[Sorcerer SoC] Scene 2: The Plea [Briseis]

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The small craft had been unusual simply because it didn't run away from the Flower of Rememberance. Instead it held steady and approached, signalling by light that it was a courier with an urgent message for Briseis. It wasn't Imperial. It was a one man powered glider. Briseis had one like it herself years ago.

Now its pilot stood on the deck of the Flower of Rememberance. She might have been only a year or two younger than Briseis. She is wearing nicely crafted flying gear with a crest on her chest. Her face is tight and white with tension. Her eyes are set with determination.

She bows. "Princess of Saar," she says, voice high, "I am Ismene of Jeddek, daughter of Lord Balun, once vassal to Saar. It is my duty to him to deliver to you this message." She takes a breath and her eyes seem to harden. "The years when we were a vassal to Saar were happy and prosperous for our people. The Empire has proven cruel and destructive. With the war, the Empire taxes us even more cruelly both in people and resources. My father, Lord Balun, believes the time is right to break from the Empire and..." her nose wrinkles as if the words tasted bad "...begs... you to come to Jeddek to assist us."

"This," she holds out a paper to Briseis,"is a letter from him describing the situation in more detail." After Briseis takes the letter Ismene continues. "With that I have fulfilled my obligation to him and I may speak for myself." She pauses looking fixedly at Briseis, her face an intense emotion. "Please stay away from Jeddek, for the sake of my people."
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