The blouse something flowery, the skirt a rich blue. She has on makeup and her hair is done. Looks like she has plans for the evening too.

"Hi sweetheart! I was wondering when you'd get home. Teddy isn't back yet and Myrii is in the bathroom." She says with a smile, shaking her head. "That girl does love that tub. Oh... hello again Alvin. I didn't know you were Holly's date?"


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    Kicked out of the house? My parents made a big thing out of it, leaving my things out on the porch in a suitcase. It was just for show of course, to shock me into going straight or whatever. Make me realize the consequences if I disrespect them again.

    But when I saw it... the possibility that I might really be free of this house all I could do was throw back my head and laugh! Really, a joy warmed my heart. I ran past them to hug my sister goodbye, the only one I'll miss...

    Father saying "Alvin if you walk down those steps you don't bother to come back again..." Like a threat. A threat? No... Dad you're doing me a favor! I'm free!

    I know every inch of the woods, I have friends, places to go. I can live just fine on my own if I need to... finally I'll be able to sleep under the stars again. Reconnect with the spirits I've started to forget. Bathe my Fae soul in sunlight and birdsong and heal all of the wounds I've caused everyone by trying to be two things at once. It was tearing at my soul!

    I had to rush to tell Holly, to tell everyone that Im finally free! I'll be there at the dance, I'll be there for everything from now on!

    Do you heat that laughter out in the woods everyone? Yes... thats me!
  • [Holly]

    Holly witnessed Alvin's parental altercation from the curb. It was unpleasant, she cried, even though he seemed not to care. Holly asked him a dozen questions about what he was going to do, but his flippant answers about living in the forest didn't calm her worry.

    Eventually, Holly arrived home to find Peggy ready to go out. Her adopted mother's pleasant smile helped Holly become a bit more chipper, and Holly answered her brightly, "Yes, he is my extra special date, Peggy! And, uhm, we're bringing Myrii, too. I will go pull her out of the tub. Nyx, can you wait her for a minute?"

    Holly headed down the hall to the bathroom, then slipped inside to speak with Myrii, hoping to drag her out so the three of them could talk. Holly wanted Nyx to see her again, their special fairy friend.
  • [Nyx]

    Holly seems worried about what's going to happen to me. It's hard for me to explain how great this is. They haven't been parents to me for a long time, more like... obstacles. And my brother? Ugh. I love my sister though and I hope she and Holly can stay friends.

    I wait for Holly to get Myrii... how the hell did Myrii end up here? She's grown attached to Teddy, I know that, ever since those crazy days Myrii hasn't been herself. Makes me a little sad and I'm afraid what she'll be like when I see her.
  • Holly,

    You do find Myrii in the tub, completely submerged and floating her hair haloed around her head, much like you remember the image of Aubrey. Except that her knees which are sticking up because the bathtub won't accommodate her full height. When you first see her, her eyes are closed and her brow is slightly furrowed. That lasts only a few seconds of you standing over her before her eyes pop open and look up at you. There is the tiniest flash of something in her eyes... regret? Then she smiles and surfaces. Taking the opportunity to kiss you if you're close enough.

    You have only to tell her that Nyx is here and she quickly hauls herself out of the tub. She's graceful, as always, but it seems obvious that the water was offering her some form of relief, as there is a hint of strain about her when she leaves it. If you ask, she shakes her head and says "Theodora." As if that explains it.

    Myrii doesn't use a towel, she's just suddenly dry, like all the water instantly absorbs into her skin. She quickly shrugs into that too-short-for-her robe that she wears around the apartment a lot, and moves out into the living room to see Nyx


    "Nyx!" You hear Myrii's familiar musical voice call from the hallway where she emerges all short robe, long hair and longer legs. You're right though, that things have changed. She's less free now. You feel it as she rushes up to you, wraps her arms around and kisses you. Not shyly either. (why would she?)

    Peggy turns from what she was doing at the counter just in time to see her lay it on you.


    Nyx might be too, um, distracted, for a second but you see Peggy watch them kiss with not a little discomfort, looking at you, then back at them. She's also squinting her eyes, shaking her head a little, like she's having trouble focusing on them, like what she's seeing is unclear.


    The kiss breaks off suddenly, Myrii shrinking back with alarm on her face. "Nyx? What has happened to you?"
  • [Nyx]

    When I see Myrii it's amazing, my oldest fae friend here in this human home. But she' still Myrii, still stunning and amazing. There's no shame in the kiss, Holly is right here but she knows. I return Myriis' kiss, holding her, sparing that moment ust before our lips touch to say, "I mssed you."

    But she pulls back, it takes me a moment to realize what she's asking, I'd almost forgotten.

    "A... uh... guess a witch got her hands on me," I have to laugh just a little at the absurdity of what I'm saying. It's wonderful to be able to say such a thing and know it to be true. The world is amazing!

    "It's nothing to worry about, Myrii.... she's a good with now.... but you, are you well? "
  • [Holly]

    "Peggy," Holly says quickly, moving to take her by the arm and head towards the kitchen, "Can we get Nyx a glass of water to drink?" If Peggy is amenable, Holly will urge her into the kitchen.

    Once there, she asks with a grin, "Are you going on a date, too?"
  • Holly,

    Peggy blinks at you.

    "Did you see...?" She glances back over her shoulder then back to you and shakes her head. "Of course, sweetie." And lets you pull her into the kitchen.

    Once there she gets down the water glass, goes to fill it up with ice. She blushes a little at your question. "I'm just going out with a fr... some freinds."

    She looks out the kitchen door then at you again and whispers "So... are they... I guess I thought Alvin was your date."
  • Myrii studies you seriously, glances towards the kitchen, then takes your hand and leads you further away.

    "I certainly have lived through less difficult times." She says waving it off. "You are unharmed? What did this witch do to you? You have the taint of the adversary's magic about you and..." She sniffs the air. Meets your eyes again. "The witch gave you fairybane. You are fortunate to still be alive." Her eyes flash. "A 'good witch' does not do such things."
  • [Holly]

    Holly grins when Peggy slips up about seeing a friend. She tries to ignore the last question by circling back on that slip-up, "Do youuuu have a boyfriend, Peggy?" Holly wiggles her head side to side in a playful fashion and beams proudly, excited for her foster mother's love interests. "Tell me about him!"
  • [Nyx]

    "Fairybane?" I don't know how I feel about that, "that sounds incredibly awesome... but... yeah I guess in a bad way. I think she's more of a... misguided witch. I really don't think she knew what she was doing... but what does that mean? What's supposed to have happened to me?"
  • Holly,

    She smiles at you, but shakes her head.

    "No, no... He's just... a good friend." She laughs a little, obviously shy. "But... he's very handsome and romantic, a real charmer."
  • Nyx,

    Myrii's eyes get a little hard, she pulls you away a little more.

    "Nyx, this is most serious... whether she knew or not, she is a pawn of the Adversary. You should have killed her, especially if she done something to you, or taken something from you. Now, what did she do to you?"
  • [Nyx]

    Ok I calm down a bit, take this a little more seriously. I want to hold her hands and speak to her, connect.

    "Ok Myrii, I feel like I've been living under a rock," I have been, it's called my parent's, "explain to me this adversary... what does it have to do with witches. I'm not just going to go around killing people cause they're misguided. What she did to me is between me and her. You don't need to worry about that..."

    And why aren't you in your pond? I want to add, but I keep it inside.
  • [Holly]

    "Oooh, he sounds great!" Holly coos, then she adds quickly, "A great friend to have. Are you, uhm, going out to eat.. and stuff?" Holly will prattle on with Peggy, pours them both some tea to drink unless Peggy objects, keeping her attention, and genuinely enjoying the conversation.
  • Nyx,

    She frowns, but allows you to clasp her long delicate hands. "The Adversary is not specifically associated with witches, but those who turn to witchcraft often seek power, and the Adversary has been known to offer power, offer magic. Magic that corrupts and corrodes the world and their essence. All who give in to it, eventually succumb completely, their essence is consumed and they walk the world only to spread the darkness."

    She pauses considering.

    "The Adversary... the nameless dark. That which consumes. It is what you chose to fight when you took guardianship of the island."

    She pauses, her big liquid golden eyes boring into yours.

    "Your witch friend is lost, Nyx. You would do her a kindness to release her essence to the world... before it is consumed and destroyed forever."
  • Holly,

    "Yes... out to eat and... stuff."

    Peggy doesn't object. She goes on to talk about this friend in pretty general, but glowing terms. He's sweet, sensitive, romantic, and he makes her feel amazing. You can see on her face that she's completely... well she's in love. Deeply. At the same time she's troubled: guilty expressions pop up here and there as she talks.
  • [Nyx]

    I look into her eyes, but I do not submit to them. Before, when I was just reborn, Myrii was everything to me. But now... she's wise, sure.. But she's laughably flawed, living in a human home, giving up her place.

    "Myrii, you're asking me to kill again.. it's... it's hard. I'm not a killer. I'll defend this island, but in my own way. She needs friendship, she needs love, she needs to get out there and be free... it can heal even the darkness you fear. I don't understand it..." I touch my hand to my heart, "but I feel it. I won't abandon her... not even after what she's done."

    My look becomes more serious.

    "But I must do some things I don't wish to, I haven't forgotten my promise... I'll carry it out soon."
  • Myrii's expression turns sad and she shakes her head.

    "The new ones always say that. That it can be healed... I have seen it many times." She looks down. "I'm not asking you to do anything, Nyx. I am not your liege, and I hold no authority over you. I am your friend. I am merely telling you about what is, and to beware that... that this witch does not drag you into the darkness with her. You have not fully chosen your fairy heart. Until you do, you will be vulnerable. Even now, wisps of that foul magic cling to you. And the Nudd will not be pleased with you allowing the agents of the adversary to spread."
  • [Holly]

    Peggy opening up to Holly thrills her, as if this is a grown-up conversation and she's not eavesdropping, she's invited. She giggles and asks questions, never pushing too hard for details when Peggy is reluctant. Holly smiles brightly and pats her foster mother's hand. "Peggy, he sounds amazing, and he makes you seem so happy. I think you deserve to be happy. You work so hard for Dora and me. I'm glad you have a friend to make you feel special. You should enjoy it. You are wonderful."
  • [Holly]

    Holly is trying to Make Her Feel Beautiful.

    (+1 XP)
  • [Holly]

    Holly wants Peggy to pursue the relationship with "the friend" and trust her advice.
  • Holly,

    "Thank you, sweetheart." Peggy stands and leans over, hugging you to her and kissing you on the head. "You're pretty wonderful too. I'm so glad you're here."
  • [Nyx]

    "Myrii, thank you for worrying about me, you're a true friend." I wish we could be out in the woods again, I miss the ponds. "I won't let them turn me bad... it'll never happen." I thumb my chest, "maybe someone will do what you said is impossible. There's always a first time. Wishes come true, right?"

    I look at Holly. They do.
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