[MH] A long time ago.... [Ho 4.3]



  • [Holly]

    Holly blinks, her mouth open slightly at this revelation, "Do you... do you think Isobel will hurt my mo- hurt, uhm, Ivy?" Then, "Do you think the Queen should be released?"
  • Bernadette shivers as if getting a chill.

    "I don't know. In principle... yes. The world is kind of out of balance without her... but she scares me and I don't know if she will be a monster if she's let out, or if she'll balance out again."

    She glances at you.

    "I don't think Isobel will hurt her. But... it won't be pleasant. Isobel wants the prison and wants to let the Queen out more than anything."
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods, taking Bernadette's words to heart. She takes a small breath, her hands in her lap. For a moment, her eyes wander along spaces in the room - the table, the edge of Bernadette's shoulder, up to where her top ends and the skin of her neck shows, past Bernadette to the wall behind her, a pastel color so unlike her "daughter's" walls.

    Finally, she wanders over to meet Bernadette's eyes. "Can I... uhm, talk to the Queen? I would like to talk to her. Maybe go inside the prison?"
  • Bernadette suppresses a shudder, and considers. You can tell she's not a huge fan of the idea.

    "Without knowing where the prison is... well...sort of. It's possible to commune with her... talk isn't really the right word. I don't know if you're ready for that, though. It's... harrowing."
  • [Holly]

    Holly swallows once, "I would like to, uhm, commune... it will help me know who is... well, who is most right." She fixes herself on Bernadette with sudden certainty, "I will need my coven, right?"
  • She swallows, her eyes are worried and reluctant. "You don't need them... but it's helpful to have support."
  • [Holly]

    Bernadette's worry becomes infectious. "I would like support. Could your, uhm, daughter, and Winter... be enough? We could do this now... once we go back to Isobel, she will want to scrye for Ivy."

    If Bernadette is willing to try, Holly is eager to try now. If she needs Winter and Riley, then she will ask for their help.
  • A short time later, the four of you are sitting inside the copper penny circle on Riley's basement floor, holding hands, your knees touching. It was as surprise to Bernadette that it even existed, and once she saw it, apparently not a pleasant one, but she agreed that it would be helpful. Bernadette spent a few minutes teaching you the proper invocation, it's in fairy tongue, which feels odd in your mouth, but your natural ability to learn and memorize gives it to you in short order.

    When they all nod readiness to you, you give the incantation, stretching your mind out for the presence it's supposed to feel.

    (This is basically the Beyond the Veil move. Roll +Dark)
  • [Holly]

    Beyond the Veil
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    Your head begins to feel funny as you feel the presence, a familiar presence drawing you. The presence from the house...

    When you open your eyes you're in another place. A familiar one, though. The antiseptic smell and flat lighting. The white walls and white sheets. The soft beeps. This is the room you spent so much time in right after you were made. And the girl you spent so much time with is there on the bed watching you.

    What does she look like? What things are in the room that you remember?

    (The Queen gets a string on you)
  • [Holly]

    Holly swallows, all the sensory input she knew from "birth" rushing back to her. She looks around suddenly, catching Renna's eye, seeing her little smile. It warms Holly's heart immediately, all the "grown up" ideas she's tried to grasp slipping away like sand through her fingers.

    Renna's soft brown eyes were the center of Holly's universe for longer than high school, or being a foster kid, or boyfriends or girlfriends. She grins at Renna wide and open, almost comically. Before speaking, she looks around, seeing Badtzmaru, Barbie and Ken on the little shelf the nurses let her put up. They're all clean, brand new and whole. They look happy, too. The window to the backyard of the hospice has azaleas in full bloom and the sun is a bright morning. The little TV mounted on the wall still has the construction paper border to make it look like a window into another world. Renna and Holly made it together, with safety scissors and several tries. There are crayon-colored pictures across one wall, all little people, from stick figures to more recognizable humans, each one on a separate piece of paper, but all arranged in a kind of town square, obviously the work of many hours.

    This is Renna:


    "Oh, how I have missed you, Renna." Holly says in a voice choked with sudden emotion. She fully embraces this reality as quickly as she can, letting go. "How... how did you come back?"
  • Renna smiles at you that way she always did.

    Before she can answer a nurse comes in the room. She wears scrubs with little pink hearts all over them and she's holding a little tray. She's all smiles. "Medication time, sweetheart." She moves around the bed saying "Excuse me, dear" as she brushes past you. She gets to the side of Renna's bed, bending over and giving her the medicine. The nurse glances back at you.

    I guess you knew the nurses back then, didn't you? This one... she was one of the nursing team early on but left sometime before Renna finally passed. And you recognize her now, don't you? Dark hair and eyes. You hadn't been much used to seeing yourself. Certainly not yourself as a maybe shy of thirty adult.
  • [Holly]

    Holly scooches over when Nurse Brown comes in. She never was very close to Holly. Holly always tried to talk to, or at, the nurses, but Nurse Brown was cordial, but always focused on Renna. This time, in this world, the sight of her, the sight of her as Holly, takes her aback.

    "I... Ivy?" Holly stammers, forcing herself not to call out "mommy" to this stranger. She reaches up to touch her, just a brush of her fingertips against the fabric of her scrubs. Is this her?
  • The nurse continues on as if she didn't hear you

    "That's a good girl" She says to Renna who faithfully swallows her pills, drinks the water and makes a face. "I know... yucky." Your mom says. "I'll be back in a while, okay?" She picks up her tray, gives you another smile and goes out again.

    There's a beat of silence. Renna looks at you again.

    "She gave you to me, you know."
  • [Holly]

    Being ignored by Ivy, her creator, stings Holly. She blinks away sudden tears, but doesn't wipe at them. They dribble down her cheeks and she sniffles once. Nurse Brown, Nurse Ivy Brown, Holly's creator, her mother, walks out. She was always polite, but distant. Now, Holly sees. She knows.

    It breaks a little something inside her. Something that had only just grown to life this very day, right when she saw the picture of someone who looked like her. Images of a mother danced in her head all day long, the hope for a loving mother stripped away from her daughter, a tearful reunion, hugs and kisses and "I love you"s. All dashed on the rocks of truth, in this hospital room where Holly was created.

    Holly was right about one point, she realizes. The reunion was tearful.

    Through the buzzing in her ears of all the hurt, she hears Renna. Sweet Renna, her best friend, her only friend. The one she cared for and loved with all her heart for over half of her life. Ivy gave Holly to her. To her. Renna. The queen?

    Another sniffle. Holly swallows, looks over at Renna with teary eyes, finally reaching up to wipe one away, suddenly self-conscious around the girl who was so often in pain. "Are you... are you the queen? Or are you Renna?" Holly takes a shuddery breath, "Or are you... both?"
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    Renna beams at you. A rare thing.

    "You're so smart!" She says, then nods. "Both!"

    She cocks her head, looking at you. "Don't you remember the story? The princess who was cursed? Her ghost had to live in other people?" She points to the group of crayon dawings?

    The nurses and her parents had found the story incredibly morbid.
  • [Holly]

    Holly loved that story. She hoped that Renna lived in Badtz, or Barbie or Ken, which is why she stole them, kept them at the Bays, at the Ellis home, too. She nods slowly, wiping at her eys, trying to compose herself. "Yes. I remember, Renna."

    "Why did you have to die?" Holly asks suddenly, "Where are you now? Myrii said some of you is in... me. Can I help you? Why did Ivy give me to you? What am I supposed to do?"
  • Renna shrugs the way a six year old does.

    "I was sick. And Myrii is right. Part of me is in you. Ivy gave you to me because I was lonley... And to give me somewhere to go when I died. But now... it's time I go back to what I was."

    She pulls a piece of paper over from the side table and holds it out to you. On it is a drawing of a dagger all in black crayon. and what looks like a blue swirly ball.

    "When I was cursed I was separated from my magic. I need it back in order to be free. You need the key." She points to the knife. "And the.... this thing." she points to the ball.
  • [Holly]

    "So..." Holly begins carefully, "You've been in a kind of prison? For a really long time. Did it hurt? Are you okay now? What will you, uhm... what will you do when you're free?" Holly watches Renna carefully, unsure of what boundaries she's crossing by asking some queen these questions.

    But it is Renna, after all. This is her greatest friend. Surely she'll understand. Holly's already mostly convinced, already thinking of how to get the knife from Dora, and where she might have seen the blue ball before.
  • Renna nods.

    "Yes... a prison of flesh. One mortal body after another. And It hurt a lot. I was torn in half when my magic was taken and I will not be okay until I have it again." She sighs "Once I have it again, and I'm free, I will restore the balance upset by that.... poopy head."
  • [Holly]

    Calling her enemy a "poopy head" makes Holly crack up with laughter. Her eyes dance for the briefest of moments and she takes Renna's hand.

    "The blue thing?" Holly asks quietly. "Do you know where it is? I know where the dagger is."
  • Renna nods. "The house. It was Ivy's once. It's hidden there. In that room. I felt it."
  • [Holly]

    "I will get them.... uhm, free you." Holly says, decided. "Will it, uhm. Will it hurt me?"
  • "It might." She says somberly.

    "Be careful too... I don't think Isobel wishes me free, whatever she says. I think... I think she wants my magic."
  • [Holly]

    "Ivy gave me, uhm, to you." Holly says solidly. "I won't let her take your magic. I will... I will bring you back, Renna. It's what I've wanted for oh so long." Holly nods, decision made.

    "I am ready to go, Renna." Holly does a little curtsy, to her queen.
  • She sits up in the bed and holds out her arms to you.

    "I knew you would help." She says, hugging you before you're enveloped with darkness.

    --End Scene--
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