[Scarlet] Sunless Citadel (Chapter One)



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    Meepo nods vigorously, his fur matted in a couple places on his side, a bit of blood on his maw, most of it goblin. He drops to all fours, sniffing the ground near the western door, then he scurries over to the unopened northern door and sniffs there.

    After a few moments, he heads back to the western door, indicating with his head, his ears pointing up, hopping from foot to foot, "This door is closest. The dragon is close-close!"

    Who opens the western door?

    What are your standing orders here (PC intentions)?
  • Which room are we in? The northern door is the one in the unnumbered room? and the western door is the one in room 38?

    Laughing Crane is ready with the lantern. (Hey I'll top it off with some oil before we proceed.) He is listening for activity. As Ba examines or disarms traps, Laughing Crane will be ready to repel attackers.
  • Room 38 is the one with crates and barrels, which is where the western door is. Room 33 is the one where you fought four goblins, knocking out one. It has the northern door.
  • No time to deal with this vermin. On the way back to the western door I slit the throat of the unconscious goblin.

    I'll check out the door. I put my ear against it to listen for sounds. Is it locked or trapped? If there is no cause for concern I'll slowly open the door and peer through.
  • The door is not locked or trapped. The only sound on the other side of the door is the sound of torches burning.

    Peering through, you see room 39:

    Several torches mounted in crude wall sconces burn fitfully in this chamber, filling the air with a haze that blurs sight. A double row of marble columns carved with entwining dragons marches the length of the hall.

    Meepo enters with you and heads immediately to the first door on the north. He whispers to you both, "The trail to the dragon is this way."

    That door, however, is locked.
  • "Ah, hold the lantern Laughing Crane and I'll get this lock."

    I'll wipe the goblin blood off my sword with my sash before sheathing it. From inside my shirt I pull forth my lock picks. Kneeling on front of the door I set to work trying to unlock the door.

    "A locked door is a good sign of something valuable on the otherside," I whisper excitedly more to myself than to anyone else.
  • Is that a roll to see if I can open the lock?

    Open Lock (+dex)
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
  • Ba, the lock opens!

    You open the door quietly after checking for traps...


    Mounted and stuffed animal heads adorn the walls. The mounting job is sloppy, and the assortment of heads includes cattle, rats, and other not particularly impressive specimens. However, a few grisly trophies share the wall with the animals, including a couple of kobold visages. Smashed and broken cabinets and small tables litter the periphery of the room, mute victims of some sort of rampage. A rusted iron spike stands askew in the center of the room, trailing
    a broken chain. Thin patches of ice coat sections of the walls, floor, and debris.

    Meepo is hiding behind you, Laughing Crane, excited, but also a little nervous. His ears droop sadly when he sees the heads of his kin on the walls here, but he is silent.

    What do you do?
  • I want to examine the chain. Does it look like the something was chained down here?
    Then I mumble, "Ice on the walls? Does your dragon breathe ice?"
  • While Laughing Crane examines the spike and chain I'll examine the ice. How thick is it? I'll take out my dagger to break some off. Does it melt back to water in my hand?
  • Meepo nods quietly as he brings his short sword up, looking around warily. "Yes. A little."

    Laughing Crane, it most definitely looks like something was chained down here. You find a stretched link that broke and twisted. The chain was big enough to hold back a large dog probably, but a horse could've easily broken it.

    Ba Jiao, the ice isn't thick at all, maybe an inch or so. It begins melting in your hand, yes.

    As you are investigating, you hear a warning hiss from the eastern side of the room. A small serpentine head pokes up over a turned over table. It shows intelligence, and it only has eyes for Meepo at the moment.


    What do you do?
  • "Ah, here we go. Meepo. I think we've found your dragon."

    I will lower my sword so as to not look threatening.
  • Meepo slowly walks forward, realizing you aren't going to immediately kill the wyrmling. "Meepo wants to take you back home, Calcyrx." The wyrmling regards him, its head wavering in uncertainty. His tone is placating, soft, "Come with us..."

    Calcyrx makes its decision, hissing at you, then taking flight into the air, staying away from you. It does not like the idea of going from this prison to another. And it doesn't want to be talked down.

    It will attack if you do not retreat. Meepo realizes this, and says quiet, "Please don't kill dragon. We can catch it again, yes?"

    What do you do?
  • I mutter "Tears of heaven."
    Then to Meepo. "That thing is no honored guest, it's a...a...captive."

    Thinking back, what do the Classics teach of dragons? Are they revered? Is killing one an ill fortune?
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    Laughing Crane, why don't you make a check on your knowledge of the culture regarding dragons?

    Difficulty of Simple (9)
  • Checking the Classics, using my "Versed in the Classics " Trait
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
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    I believe it was Phu-Song who called Dragons the emissaries of the gods. But he described dragons of golden and jade color. This pale white creature is perhaps not a true dragon.

    But then Kao-Yun shared the following verse from the Wisdom of Gongzi
    With roaring flame and icy doom
    Do wyrms come to earth
    to challenge the strength
    of honorable heroes.

    So perhaps it is a dragon: icy doom on the walls.

    I look to Ba and raise an eyebrow.
  • Slowly I'll pull out a large sack and my rope. This is not the reunion I had anticipated. Rather than a pet puppy happy to see its master this is a feral cat which we will need to stuff into a bag.

    "Just like a falcon, right Laughing Crane? We just need to put on its hood, eh?"
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    We're going into combat now!
    (from page 18 on the PDF)
    PC heroes always go first if they haven’t been surprised or ambushed.

    The wyrmling's AC is 3.

    Here's a little map. I don't want to get too wrapped up in map combat, but to give you a sense of space.

    What do you do?
  • In a low tone I say, "Distract it!"

    I'll try to flank Calcyrx, circling wide to the east. Is that object next to the ice wyrm a broken cabinet? If so I'll try to use that cover to my advantage and duck low behind it.
  • Sure Ba, let's say you're moving to cover. I'll give you +2 AC for using the cabinet as cover. Is that your whole action?

    Looks like Calcryx is watching Meepo, who is slowly moving towards the wyrmling, trying to be ready to dodge an attack.

    Laughing Crane, what are you doing?
  • I will move in and attack. I am using the Crab Claw method. Also, I aim to do subdue rather than kill.
  • Attack (attack bonus+str bonus+ac)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+6 )
  • Nice swing, Laughing Crane. Roll your damage as normal.
  • one-handed sword dmg
    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
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    I'll tie a slip knot on my rope as I circle behind Calcryx. Once in place I'll grip the rope in my mouth, the long end trailing on the floor. Then, with my burlap bag in my right hand, I'll attempt to jump on Calcryx's back and force his head into the bag.
  • Alright, as Laughing Crane thwack's the wyrmling with the flat of his blade, Ba, you circle behind the white creature as it leaps onto Meepo, pressing the little kobold to the ground.

    Ba, let's see you attack with a skill check for this. Use your Dex bonus and the target number is 11. If you succeed, its head in the bag.
  • Bagging the Dragon (+dex)
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
  • Wow. This is awesome.

    Ba, you throw the bag over Calcyrx's head right as it spits some icy breath at Meepo. Meepo takes a bit of the liquid, which freezes solid on his left hand and he yelps in pain. But the rest of it fills the bag, spilling out like frigid lava. You pull the cinch tight, but the wyrmling is going to try and wriggle free, of course.

    Meepo is wincing, trying to get up to help catch the little dragon, but you two are faster.

    What do you do?
  • I flash a smile over the Dragon's shoulder to Laughing Crane. "The gods are smiling on us, my friend!"

    I'll attempt pull the loop of rope around Calcryx's beak. Once secured I'll loop it around several times to ensure the dragon cannot open it's mouth. Then, if I don't get tossed off before I am done, I'll then try to run remainder of the rope down its back and around it's waist, just below it's fore legs and wings.
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