[MH] A Hard Night's Day. [Te S2:4.1]



  • She does cup your face tenderly. Stroking just under your eye with her thumb.Her blue eyes are still full of pain and shadowed with fear and doubt, though it's less than it was. Dulled a little.

    "Dora... She's already going to be destroyed by this... this thing. She's barely stable at the best of times. How can we tell her about us? About me? Not just gay but... in love with the daughter of the other woman? She's going to be so messed up... I... I don't know."
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    I tell her, like, firmly, "I'll think about it - I'll think of something. You don't have to tell her yet, just ... I promise it'll be alright. Okay? We'll work this out."
  • She smiles, but it's bleak. She doesn't quite dare to hope. But she nods her head.


    --End Scene--
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