[MH] A long time ago.... [Ho 4.3]

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You both find Winter's mother soon enough. Winter seem to know where to go but it almost reluctant to knock on the door. The door itself is in the basement of the house. "Mom's Office" is what Winter calls it and it's clear that it's not a room she visits often, or maybe at all.

But failing to find her in other parts of the house, it seems the last place to look.

When she knocks, Isobel bids you to enter.

When you enter, Winter trailing behind you timidly, holding your hand, you find a room with bookshelves and small antique desk set under the basement window. There is another low table nearby with some candles on it, and a small mirror as well as some other things under a white cloth. The basement itself is finished nicely but is much less light than the rest of the house. Isobel's back is to you. Her brown hair, up before, is in a loose fall down her back, and she seems to have changed her clothing into something white.

She turns in her chair to face the two of you and you can see now that it's a sort of plainly cut white dress with a simple scoop neck that reveals throat and collarbones and just a hint of cleavage. There's a medallion around her neck too, with a strange sort of mark, like a rune, but more complicated, on it.

"Mom?" Winter says, clearly surprised.

Isobel smiles looking between you.

"I wondered how long it would take you to come look for me."

Winter seems at a loss for words. What do you do?


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    Holly squeezes Winter's hand reassuringly, then smiles to Isobel, "Your necklace is very pretty, Isobel." She looks around at the low table, the bookshelves and the small desk, drinking it in. "I have a book. It, uhm, has a picture of you when you were younger, Isobel. In a group of women. One of them looks like Riley's mother. And, uhm... another one looks like, uhm." Holly looks down, then drawing upon Winter's presence for courage, back up, "Like me."

    Holly swallows, takes a breath, then asks the most important question of her life, "Do you know where my, uhm," she looks nervously at Winter, then back to Isobel, "where my mother is?"
  • Not that you're looking directly at her, but she acknowledges the facts you present with a nod. When you do turn to her and ask the question, Isobel considers you carefully for a moment.

    "No, child, I'm afraid I don't." Her voice is smooth, cool. "But..." She sits forward a little. "Now that we've found you, we can find her... with your help."
  • [Holly]

    Holly licks her lips to speak, but pauses. Considers her words, tasting them. "I would like to find her, yes. Yes, please. Do we need Riley's... mother, too? Can Winter take me to, uhm, get her? I don't... drive."
  • "She isn't necessary, but the help would be useful and it will take me some time for me to prepare. Tell her you are Ivy's child, and we are going to scry for her, she will know what to do."

    Isobel glances at her daughter who is staring at you both. Winter seems stunned and maybe a little frightened. Isobel looks back at you. "You know your nature. You can explain things to Winter."

    Five minutes later you are in Winter's car. She sticks the key in the ignition and pulls out, starts driving the neighborhood streets. It's a moment before she says.

    "Okay... what the hell is going on?"
  • [Holly]

    "Ivy..." Holly whispers it when Isobel first says it. A face and a name for her maker. Her "mother". Holly nods when Isobel gives her permission to speak with Winter. She walks with Winter, a sad smile on her face as she sees Winter's consternation.

    The curiosity finally gets to Winter, and she demands answers from Holly. Holly asks quietly, "Winter, can you find a place to park so we can talk? This is important, and I would like your undivided attention. Somewhere private. Okay?"

    Assuming she does. Holly isn't about to spill this while she's driving. If it is secluded, that's even better.

    Holly turns in her seat to face Winter squarely, looking into her eyes. She reaches forward to take Winter's hands in hers, takes a calming breath. "Winter. You are a very special person. I love you. What I'm going to tell you will sound very, uhm, weird, but everything is okay. It might help you understand why people are, well, hard to figure out sometimes? And I want you to know I am your best good friend, Winter. I am so thankful that we met."

    She squeezes Winter's hands, then says gently, "The reason you cannot remember anything before you were eight... is that you were never born. Isobel can't have babies, like you know. But it isn't sciencey stuff. She's cursed because she is a witch, and it's really sad. And she wanted to have a daughter to love soooo much that she made a wish, and cast a spell, and you came. Just like... uhm, how Ivy made me. And... how Riley was made, too. We're Wishborn, Winter." Holly's face beams with pride, "All three of us. We're magic. Special magic."

    "Didn't you feel the connection? Between you and me, of course. But Riley, too?" Her words pick up pace as she tells the secrets to her Wishborn sister, "Remember the older woman, the one I, uhm, told you about? For the sex? She's a fairy. A water fairy. She helped me understand that I am Wishborn. And..." Holly pauses, her excitement dimming as she looks at Winter. "Do you believe me?"
  • She pulled off to a side road and then into the parking lot of a playground, abandoned in the dead of winter.

    Winter's eyes are slightly wide. She's searching yours for any sign that you're putting her on. But you're the picture of sincerity and, well, Isobel pretty much told her you knew the deal. And... well it fits her life and her feelings of being different.

    "That's.... that's crazy." She swallows. "But, yeah... I guess I... I'm... Why wouldn't she tell me this?"
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    "I'm... not sure why she didn't tell you, Winter." Holly answers plainly. "Maybe she just, uhm, wanted you to live life like a real girl? Once I found out, I had to tell you. I didn't know for a very long time, and it always made me feel bad. And, uhm, and stupid." Holly swallows, not used to talking about her real feelings out loud, except to Badtzmaru and Barbie.

    "But you aren't stupid, Winter." Holly says brightly. "You figured out so much! You're, uhm, better at people-ing than I am, by whole bunches." She takes her hands, "You're a wonderful Wishborn, Winter. I love you." She leans in to kiss Winter's lips lightly, pulls back for her reaction.
  • Her eyes flutter closed on the kiss for a moment, then back open when you move away, looking at you.

    "Wishborn..." She half smiles. "I... kind of like that."

    Her eyes search yours.

    "Our moms... the witches... they made us with magic?" She pauses, you can see the proverbial wheels turning. "Why? I know... you said she... they were cursed or something, and wanted to have kids but, well, we're the same age, and Riley is too, right? Why all at once? And is it just us three or did all of them do it? Who cursed them?"
  • [Holly]

    When Winter admits she likes the name of Wishborn, Holly grins, then giggles a little, excited at her acceptance. Then Winter asks questions that Holly has wondered herself. "I am not sure if there are only three. There might be more. This is something we should ask your mommy. Or Riley's." She frowns, then answers the last question, "They were cursed by the Nudd, the Master of the Wood, because they are connected to his enemy, the Mistress of Air and Darkness. He wanted them to all die out, Winter."

    Holly pauses, having shared all that she knows. Then, after hesitation, she changes the subject, "Winter, there is something else. Something Myrii asked of me this morning. She, uhm..." Holly swallows, takes a breath, "She is dying. And fairies aren't supposed to die. She's scared, Winter. And I love her, she is my bestest fairy friend. She, uhm. She asked me to join with her. The, uhm, joining would be slow, and neither of us would survive it, really. Because... we would become one. And I'm... I'm her only chance to not fade away. I want to help her, Winter. But, I... I want to be with you, too. I chose you, not even knowing you are like me. But I can't, uhm, I can't let her die." Holly reaches a hand to cup Winter's cheek, "Would you be with me still? Even though I am joining with Myrii someday? Would you... would you join us both? And whatever we, uhm, we become?"
  • She's still absorbing the first bit when you explain the part about Myrii.

    Her brow furrows, she pulls your hand down, though she keeps ahold of it. "Wait... what? What are you saying? You're going to...?"

    She sputters a moment while trying to figure out what you just said then her face falls she withdraws, her face going blank. It's a look you know from the inside.

    "I... I thought you wanted to be mine... now you want...wait... didn't you just break up with that guy because he wanted to be with all these girls instead of just you? Like that girl that came in the store?"
  • [Holly]

    Winter's reaction causes Holly to wince slightly. Her mouth wiggles into a slight frown and she fidgets, unable to hold her gaze. "Yes. I broke up with Nyx for not being true to me. And..." she looks back up at Winter with pleading eyes, "I do want to be yours, Winter! Truly. It's just, uhm... Myrii will die! I don't know how to say no. To let her die. I'm... I'm the only one who can save her. Please understand."

    She licks her lips in thought, then adds quickly, "She's tied to Dora now, and it is killing her. But if Dora gives her to me, then she will be okay. I didn't... I didn't ask for this. I want to be your only. Even though we're, uhm, we're sisters. Wi-wishborn sisters." Holly's shoulders slump and she looks to Winter, silently begging her understanding.
  • What are you wanting from her here, Holly? You want to manipulate her?
  • [Holly]

    Yes, Holly is trying to Manipulate Winter to accepting this, to staying with her as she joins with Myrii some day. She will give Winter a string per Bought Loyalty for a +2.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Winter bites her lip as she looks at you.

    This new world has just opened up and swallowed her from out of nowhere. Now magic exists, her mom's a witch, she was magically created instead of born, and her new girlfriend has to "become one" with a fairy.

    That's a lot. And she's unsteady and unsure.

    She senses your sincerity, Holly, but frankly all this scares her. To get her to accept it fully? Tricky, I think, and it would probably involve Myrii. To get her to go along with it now... some kind of promise of commitment to her would help. Some token, like a ring or necklace maybe. And if you promise that you'll look for some other way to resolve this Myrii crisis if possible.
  • [Holly]

    "Winnie," Holly says gently as she reaches to take her hands. "What if we go meet Myrii? Together. I want my... my girlfriend to meet my fairy friend. Also... I wanted to show you my room." She swallows, "I'm not breaking up with you, silly. I am sure we can find a way to be together and still help Myrii. We will look for it together. Maybe our mommies can help?"

    Holly leans forward to kiss Winter again, then lets go of her hands and turns back to face the windshield. "Want to go to my house now? I will make it worth iiiit. I'm a really good cook!"
  • She's mixed up, scared but curious. And your offer at the end makes her lips curl a little and she drops her eyes, almost shy.

    She nods. "Okay... but we're supposed to get Riley's mom. And Riley too, I guess, right? Maybe.... maybe we should do it later."

    It's really up to you what you do first.
  • [Holly]

    "Hee hee, you're right, Winnie." Holly says as she puts her left hand on Winter's thigh lightly. "Let's go see Riley and her mommy. Then after, you take me home, and I'll cook for you... and stuff."

    Assuming we head that way.

    When the pair arrive at Riley's house, Holly takes Winter's hand and leads her up to the front door. Since Riley never introduced Holly to her mother, instead shuffling her down to her room in the basement, Holly will knock on the door and introduce herself if her mother answers.
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    It's actually Riley who answers. She's dressed in a vintage and oversized (of course everything is oversized on her) Joy Division t-shirt and worn blue jeans. Her feet are bare. A big mug is in her hands. This may be the first time you've really seen her in sunlight without all that dramatic makeup on her face. She looks sort of... weirdly plain without it. And young. Of course her hair is still pitch black. But otherwise you realize that she does look like a young version of Bernadette, who you met before briefly when you confronted Riley a few days ago.

    She's obviously surprised to see you. Glancing between you and Winter. Her eyes are still shadowed from last night. She looks a little fatigued, like maybe she didn't get much sleep, even after you left her.

    "Um... Hey. C'mon in." She lets you through. She glances between the two of you. The corner of her mouth curls faintly. "So... what's up? Kind of early for a social call, you guys just here to gloat about getting laid? I so don't need that."

    Winter actually blushes.
  • [Holly]

    You're right. Holly met her when she went with Nyx to visit Riley and ask about Aubrey magic. My searching through old threads failed. Moving on.

    Holly steps in close to Riley, gives her a gentle hug, "Hello Riley, my lovely Wishborn sister." She steps back to avoid making her uncomfortable with being too close, "Don't be silly. I don't kiss and tell." She reaches to take Winter's hand. "Even if I kiss a lot. hee"

    Once they're inside and comfortable, Holly asks how Riley is, make brief small talk to be polite, the things you are supposed to do with friends. Once she has caught up, Holly will pull out the book. "Come, Riley, you need to see this. It's about, uhm, our mommies." She looks to Winter, indicating to Riley she's part of this, too.

    As long as Riley doesn't object, Holly will show her the pages of the book, skipping ahead to the picture of the three and the coven. "See, Riley? We were all made together. All three of us! Isn't it wonderful? We're all sisters."
  • When you bring the book out, Riley's face clouds, and she says "Hey!.. how did you..." but then you open it and show her the picture.

    Riley's eyes get wide when she sees the picture. She looks between the two of you, examines the hidden pocket-page that the photograph was inside, then looks at the photograph again.

    "Oh my god... they look just like us." She says in shock. She looks at both Winter and you. She turns the photo back to you pointing to the other women "That's....that is Lily's mom. That's Beth's. That's Aubrey's.

    She squints at the picture her finger on the image of the last woman. Maybe you didn't look at it closely before, Holly. Her face is half in shadow. But now, with Riley rattling off names of people you know and your mind working through possibilities you recognize her, even though she's partially obscured.

    It's Jane Lange.
  • [Holly]

    Holly's mouth goes dry when Riley points out what now looks so completely obvious. "They're all...?" She reaches out for Winter's hand, for strength, comfort, too. "We're all Wishborn?"

    Then Jane. She sees Jane Lange and it's unmistakable. "Ashley? She's..." She looks at Riley, "She's the replacement for her brother, but not, uhm, not like she thought. That's so sad." She stands, "Riley, we need to tell your, uhm, your mommy that we know the truth. About us. See, uhm, Winter's mommy said we need Bernadette."

    Dear Diary,

    All of us are Wishborn. We are gathering. Is this a sign? Are we supposed to do something? I feel like Isobel and Bernadette have some plan. Are we dangerous to them? Why did my mommy leave me, but the rest of them got to grow up with their mommies? Did I do something wrong? Is she dead? Did she hate me? Was I wrong? Broken?

    I feel all twisted up, Diary. I thought Renna abandoned me. But she did that only after my mommy did it first. Will Winter abandon me, too? Maybe I should choose Myrii. I know she won't leave me. She can't. Don't you leave me, Diary.

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    Another vision, a memory reaches out to you even as you tell Riley that you need to talk to her mom. Do you remember when you first met Ashley's dad? You remember the vision that you inspired in him, the girl he lost to a rival, and you realize it was Ivy... your mother. Her face, your face, now clear in your mind.

    Riley doesn't look at all happy that Ashley is "one of you," not after what happened to Hayden, but she's fairly awed that there is such a group. She agrees that you need to talk to her mom. Winter looks stunned too, but stays relatively quiet, keeping her hand entwined with yours.

    When you find Riley's mom upstairs, she's standing at the table, using it to fold laundry. She looks up and you see the flare of trepidation in her eyes when she sees the three of you together, but she quickly covers it, and smiles.

    "Hello sweetheart, I didn't know your friends were here..."

    Riley glances at the two of you a moment then steps forward, holding the photograph out to her mother. Bernadette glances at the two of you as well, her face suddenly tense. She slowly reaches out and takes the photograph and pulls it back and looks at it. Her eyes widen and she leans a hand against the table as if to steady herself, looking burdened. She straightens again, putting a hand to her heart, still looking at the picture. Then she looks back at the three of you with a strained smile.

    "Well. I... I guess I knew this would happen someday."

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    "Bernadette," Holly begins quietly. "I am Ivy's... child. Isobel wants your help to scry for her. Will you help us, please?"
  • She looks at you. "Isobel?..."


    "Ivy's..." She says, a hand going to her mouth. The hand comes down and she comes forward clasping your upper arms in her hands and studying your face. "Of course... you look just like she did then... I should have known. My.... Just, just look at you. Of... of course ...I'll help." She looks pretty worried, nervous.

    She's still looking at you when Riley comes up and puts a hand on one of her arms. "Mom? What's going on?"

    She glances at her daughter, at Winter, at you.

    "I need to talk to Holly for a few minutes." She says to Winter and Riley. "If you don't mind."

    The other girls look at each other, then at you.
  • [Holly]

    Holly swallows once when Bernadette asks to speak to her alone. She looks to Riley and Winter, nods seriously to them, "It is okay. I want to... to know." Holly will wait patiently for them to leave, then give her full attention to Riley's mother.
  • Riley sighs, takes Winter's arm, gently and heads back to the basement. Bernadette watches them go before turning her eyes to you. She studies you again.

    "You really do look like your mother. It shouldn't be surprising, but... well we haven't seen her in quite a long time. We weren't even sure she was going to create you at all." She sits in a nearby dining chair and motions to another for you to sit down.

    "I suppose you know about us by now. The coven.... I"m not sure where to begin. Do you understand who we are?"
  • [Holly]

    "Not entirely," Holly answers Bernadette honestly. "I just, well, found the, uhm, the picture this morning. But I know the coven was cursed to never bear children... and that you're, uhm, at war with a spirit of the fae... did you find a way to trick wishes to, uhm, make us?" Holly moves to sit down by Bernadette, eyes eager for answers, leaning forward towards her.
  • "Not exactly. It is both wish and a magic spell tricked out of the fae. But we didn't do it just to have children. All of us..." She indicates herself. "Were made, just as you were. And our mothers didn't do it just to have children either."

    "Our coven serves the Fairy Queen. Our legends say that we are the mortal descendants of her seven daughters. Because the Master of the Wood imprisoned her, we've been guarding her until the day we can set her free again. When we stole her prison from him many years ago, he cursed the coven to never have children so that we would die out and she would be imprisoned forever." She gives you a small smile. "We found a way around that, clearly."

    She looks past a moment, clearly thinking and anxious, then focuses on you again.

    "The imprisonment drove our Lady to madness. There are some among us who insist that releasing her will free her from that madness. Others think that she is now irreparably damaged and shouldn't be unleashed upon the world again... and that maybe she ought to be destroyed to end her suffering. Your mother..." She puts a hand on yours "came to believe she was too far gone. Ivy was also the keeper. The one among us who hid the prison, physically and magically, so the Master of the Wood would not find it."

    She bites her lip, frowning.
  • [Holly]

    "Where... where is my? Where is Ivy?" Holly asks quietly. "How can we, uhm... find her?"
  • "Oh, sweetheart, I don't know where she is. Isobel is right about the scrying though. Since you're here now we can find her using your blood. it's just..."

    She sighs.

    "I guess I wanted to speak to you because... well because when your mother left us, Isobel was the last one who saw her. Isobel never said what happened, exactly, but there was a fight between them. Isobel felt she should be keeper, since she was the oldest and strongest of us, but Ivy refused to give up the duty or tell Isobel where the prison was. Ivy told me she thought Isobel would do her best to open it, and release the Queen." She looks at you. "I... I guess I thought you should know."
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