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What's Scarlet Heroes?
from the designer, Kevin Crawford
Scarlet Heroes is an old-school tabletop role-playing game designed to provide classic sword and sorcery gaming for one player and one gamemaster. Unlike most other RPGs, Scarlet Heroes is built to support one-on-one play, with no need for a full-fledged party of adventurers to provide an evening's entertainment.
Scarlet Heroes can be used both as a stand-alone RPG and as an overlay over your favorite old-school game to make its adventures playable for single PCs or very small groups. It shares the same classic statistics and basic game mechanisms as these old-school favorites, but by changing the interpretation of these numbers it makes it possible for a single courageous adventurer to dare perils that would otherwise threaten a half-dozen freebooters.
I'm looking for a player who can post regularly, at least once per day, to give this a whirl. I'm planning on testing out one D&D module, a short one that I haven't yet picked, to see how the rules work for a solo hero.

If you're interested, let me know!


  • This is my hat...
    Consider it thrown into the ring.
  • There is a free quick-start available on Drive Thru RPG now.
  • Orklord,

    If you are interested in a second Scarlet Heroes game, I'd certainly role up a character and play.
  • Alright, I want to play with BOTH of you, so let's do a two player - one DM game.

    Let's start with chargen.

    There are four classes: Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User and Thief. No overlaps. Talk it out.
  • Also, there are five "races" (aka species).

    Human, dwarf, elf, halfling and shou. Shou look mostly human, there are more details in the book.

    Please avoid the easy mark of "we're brothers". I expect more of you.
  • Ok!

    Hello Ryan. I am Chris. Do you have a preference for class? I was thinking of rolling up a human thief for solo-play...
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    Hello Chris. Do I know you're G+ handle? Do you have a G+ handle?

    I have a kernel of an idea for a fighter: the scion of a Xian noble family out in the world on his own. I am interested in playing up a bit of the "fish-out-of-water" but with the idea that this guy is actually pretty competent.
  • Fighter and Thief sounds GREAT to me! A bit of Lieber in there.
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    How much of the Scarlet Heroes setting are you going to use?
    This tickles me greatly:
    These heirs of the Ninefold Celestial Empire have the kind of clothing, cuisine, and social mores as you might find in pre-modern Southeast Asia. If you’re not certain how to handle a particular setting element, you should just take a hint from that constellation.
    I like the idea of the default cultural touchstones being something beside pseudo-Western European.
  • Posted By: RyanHow much of the Scarlet Heroes setting are you going to use?
    This tickles me greatly:
    These heirs of the Ninefold Celestial Empire have the kind of clothing, cuisine, and social mores as you might find in pre-modern Southeast Asia. If you’re not certain how to handle a particular setting element, you should just take a hint from that constellation.

    I like the idea of the default cultural touchstones being something beside pseudo-Western European.
    I also dig that! Let's run it as a Scarlet Heroes game. I'll round off edges of whatever module I hack in to fit the story.

    Also, fair warning. I want to run this for like three months tops (that's in real life, not game time). Once that timeframe has passed, I want us to all three take a step back. Talk. See if we want to do another three or move on.

    I think PBP without a time limit can be harder for folks to maintain.
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    Sounds good.

    A bit more about what I'm thinking for my character. Are you familiar with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Remember Dark Cloud? He's my inspiration.

    I am a scion of a noble family, but for reasons not yet revealed I left behind the cloistered life of a Xian aristocrat. Now out in the world, living on my wits and luck, I am out of my element and I know it. Thankfully, my former sword instructor was excellent. While he taught us a courtly dueling style, he made sure we knew how to apply the lessons to real combat as well.

    I see this character as one who could become Dark Cloud. As for motivation, I think whatever drove him away from home is motivating him to make a name for himself and become a leader of his own war band in order to someday redress that situation.
  • I had in mind a defrocked priest. He was running scams on selling the finger bones of saints or some such. More recently he was part of a grave robbing gang, using his knowledge of lore to despoil (ancient) funeral sites, etc.
  • Oh man. That is juicy. MyGuy may be estranged from his past, but he still a traditionalist. Our backgrounds are perfect for lots of personality conflict between us.
  • How did you two end up together?

    Thought of "races"?
  • I had a human in mind for my character.

    Ryan, maybe your pc caught mine trying to steal an item from one of your family's shrines? After a short skirmish and a few dead accomplices, I surrendered to him.
  • Human for me too. I suspect the Xian Aristocracy is rather human-centric.

    Ok, so I catch you trying to loot a shrine. But, I am estranged from my family and don't want to turn you over to the authorities. Obviously you know how to make it on your own in the wider world. Something I need to learn. Meanwhile, I am a better fighter than your accomplices. Maybe we strike up a partnership based on this?
  • That was my basic thought. Maybe my "accomplices" had turned on me, intending to cut me out of the deal we had struck. Just as they were about to kill me, you showed up. We teamed up out of the circumstances...
  • This is great! I love it.

    I'm going to comb over some old modules and pick one, then we can work on integrating you guys into that set-up somehow. Or, I may chuck that whole idea and whip up something else.

    But for now, we're on a great track here.

    What level do you guys want to start at?
  • Cool. As for level, I really don't know.
  • I haven't read through all of Scarlet Heroes but I thought it was intended to allow for a single player to be able to fully play through modules without a full party. If so, is there a reason to not start at level one?
  • Level one it is!
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    Caracter Creation Summary
    Once you become more familiar with the character creation process, you can simply follow these steps to generate a new character.
    • Roll your attributes. Roll 4d6, drop the lowest die, and add them together. Do this six times and assign your rolls to your attributes. If no roll is 16 or better, put a 16 in an attribute.
    • Record your modifiers for each attribute. Scores of 3 give a -3 modifier, 4-5 is -2, 6-8 is -1, 9-12 is no modifier, 13-15 is +1, 16-17 is +2 and 18 is +3.
    • Pick a race. For most heroes, the choices should be from human, elf, dwarf, halfling, or Shou-blooded.
    • Pick a class. Unless your GM decides otherwise the choices are cleric, fighter, magic-user, or thief.
    • Record class abilities. Your hero’s starting hit points are 8 for fighters, 6 for clerics, and 4 for thieves and magic-users. This total is modified by your Constitution score. Your starting attack bonus is +1, unless you’re playing a magic-user, in which case it’s +0. Note your Fray die, which is 1d8 for fighters, 1d4 for magic-users, and 1d6 for other classes.
    • Choose traits. Divide three points up among backgrounds or special strengths of your character, such as “veteran mercenary”, “friends with local officials”, “peasant farmer”, or the like. No trait can be higher than three points.
    • Apply bonus traits. Thieves get three free points in their chosen class archetype. Humans get two bonus points to spend as they wish. Halflings get one point in “Halfling Stealth” and one free bonus point. Dwarves get one point in “Dwarven Senses” and one point in their clan-chosen profession. Elves
    get one point in “Elven Senses” and one point reflecting a prior incarnation’s profession. Shou get one point in “Resist the Red Tide” and one bonus point to spend as they wish.
    • Buy equipment. A new character has 3d6 x 10 gold pieces to spend on their gear from the following pages. Your hero can carry 60 pounds worth of gear before becoming encumbered, plus or minus 20 pounds for each point of Strength modifier and the highest of any applicable traits.
    • Choose spells if a cleric or magic-user. Clerics should pick one first-level cleric spell to have ready. They can change this choice each morning when preparing their spells. Magic-users should pick a number of spells equal to two plus their Intelligence modifier to have in their initial spell book. Their single prepared spell must be selected from those in their spell book.
    • Record final touches. Note down your hero’s armor class. Unarmored heroes have a base AC of 9, while armored ones use the AC granted by their armor and shield. AC is improved by your hero’s Dexterity, but can’t be worse than AC 9. Write down your chosen weapon’s damage die, ranges, and total attack and damage bonus, modified by your relevant ability modifier.
    • Make sure you have a goal. Does your hero have a suitably intrepid goal, one that will provoke them to action?

    And there you have it. Your hero is ready for play.
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    Great. How do we roll stats in this game? Do we roll stats in this thread, create a character thread to roll them, just roll phsical dice, or, heck, do you want to expedite and roll it? I don't want to make a mess.
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    Roll stats in this thread, why not?

    To roll dice here, you type:

    remove the "_"

    I'd like you to type out the die functions six different times. That way we see the individual rolls. So:


    Don't forget that you cannot edit a post with a die roll in it, so make sure you ONLY have die rolls in that post (trust me)
  • #DiceRoller(4d6)
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    Ba Jiao

    Level: 1 Race: Human
    Class: Thief (Archetype: Scholarly ruin Explorer)

    HP: 4 AC: 5 (7 armor & 2 dex bonus)
    Fray: 1d6 Attack Bonus: 1d6

    9 Str --
    13 Int +1
    17 Dex +2
    12 Wis --
    11 Con --
    14 Cha +1

    Traits: (base 3+ thief 3 human 2 = 8?)
    Versed in the stories of Ninefold Celestial Empire (2)
    Soothing voice (1)
    Quiet as a mouse (2)
    Knows someone that knows someone (2)
    Former Priest (1)

    Coins: 8g, 4 sp, 5 cp
    encumbrance: 51/60

    leather armor
    short sword (hook sword)
    daggers, 2
    clothes, common
    camp gear, 1 person
    rope, silk, 50'
    bamboo pole, 10'
    scribe's tools
    iron spikes, 3
  • gold:
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    Human Fighter
    Liu Wenxiong "Laughing Crane"

    Str 16 +2
    Int 11
    Dex 14 +1
    Wis 10
    Con 13 +1
    Cha 13 +1

    HP: 9
    Attack Bonus +1
    Fray Die: 1d8
    AC 6 (5 with shield)
    Traits: (3 base + 2 human)
    Noble Born Xian Aristocracy 1
    A Face you can Trust 2
    Versed in the Classics 2

    6 gold coins
    10 silver coins

    one-handed sword
    quiver, 20 arrows
    Leather Armor
    Camp gear

    43 lbs
  • Thinking of traits:
    Noble Born
    (I'm thinking he can't help but hold the ideals of nobility concerning decorum, chivalry, and leadership.)

    A face you can trust.

    Versed in the Classics
    (knows the Xian classics of philosophy and strategy; the Scarlet Heroes version of Confucious, Sun Tzu, and Thirty-Six Stratagems)
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