[MH] A Hard Night's Day. [Te S2:4.1]

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You awaken late, wrapped in warmth, a strong tanned arm around your waist, a hand on your belly. A silky bundle of honeyed curls peeking past your shoulder. A slight, not obnoxious snore just behind your head. The hand is not too unusual these days, I'll admit. But this hand, this body, right?

Well that was it, wasn't it. You and Ashley together, finally. How did it go? Oddly she's not as practiced as you. But she was intent and intense. What part of it, what moment, do you remember most clearly as you wake?

I'll say she did see the cuts, looked at them with worry, but she didn't say a word. She just looked up into your eyes, then cradling your arm in her hands she bent and kissed the cuts gently before pushing forward to explore other interesting things.

Finally she held you, stroking hair and skin and whispered how much she loved you. How she would never lie to you again.

What were your dreams like? How close have you come to passing off your debt to the King?

Anyway you're awake. You're awake because you heard a noise... or maybe sensed one. Your doorknob quietly turns. In a moment your eyes meet another set of eyes.

Your mom stands frozen in the doorway. She's ...shocked, seeing you and Ashley wrapped up like... well like lovers. She's gone pale as if afraid, one hand going to her chest. You notice she's still wearing the dress from last night.

Ashley murmurs and shifts, pulling you against her, but doesn't wake.

What do you do?


  • What do I remember best? I remember ... I remember her first, uh, first, you know, when she came. We were in my bed together (so close), our dresses and things forgotten on the floor, and she was just so beautiful and perfect, and I was thinking, oh my god, she's really mine? All mine? And it was impossible to believe and it was true at the same time. Despite the scars and the secrets, it was true. I mean, it is true, it is, and I love her so much for it.

    And last night, I don't remember my dreams. I think I just slept for finally. Just slept, exhausted but happy. It was so good, being there with my, um, I guess my girlfriend, my lover ... all safe in my bed, in my room, with my music playing. I didn't even take a sleeping pill, just drifted off in Ash's arms.

    But I guess the King gained a String on Ashley, and I don't know what that means.

    Right now, though, I feel so good, so relaxed, and I just know that all of this was the right thing to do. Even when Mom gets home.

    First, I sort of look away. I look away, and I start to get up, carefully slipping out of Ashley's arms, trying not to wake her. And then I'm quietly swinging my legs around and sitting up on the edge of the bed, the sheets sliding aside and leaving me naked. My eyes catch on Ash, partially bare behind me, and I'm just taking a second to see her sleeping face, the long line of her exposed flank.

    And then I look at Mom again, catching her eye. There's something different about me now - something that changed last night in the strange heartbeat rhythm of fae music. Myrii's makeup is gone now, washed away in the shower with Ashley last night ... but something permanent was left behind: a shadow in my eyes and a delicacy in my features. There's something shivery and fascinating about me sitting there, naked and unashamed, at the side of my beautiful sleeping lover.

    But then I'm standing and reaching into the laundry hamper, pulling out a hoodie (zombie Che Guevara) and tugging it over myself as I try to walk and get Mom out of the room without waking Ashley. Mom and I, we need to talk.
  • And for a second there, I'm turning own my own mom:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    xp (5)
  • Well as long as we're not being creepy or anything.

    Ashley is sleeping hard, she shifts position when you slide out, turning onto her back, which exposes her breasts and stomach

    That kind of thing makes a mother uncomfortable, for sure, so I think she actually looks away from you pretty fast, after an eyeful of you naked next to a naked sleeping Ashley. Unusual maybe since, as two women living together I don't think there's been a lot of body modesty issues, right? It's not like she's super conservative. But the uncomfortable emotions... how you are, that digs up gives you a string, to be sure, as she'll be mulling it over for a while. She'll probably tell herself it's a reaction to you... you know... you having sex. Both having it at all, and having it with a girl.

    She glances back to see you putting on your sweatshirt and turns out of the door, into the living room.

    By the time you get out there she's in the kitchen, getting a protein bar out of the cupboard and getting a glass of water. She looks up as you approach, gives you a strained smile, thoughts rushing behind her eyes.

    "Hi sweetheart... I didn't mean to...well." She gestures at your room. "Uh, can I get you something?"
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    Yeah, before I go out, I also find a new pair of panties and put those on, my eyes on Ashley the whole time. And I'm closing the door gently behind me as I leave the room.

    I stop in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen, and I'm like, "No, I'm ... fine."


    "Was that - is this okay? You said, um, you said back then it wouldn't be a problem if I ... you know. If I liked girls? And I love her, Mom. I, uh ... love her."

    I start kind of cautious, but I pick up speed and rush along, with only a couple of little searching hesitations. And then the last two words are, I say them very softly.
  • She looks up at you for a moment, uncertain, conflicted.

    Now she can't help but wonder whether not making a big deal out of nudity kind of led to here, to you liking girls. Did she do something wrong? That's not the bulk of her thoughts of course. I think you can guess what those might be about, right?

    She turns away as she starts to speak, poking through the fridge.

    "Oh, honey, I'm glad that you... feel so strongly about Ashley. I'm not sure how I feel about... well I guess I knew you were... having sex. In general, I mean... I mean not that you're..." She sighs and turns, meeting your eyes, holds up a hand as if settling something.

    "It's... it's okay... it's fine, sweetheart, if you like girls... and I suppose even less risky." She comes over, puts down the glass and takes one hand in both of hers. Maybe you realize that your step towards the fae has sharpened your senses, because you can smell him on her.

    "But Baby, you're young, you have lots of time. It worries me that you're getting into a...a..." She almost keeps the grimace off her face. "sexual relationship so quickly. I know you're... infatuated. I know it probably feels amazing. But sex just makes things so much more complicated. Maybe more than you can really understand right now."
  • It'd be really easy to just snap at her, to be all: I guess you would know, wouldn't you? I know she's sleeping with Ashley's dad, and Dad says she cheated on him, and I guess nobody ever told me the truth about the divorce ... but she's my mom, and I love her, and I don't want her to be the bad guy.

    But this is still about protecting Ashley.

    "I ... this isn't quickly, Mom. I've known Ashley since middle school, and we've been - we've been really close for like a year. It's not like I don't know her, and ..."

    Another pause, then:

    "... And she needs me. Her family's having problems ... like we did, when Dad left."
  • Yeah, that last line hits her, and she suddenly looks tired.

    "Oh, Teddy..."

    She glances at the door to your room, then back at you, looking for a long moment.

    Her voice lowers.

    "You know, don't you?" It isn't really a question, and she's not really waiting for a response. "Your father called me yesterday and we... talked. I wondered how..." She grips the edge of the counter, shakes her head. "But... of course... you know that I've been... seeing Martin."

    She pauses.

    "I was going to tell you," she whispers. She turns and looks at you again. "I'm... I'm in love with him, baby. He's leaving Jane. I was going to talk to you today so that you knew. He was... supposed to talk to Ashley."
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    "... Well, that's - that's great for you, isn't it?"

    It's pretty frosty - I'm like remembering the, uh, the photographs, the ones of them together. I've been kind of looking at them a lot lately, and I'm remembering the sick, kind of jealous feeling they always give me. Jealous of my own mother, so happy and beautiful and loved. And is that why she's gone so much? Going away so she can go and do this? She broke up our family, and now she's doing the same to Ashley's? Taking Ashley away from me, and ruining the only good thing that came out of the divorce? How is that fair?

    "What about Ashley? And Jane? When you and Dad broke up, you know what that was like. Don't you? And now you're -"

    I choke off, clamping down on the angry.

    "Dad told me what really happened, with the divorce."
  • Reckon I'm probably shutting her down.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    Aiming for giving her the blamed condition.
  • Ooh. Spend the String? Or not?

    I will let the roll stand at a 6, for a miss, but I will also spend my String to just flat give her the blamed condition.
  • She flinches, paling, eyes closing in a long blink on the first line and then a deep intake of breath on the subsequent angry line. She had opened them and just been starting to say something when you pop out the last line and she just freezes for a moment.

    Finally: "What...what really happened?"

    And there's a click behind you, the direction of your room. The quiet latch of a door clicking shut.
  • My face tightens up - is she being evasive? Stalling?

    My voice is low and rigid: "Does it matter? He was sick, in the - the hospital, and you were cheating on him and left. And you let me think he left us. But that's not even - this is about now, this is about -"

    I'm turning in the doorway, looking back towards the hall and the bedrooms.
  • There's something hanging on your bedroom door, right? Who gave it to you?

    In any case when you look behind you, you just see the closed bedroom doors. But that thing is just barely swinging.

    "Oh baby." Your mom says softly. "Of course it matters. It... it wasn't...isn't that simple. I'd... I'd always meant to talk to you about it, but you're so fond of your dad and it... it just never seemed the right time."
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    There's this long, flat ribbon tacked to my door, running up and down, royal blue. I put my photos up there, like clothes-pinned to the ribbon ... me and Ashley, me and Mom and Dad in the old house, me in the studio, me and Aubrey and the girls at soccer, and then pictures of me and Holly starting to crowd in there these last few months. The whole thing was Mom's idea, I guess.

    I'm looking back, like, "Whatever. None of that changes what's happening to now, does it? What's happening to Ashley?"
  • She looks up, a little stung by your dismissal of her side. But she quells it.

    She glances over at the ribbon for a moment, with sad eyes. "I suppose it doesn't." She sighs. "This isn't going to be easy for any of us, Dora. I know that. I know Ashley's going to be hurt, and I'm sorry about that, she's a special woman. I like her very much and I know you love her. But it is best, for everyone, if we get this out in the open."
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    For one second, I kind of want to apologize, feeling guilty for hurting Mom. But I'm, I don't know, embarrassed or - well, I ignore that, and I'm like whirling away from her, saying, "I guess the truth is the most I can ask you for!"

    And I'm hurrying back, shoulders hunching, snatching open the the bedroom door.
  • "Dora..." Your Mom's tone sounds a bit defeated as you walk away.

    In your room you find Ashley sitting hunched on the other side of the bed, away from the door. She got some purple glittery top clenched in her hands and she's wearing her jeans and a turquoise bra. Her afterparty clothes which she brought in from the car. Her shoulders are shaking.

    She hears you come in. Sniffs loudly, but doesn't look towards you.

    "Did you know?" She says and her hands twisting in her top. "Did you know about them?"

    You can already hear her sense of miserable betrayal in her low voice.
  • I'm kind of like I'm going to slam the door, but seeing Ashley catches me up and I slow down, just clicking the door shut and - I don't know - I guess just leaning back against it there, my back pressing against the cheap wood. And it's Ashley:

    "I, uh -"

    From my reaction it's obvious - without even seeing my face - obvious that I did know.

    "I wanted to ... I'm sorry, to stop them, to change something ..."
  • There's a heavy silence.

    "How long? How long did you know? Wh.." She has to stop, choke another sob or two. "..why didn't you tell me?"
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    "I ..."

    I hesitate, then pretty much just flat out lie. It's a little thing, isn't it?

    "I figured it out just, just a little bit ago. I talked to my Dad, uh, yesterday and - Ashley, I didn't want you to have to find out. I wanted it to just end, and - and it could just be over without you ... without you ever getting hurt. I'm sorry, I couldn't -"
  • "Why? Why would she do this? Why can't she leave him alone?"

    Her red, tear strewn face is screwed up in misery as she almost screams it at you through gritted teeth, then doubles over, then to her side, starting to cry in earnest, body racking with heavy sobs.

    "He's all... she has... left."
  • I hesitate, like, three second longer than I should, you know? Because there's a moment where, I don't know, I'm not sure if I want to stay or run. But obviously that's not a choice, so - after hesitating - I rush to Ash, embracing her desperately.

    "No, I know, she's ... she has you, Ashley, and -"
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    Back or front? She's laying mostly on her side and front, head towards the foot of the bed. Her hands are cupped over her face. Her legs are still dangling off the bed. You can kneel on the floor in front of her and embrace her that way or come across the bed behind her.

    She shakes her head in response.

    "No." She sobs "Nooo... She.... she doesn't.... want... me... eeee. She... wants Brian.... She wishes....wishes that I was the d-dead onnnne."

    Another surge of heavy sobbing takes her over for about a minute and there isn't much you can do but hold her. It calms again to mostly sniffs and tears, and gasping breaths.

    "The only... thing she... wants from me is... another little boy."

    Across Ashley, your phone bleeps.
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    I'm in front of her, kind of kneeling before her, kind of crouching over her, holding her tight as I can. I'm freaking out here, sort of panicking ... I don't know where this will go, I don't know what she needs! What should I do? Except I'm suddenly sort of - I just find myself rising up and sort of shoving her down, like over onto her back.

    I've got a hand on each of her shoulders, pushing them flat to the bed, and I'm moving a leg to I guess try to straddle her and, uh, kind of pin her there, holding her underneath me with my hands and my weight. I'm moving to hold her there, just for a second, and I'm trying to catch her eyes, beautiful eyes. I don't know what I want with that - maybe I just want her to look at me, you know, to look at me instead of at whatever she's seeing when she hides her face from me like that.

    I try to say something, but nothing comes out. I don't know what she needs to hear, and I'm just choking on my words. I, uh ... I want to kiss her. I want to hold her eyes and kiss her, to kiss her however I can.

    I don't care about the stupid phone.
  • I think what I'm doing it is turning her on. Could be manipulating. I don't want to hurt her, and I'm not trying to shut her down, but I'm trying to change her behavior.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )

    I'm also pretty sure she's triggering my Hungry Ghost move.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )

    Xp (1), or xp (2) if this is a different scene from interacting with Mom.
  • With Hungry Ghost, any conditions she might have will be wiped away as she unloads her burdens on me. And I'll take +1 forward.
  • It's a new interaction so I think that it is a new scene.

    As for manipulate vs. turning her on, the difference is the string, right? But turning on is sort of gaining more emotional influence over someone, rather than actually pushing them a certain way, so let's call it a manipulate. You just happen to be manipulating her with affection and physicality--give her a reason to change her behavior.

    And she absolutely does because well, you're offering an escape, something to cling to, someone who cares about her without condition...right?

    The kissing starts one-sided even as she still makes little whimpering noises. Soon she realizes the escape you're offering and dives in with a certain desperation to drive off this overwhelming mess that's coming down on her head. She starts kissing you like you have the air she needs to breathe. You've just got on a sweatshirt and panties and she has a bra and jeans. Her hands start finding a way past that pretty fast. A way to your skin.

    How far are you going with this? I mean if you do actually make love again it will get you out of hock with the King for sure. And it puts everything off a while, right?

    If not... well she won't collapse into tears again or anything. Not for a while.
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    (Actually, I'm not necessarily concerned with succeeding at things, so I'll just take xp (3) from Hungry Ghost, instead of +1 forward.)

    Um, I guess I don't exactly know if there's bigger implications to, you know, um, having sex, so ... yeah. If her parents don't want her, well, I do. I want her so much, and whatever it takes, I'll make her all mine. I'll be her friend, her sister, her mother, her lover, whatever she wants, whatever she needs. Or at least whatever I think she needs.

    So I go all the way, I do. My hoodie is gone like instantly, and my hands are worming into her waistband, tracing around to find the fastener, the zipper.

    I also spend a String - I guess the first time I've spent a String on her. I make her Teddy Ellis' girlfriend.
  • You're laying there afterward, sweaty, Ashley on top of you, her legs straddling yours, one of your hands in hers, her head on your chest, and both of you naked to the air. The return happened right on your climax, an intrusion on what otherwise would have been a beautiful personal moment. Suddenly the presence was there, filling you up again after your being so empty. It was a rush, to be honest, and you probably peaked as hard as you ever have, right? You're still buzzing from the power... and feel the urgency of the whole imperative to bind this knife thing.

    Ashley has been staring into space, her cheek on your sternum,listening to your heart beat.

    "Oh Dora, What am I supposed to do? I don't know what to do." she says, her voice still rough from the tears, and sounding very lost. "I... I like Peggy. But..." She shakes her head. She tilts her face up to look at you with those reddened blue eyes. "There isn't anything else, right? No more secrets?" It's a plea.
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    "Ashley, no - um, nothing else to worry about."

    And I kind of mean it, right this second. I'm drunk, suddenly high again on the King's presence, and on having Ashley back, uh, back from wherever she was going in her head. Now I'm reaching and touching Ashley, squirming around and moving under her until we're actually totally side-by-side, close enough to drown in her eyes and feel her breath on my lips. I've caught her hand in mine, and I'm guiding it up to cup the side of my face - I like it when she does that. My mind's on fire, and I'm thinking - I'm thinking.

    I might have more to hide, but right now I'm super earnest: "It'll be okay, Ash. It will. My mom ... I'm so sorry, but maybe it isn't that bad? He's still your dad, and she's still, well ..."

    And I hesitate, because I know how sensitive this is for Ash, but I tell her, "... And I'll do anything for your mom. I mean, you're her daughter, she does love you, and I swear I'll convince her about - about us. So we'll be there for her - she'll have you and me. I promise."
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