[Scarlet] Sunless Citadel (Chapter One)



  • With some time to catch your breath, binding your wounds, please regain two hit points.

    You two can hole up in room 25, which was the last "safe" kobold room. You can probably guess that the goblins will be coming back this way before long, but you should have an hour or so.

    You could try to head to that corner where Meepo said big rats were, but that might be a whole new danger.

    Do you want to
    - push on after healing those 2 HP (which would be now)?
    - head to room 25 and I roll to see when the goblins show up again, and try to heal there?
    - exit the citadel, going out past the kobolds, and camp outside (the safest move)?
    - head to the rat's lair in hopes of avoiding goblins and kobolds?
  • ( Regaining 2 hit points puts Ba at 3, just under his max of 4)
  • Cool. What do you want to do here?
  • "Master Ba. We arrived at the chasm at midday. We've been in here several hours. I believe we should find a suitable place to rest for the night. If that means a complete withdrawal, so be it."
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    We back track our way south then west down the long corridor leading to the room where we first encountered Meepo. Here we'll pay particular attention to moving stealthily. From Meepo's room we'll go eastward back out to crumbling tower and take great careful in bypassing the pit trap. Then make our way up and out of the chasm to make camp.
  • And it was so.

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