[MH] Mid-Winter Night's Dream [Nx, Ho S2:3.2, Te S2:3.1]

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The dance is beautiful, isn't it Holly?

When you came in, they had those lights in little bags, making a path up to the door of the school entrance near the gym. In the main hallway next to the gym you see the big banners in blue, white and silver, with large sparkly snowflakes pinned to it saying "A Mid-Winter Night's Dream."

Apparently someone has a fondness for Shakespeare.

There is a photographer set up there. A blue black drop with some fake white trees on either side, surrounded by a bunch of fluffy something... polyester or whatever, to simulate snow. Couples are waiting in line to get their picture taken for the dance.

The four gym double doors are open to your right and you can see the gym has been transformed. Blue cloth billows everywhere on the walls. Sparkly snowflakes hang in chains from the ceiling along with strings of lights. The colors are overwhelmingly blue. More white cottony stuff sits on the ground around the edges and the tables. White cut outs of bare trees stretching their limbs to the sky have been tacked to the blue cloth around the room, trying for the effect of a forest at night.

Nyx, you notice too, that many of the girls seem to be wearing little sets of fairy wings. Apparently ones who were in on the theme. It's something Myrii smirks at when she sees it.

Yes, Myrii came with you. Peggy drove you, dropped you off, as Teddy came with Brad, who picked her up from the apartment. Thankfully you left quickly after Teddy did though. Nyx, this is the first time, perhaps, that you got to see the cycle of Myrii relaxing when Teddy showed up at home (though perhaps you got more tense) but getting tense and pained again when she left and seeming distracted on the drive. Myrii is wearing a plain white summer dress that Holly dug up from somewhere. Peggy thinks it's a dress like Holly's.

(Holly's dress, Nyx, in case you missed it.)


Anyway, after a very chilly walk up the sidewalk you've just entered the door. Nyx you have Holly on your arm and Myrii is just behind Holly, looking about.

As you're looking around, Holly, your eye catches on a girl turning toward you from where she's standing and seemingly people watching. It's Winter. She's wearing a dress you considered. The sparkly one?


She sees you and starts to smile, turning towards you and taking a step Then she sees Nyx and her movement stops, and her expression falls.


Myrii isn't paying attention. She's drifting towards the gym doors, nose slightly up as if sniffing the air. Then she's moving more purposefully.


you arrived just before this I guess. I don't know if you noticed Winter waiting or not, or if you can bring yourself to care at this point. Did you notice mom was dressed to go out when you got home? Then you had to rush to get ready I guess. Nyx was there but mostly stayed out of your way. Myrii helped some, if you let her, almost embarrassingly happy that you were near her again.

Brad came up to the door, exchanged pleasantries with your mother and everyone else, and was genuinely enthusiastic about the way you look. He even managed to say it with that easy charm of his. "Oh wow...what a babe!" With a big smile.

You may or may not have noticed Myrii tense up again at that. Both that you were leaving and... possessive?

He gave you the nice corsage which is on your wrist right now.

You got to the dance. He's been telling corny jokes the whole way as you guys talked about something, what was it? Anyway, you've just finished getting the picture (mom insisted), when Brad says.

"Hey... there's Eric! C'mon" He takes your hand and starts walking into the gym. Indeed it is Eric talking to some other couples. And Ash is standing right next to him. She's smiling, but it looks completely strained, not her usual genuine smile.


  • [Nyx]

    This is great! Well, I'd rather go out to the woods but this is still great! Fae all around, too. Awesome!

    Holly looks amazing (And I tell her so!) and cute and sexy and holy crap I'm going to the dange with her. Yes!

    I'm not really dressed up, I mean... Peggy loaned me a jacket and my sister got me some pants and stuff. But I've got my tennies on my feet and my hair's just kid of touseled about. I did put on some dark eyeliner, though. And a little silver leaf earring I've had for a while.

    Winter kind of puts on a bitchy face when she sees me, whatever. She doesn't know me right? People talk.

    I squeeze Holly's hand and lean close to whisper in her ear, "Hey Holly, Myrii's freakin' out over something... I think I better keep an eye on her." I direct her attention towards the distracted river Nymph. I really don't want to leave Holly behind, I hope she insists on coming with.
  • [Holly]

    Holly oohs and ahhs at all the decorations, pointing them out to Nyx and waving to people if they look at her. When she sees Winter, she waves and gives her a big smile, surprised to see her. Perhaps she found her own date? Surely she didn't show up by herself, she's so pretty and friendly.

    When Nyx mentions Myrii, Holly immediately looks alarmed, whispering over the David Guetta music, "We should see what's wrong!"
  • Holly,

    Once you wave, Winter picks up step again, putting a smile back on, but it's a little more reserved, like maybe she's expecting bad news? You don't see any sign of a date near her. Anyway it looks like she wants to talk to you. Are you going to wait to talk, or follow Myrii?


    Myrii is starting to move into the crowd. They flow around her like water. It's not like you'll lose her completely, she is awfully tall, but she's moving quickly now towards the far side of the gym. It will be a little more difficult for you to catch up.
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  • [Nyx]

    Well, I follow her, and it seems like Holly's coming with. Great! Actually great... not ironically great.

    I greet and make excuses and push through the people to try and catch up to her. I don't really want to stop her but I do want to be on hand when she does whatever she's going to do.
  • [Holly]

    Holly holds Nyx's hand as he pushes through the crowd. But they move ever closer to Winter. Winter, who wants to talk, who came here to the dance even though Holly warned her away. Holly hesitates, squeezes Nyx's hand, "I'll catch up. I have to talk to Winter. I will find you, ok?"

    Watching Nyx disappear after Myrii, Holly is torn. She sees him go, but the curiosity of why Winter is here overtakes her. She walks over to the store clerk, her once-date. "You look really pretty in the dress, Winter. I... uhm, did you not get the textual message? My, well, my foster sister said you were making fun and stuff, so I..." Holly pauses, tilts her head in confusion, peers at her and asks cautiously, "Why are you here? Are you, uhm, going to put pig's blood on me?"
  • Holly.


    "Pig's blood?" She gives you a half smile with raised "really?" eyebrows. But you seem ernest in your question, don't you?

    "No... no pig's blood, I promise. And I wouldn't... And I did get the message, I just..." She suddenly seems self-conscious, she glances back towards. where Nyx went. "Well." she lets out out an uncomfortable laugh. "I feel stupid. You're... you're here with someone. That's cool. The boyfriend you were talking about." She lets out a sigh. "I knew this was a dumb idea. Y'know...I'm going to go. Okay? And you look amazing. I knew that was the dress for you."

    She turns towards the coat area, giving you a little wave.

    "Have an awesome night, okay?"
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    Nyx, when you're halfway through the crowd, and going significantly slower than Myrii, you see what she's headed towards. On the far side of the gym, near the stage you see Hayden and Riley.

    Riley's wearing this


    And Hayden's wearing a dress more retro and not as flashy as many of the other girls.


    They're laughing together about something. Riley's back is half turned to you. Myrii reaches them, Riley turns towards her and Myrii catches her by the throat with one hand. Riley's hands immediately go to Myrii's wrist.

    Hayden's eyes have gone wide. And she's grabbing for Myrii's arm too. No one else seems to notice what's happening.
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    "Hey Man!" Brad booms out when he gets near Eric. Eric turns from Josh, the other boy he was talking to, and Ash looks up, locks eyes with you and stiffens. MIkaela is Josh's date, and she does her girly squeal and leaps forward to hug you. "Teddy! You're gorgeous! Doesn't she look fantastic, Ashley?"

    Ash is wearing that dress and... well she looks beautiful. All that skin. Her hair and makeup are flawless. And somehow... maybe it's just the aura... she still looks like hell. And she's frozen like a doll. There's a moment. Mikaela looks back, because why isn't Ashley right here all in your face just like her?

    Ash pulls out her smile again, weak sun coming out from behind a cloud, when Mikaela looks back. "Totally gorgeous." Ash says with forced girly enthusiasm that doesn't match her eyes. "But we knew she would be."


    "After party at my house man, you in?" You hear Eric say.

    Brad looks down at you snuggling his arm. "What do you say, babe? We go to Eric's place after?"

    "Gotta powder my nose" Ash says. "Back in a minute."

    "Hold on... I gotta go too. C'mon Teddy." Mikaela chirps.
  • [Holly]

    When Winter turns to go, Holly catches her arm, "No, wait!" Surprised by her own sudden movement, she relaxes the grip, but doesn't let go, tries to turn Winter back to look into her eyes. "What... uhm, what was your dumb idea?"

    Holly gives Winter a cautious smile, saying softly, "I... often like dumb ideas, Winter."
  • [Nyx]

    Holy shit.... Myrii!

    "Myrii!" I half-shout, both wanting to get her attention, but not like... get everyone's attention. More than that I just redouble my efforts rushing to her from the back.

    "Myrii you destroy yourself..." I practically hiss at her, my voice reflecting my fae nature. Can I speak to her in her ear?

    Or am I going to have to stop her.
  • Holly,

    She stops, turns back to you, meeting your eyes. "To meet you here and show you that I wanted to go on our date." She glances down. "I thought about cancelling it too. I mean, it was kind of crazy, just randomly being asked out. And by another girl! I had the text typed out... a couple times. But I didn't send it. Just kept putting it off. Then I got your message and..."

    She takes your hands in hers.

    "And I was really... disappointed." She looks up into your eyes again. " I realized that I really wanted this." She gives a tiny shrug. "I want to see what happens."

    She's drifted towards you as she spoke, Your faces are are maybe a foot apart. She holds your gaze for a moment then cracks a smile and leans in. Warm breath on your ear.

    "And I really want you to kiss me again."

    She pulls back again, waiting for your reaction.
  • Nyx,

    Riley is getting pale. Okay paler. It's clear she's choking and terrified. Myri's golden eyes are fiery.

    You weren't that far away when you saw this happen and you manage to get through the rest of the crowd and come right up next to her. Hayden is looking panicked.

    "Oh Jesus! Let her go!" Then her expression changes and her mouth drops open. You realize she's seeing Myrii as she is. With her eyes... and her teeth. "Wha....What the hell are you!"

    Nyx, you come up and start talking in Myrii's ear and Hayden looks between you. "Nyx, make her stop! She's going to kill Riley!"

    No one else is paying attention. Not that you're surprised, you can feel the magic washing off Myrii in waves.

    "She is an agent of the Enemy, Nyx." Myrii hisses back. "And you will not act against her. I understand why now, so I will do it for you."

    What are you going to do?
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  • Teddy,

    The boys watch you go. Both with appreciation, for all three of you do look really good, and with that puzzlement over why girls all seem to go to the bathroom in groups.

    Ash actually took off first, only halting a second when Mikaela called then moving through the room quickly.

    Mikaela's by you, Teddy. "Ashley! Wait up!" And lets out a little sharp breath when Ash doesn't really break stride.

    Mikaela shakes her head. "WTF? Do you know what the hell is with her tonight? Something is seriously wrong. Not a word out of her for two whole days," She says, her voice low. "No texts or anything. And tonight she's... she's really weird."

    Mikaela's necklace catches your eye. Expensive. One of Ash's You know it's special to Ashley, right? What's the story there?
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    Her veil is pulled down then? She uses her fae glamour to hide her nature? Hayden can see, or at least can see something, Riley's distress...

    "Myrii you kill yourself... I will not have this! I am the protector of these woods! You've lost your kindness, Myrii, and see with hate-blind eyes!" I lay my hands on Myrii's wrists, to loosen her grasp. I will do whatever it takes, but I start here, look her in the eye, "one more moment of this madness and you forever lose any love which I've ever felt for you, I promise you that!"

    I'm outraged actually, she comes to our dance that we've waited for so long, and this is the first thing she does? Ruin everything? She doesn't belong here.... what's become of my loving friend.
  • That sounds like manipulation, Nyx.
  • [Nyx]
    Manipulate Myrii to let Riley be.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Going to spend my string on Myrii to make that 10+. She'll do what I want under threat of losing me as a friend.
  • Your words seem to penetrate. Myrii looks at you, frowns, but lets go of Riley’s neck. Riley was on the verge of passing out. When Myrii releases her she collapses to her knees on the floor, wheezing and coughing. Hayden, still white as a sheet, immediately grabs her under the arms and drags her away from Myrii, then kneels next to Riley, putting her body between her friend and the girl-shaped monster she just saw.

    Myrii turns toward you. Her glamour fading to a much more reasonable level. She looks drawn. Her face serious. Her voice is pleading more than angry.

    "You don't understand. You misuse your power, guardian. She is controlled by the same creature that nearly killed both me and Theodora."

    She puts a hand on your arm. Her voice is quiet. "Nyx, this isn't just about you. It is regrettable that she carries your offspring, and it is noble for you to defend her, but letting her live endangers all of us, the island and this world. And she is only a human."
  • [Nyx]

    I lash back at first without hearing, "only Human? Then we free her from it's influence! The answer isn't to kill her!"

    Then I realize, whispering to myself "My... my child..." I guess I knew... but I wasn't letting myself believe it. I draw back from Riley, nodding to Hayden. I'm so glad Hayden's here... "Myrii, this is over... we will discuss this elsewhere."

    I'm beginning to realize. The answer isn't to be totally fae, or totally human. Both are flawed.

    I need to find a beautiful balance. I'm sure I can. I must.
  • Nyx, did you mean you want to go elsewhere to talk to Myrii about this now? Or do you mean that you and she will discuss it later.

    Myrii looks fatigued now. "You do not see. Live for a few human lifetimes and you will. Humans rarely recover from such corruption. The enemy is tenacious. I will not harm her unless directly ordered to, Nyx, this I promise. But when the Fairy King finds out about her..."

    Her lips press together in a grim line.

    If you are not going to talk now, Myrii, aware of the two terrified human girls, will move away, into the crowd.

    Hayden is looking between Riley and you with wide, concerned eyes.
  • [Nyx]

    I mean that I intend to talk to Myrii another time. This is not the time or place. I am here to be at the dance with Holly...

    "Rarely, then, that's way better than never!" But people are starting to notice, as Myrii's glamour fades. But for now, Hayden and RIley need me. I'll go with them.
  • Nyx,

    Hayden is helping Riley up to sit in a chair. You get there in time to help her, get one of riley's arms around your shoulder. Riley is still coughing, but it's not as bad as it was. The red markings from Myrii's fingers are still on her neck. They're going to bruise.

    "Thank you." Riley rasps, her dark eyes striking because of the dark, now tear-smeared makeup around them.

    "Um... Nyx?" Hayden interrupts. "What the hell was that... thing? Why did it...she...What's going on?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly swallows, eyes wide, looking at Winter, her mouth slightly open. After a moment, her lips curl into a smile. She squeezes Winter's hand. "I'm glad you came here, Winter. I knew you were not a meanie!" Holly giggles. Then, she steps closer to whisper into Winter's ear, "If you will come with me and meet Nyx, I will tell him I am going to kiss you and dance with you, Winter. And... if you want to dance with him after, it's okay. He's really pretty." Holly pulls back to look into Winter's gray-brown eyes.
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  • Holly,

    Winter give you a little smile. "I'm here for you, Holly. I'll meet him, but, um..." she pauses, "I don't really want to dance with him. I'm not... I don't really want to share, okay? I want this to be our date."
  • Teddy,

    Mikaela stops and gapes at you as her world realigns. "Y-you and Ashley?" She says with a low voice, looking around furtively "You guys were... are... Oh my god. I thought something was up! I can't believe you guys were all... I mean... not that there's anything wrong with it. But... oh my God. No wonder she never had a boyfriend... And then..."

    She looks around, starts walking again. "You broke up? Jesus. Well now it makes more sense. I mean a little. I guess, um... it was you? That broke it off?"
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