[MH]Boons and missing pieces. [Ho S2:4.1]

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Riley was so grateful that you spent time with her last night, talked, got her settled. She even kissed you like a sibling and called you sister before you left. Winter was subdued but supportive, and oddly, even seemed to enjoy Riley's company, such as it was. After you left, Winter drove you home, and kissed you sweetly on the lips, and said she'd call you tomorrow. And that she loved you. You got to sleep by maybe 1 am?

What are your dreams like?

I would say it's late when you wake up. But late for you is like 8 am. You're aware of someone in the room before you're able to see them. It's not much of a mystery, really. The floral scent gives it away.

There's another smell too, faintly musty, like... an old library. You hear the quiet sliding of paper.

When you blink your eyes open you see Myrii, sitting in your bean bag chair, idly watching you with her big golden eyes and a troubled expression. What looks like a very old book, bound in some sort of cracking leather sits on her knees, and she carefully turns its pages.

When she sees your eyes open, she smiles softly, but the apprehension doesn't leave her eyes.

"Good morning, little wish. Are you well?"


  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    Last night was terrible. What happened with Liam, then what I did to Liam. Hearing Myrii's sadness. Finding out Hayden and Nyx were in trouble. Riley was so heart-broken. Worst night ever.

    I dreamed of being a vampire, Diary. Of ripping Liam's throat out with my bare teeth, my fangs, ripping into his flesh and draining the life from him. I was a horrible monster. I murdered him! I chose to do that, Diary. He was going to hurt me, but I chose to murder him. I bit him. I shot him. I did that.

    Diary, I am still horrible at pretending to be a person. I can still taste him. His blood, the sweat from his neck, the taste of his flesh. I flossed last night before bed, but I swear I can still taste his flesh! Will it ever go away?

    Monster Holly

    Holly's eyes open slowly, and they rest on Myrii in her bean bag chair. She smacks her lips twice, then runs her tongue over her teeth with an unpleasant face. "Good morning, Myrii," she replies quietly. "No, I am not well, but there's nothing to be done." She sits up, pushing her blankets down, stretching and yawning. Her clean white t-shirt rides up slightly on her tummy and she opens her mouth with the yawn, her tongue curling slightly.

    With a bit of a struggle, Holly slips up from the bed, then walks around to look over Myrii's shoulder at the ancient tome, "What is the book, Myrii?" Her tone shows her interest as she stands close, her bare right leg touching Myrii's back lightly.
  • "Ah" Her eyes shadow for a moment. "Indeed."

    She watches your cat-stretch. Her lips curl slightly in amusement.

    You go behind her to get a look and her eyes drop to the pages which you can see now are filled with dense writing and drawings of strange symbols that make you feel a little funny.

    "This is a tome I found in the co... in your friend's home last night. A witch's book. A witch.. or actually a series of witches, who knew an astonishing amount about the Fae." She says, soberly. "I picked it up because it has fairy enchantments woven into it... and I was curious. There are... interesting things in it."

    She turns to the back... a newer portion. It's clear that pages have been added over time. Clear in the back through a sort of paper pocket has been formed from two pages She gently plucks a 4x6 color photograph from the pocket with her unnaturally long fingers. She hands you the photograph. It's a photograph of a group of seven women, their arms around each other. it's clear from the clothing and hair that it's a while ago. Perhaps the mid 1990's. Most of the faces seem familiar, though you can't place all of them. There is one who looks more or less like Riley, short her usual makeup. Another looks like Winter. But your attention, I imagine, might be focused on the one who looks like you.

    I know you figure you look like... well like the doll you came from. But lets face it, (haha) Hollie Hobbie's features are pretty abstract. So in a sense you do, and so does this woman.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    Myrii reveals the book to Holly and her mouth opens slightly in surprise, "You... you stole it from Riley?" The question asked quietly, not an accusation, more of a shock. Then Myrii opens to the newer section of the book, shows her the photo. Holly drops to her knees to look at the picture, taking it when Myrii offers. She gasps at the three women in the photo.

    "Did... did they make Riley... and, uhm, and Winter?" She swallows a suddenly dry mouth, "And me?" Holly looks desperately at her fairy friend, "Is Winter wishborn? Are these my makers? If they are witches, then am I?"

    The last question comes out quietly, words tumbling through worried lips, "Am I not really even wishborn?"
  • She puts a hand on your arm, long fingers caressing.

    "You are indeed wishborn, Holly. I've known that since our first time in the water together. And it is Renna's soul which gives you life. You already know that Riley is, as well. And your new friend, I tasted the tears she shed, she is also like you. The tome is not a tale that is told and I do not know all the witches symbols or codes, but from the fairy elements I can see..." She pauses, swallows, "that creating children was a concern for these women. And for the group before them."

    She turns back in the book, carefully. Pointing to a long squiggly line of script

    "There was a curse upon them, the coven, that they not bear children so that the coven would die." She looks up and meets your eyes. "It seems they found a way around that."
  • [Holly]

    "They... made the wish? Wishes maybe?" Holly asks, still uncertain, reeling from this world-shattering info. "Who cursed them? Are they... are they dead?" Holly slides around to look in Myrii's eyes, "Can I... can I find them?"
  • Her eyes shift away when you ask who cursed them.

    "Your friends... they are not foundlings." She takes the wrist of the hand holding the photograph, touches the photograph, around the face of the woman who looks like Riley and the one that looks like Winter. "Perhaps their mothers know the fate of the rest."

    She pauses, still looking at the picture

    "According to the book, the curse they suffer was laid on them by the... Master of the Wood."
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    When Myrii suggests Riley and Winter's mother, Holly nods in understanding, a plan forming in her mind. Myrii shares who cursed them, and Holly's eyes widen. "Is the Master of the Wood... the Fairy King? He... he cursed the uhm... the whole coven?"
  • She nods, her eyes still on the picture.

    "That is the claim of the book," she whispers. Then her eyes shift to you.

    "There is a legend among the Fae. That the Nudd... the Master of the Wood had a terrible contention with the Mistress of Air and Darkness. They were paired both in power and in passion as equals. Some say this was over a mortal, some say it was merely over power. The King was clever, and defeated her. Some say she was destroyed forever."

    She takes a shaky breath.

    "But there are whispers, whispers that the King bound her essence deep in the veil. It is forbidden to speak of it. But... these witches..." She turns another page in the book and points to a drawing. "They know of her... they are connected to her."
  • [Holly]

    "I need to go see Winter," Holly says. She leans over to press her lips against Myrii's forehead lightly. "Thank you. For trusting me with this, Myrii. I could. I could maybe find my maker. Or, well, maybe just understand why I'm here."

    Her mind made up, Holly heads over to her wardrobe and begins picking out clothes for the day, thinking through what to wear. Her dress is hung inside the door, but she ignores it, picking out a clean, white blouse and matching dark skirt, one that reaches past her knees, since she is going to meet an adult. She turns to Myrii again before leaving the room, asking politely, "May I... borrow the book? I think Winter will... need to see. I promise to bring it back."
  • "You may have it. It does not belong to me." Myrii says, "However, I have something to ask of you."

    She stands from where she's been watching you dress. She takes your hand and presses the book into it but does not let go, holding your gaze with her glittery golden one. Her voice is quiet.

    "I told you last night of my predicament with Theodora, and that the ways out of it are few. I said that I could not ask... but I think I must now."

    Her gaze flickers down.

    "Ours is not the bond of equals. Not with her blood. The bond cannot be broken, short of death, but it can be... given to another. She can willingly do that."

    She looks back up.

    "It is a terrible burden to ask of you, Holly, but... would you convince her to give me... to you? I cannot... the magic does not permit it... and the longer I am bound to her, the less I will want anything else."
  • [Holly]

    As Myrii speaks to her of the bond that will kill her fairy friend, Holly gently drops to her knees in front of Myrii. Their hands till connected, Holly gazes upon Myrii in wonder. She reaches up to touch Myrii's cheek with her fingertips. "I can... I can save you? Me?" The last bit comes out uneven, slightly broken. She swallows, the excitement and worry of that responsibility not lost on her.

    "We would become one." Holly intones the words of last night, the finality of it. "I would be your... your only. And you would be mine." Holly stares at Myrii for long moments, touching her cheek, her hand. Her eyes become glassy with tears barely held in check. She nods, softly twice. "I will ask."
  • --end scene--
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