[MH] Master of Disguise? [Te S2:4.2]



  • You hardly notice passing through the veil. The forest becomes less familiar but in a gradual way. It becomes more primeval too, the trees bigger and more ancient and somehow more animated than before. There is still snow falling but you no longer feel the cold on your feet. And it's not numbness or frostbite, it just doesn't seem to matter. You become aware of things, voices just out of hearing. Bodies hidden among the trees and undergrowth. Motes of light, far to bright and which move too purposefully to be insects. A hush too. You can hear Adam breathing behind you. You can feel his tension. You hear from somewhere in front of you a low, gentle music and know that you must follow it.

    The forest breaks into a clearing. The same as before? You don't know and I suppose it doesn't matter. It's almost circular and there is a large ring of mushrooms running the perimeter just after the trees. The little motes, many dozens of them now, begin to circle the perimeter, weaving in and out of each other. More and more of them drifting down from the sky. You can hear a low music

    And you can feel him. It's like a sub-woofer, a vibration in the ground, and a charge to the air.

    And it's all emanating from the figure at the center of the clearing. He's possibly the most beautiful creature you've ever seen, tall and sleekly built, like Myrii. He's youngish looking maybe a tad older than you and somehow ancient at the same time, and...um... definitely male.

    He's sitting on a large flat rock in the center of the circle, One foot up on the rock and the other in the snow. He's playing a twisted flute, made of wood. The entire wood seems focused on him. You're not sure if it's minutes or hours as you stand there watching. Finally the haunting tune fades and golden eyes that pull on the edges of you as if you might drown, look up into yours. When did you get that close?

    "Hello granddaughter." It's a pleasent voice. Almost mild... if the whole world didn't have a kind of sympathetic vibration.
  • "I ..."

    I've forgotten what to say. Or, like I never really had anything to say, because I never thought I'd be this - that he'd be this close, and real. What do I say to ... ? There's that same familiar sexy ache, the turn-on that's in his presence, but it's different - way different - with him right here in front of me, and looking - looking like this. Not some towering horned shadow, but a man, this a beautiful creature with golden eyes. Myrii's eyes.

    "... Um, hi. I brought ... this is Adam. Are you ... is it really you?"
  • Adam can't really speak. Just sort of nods, but he's further away from the both of you.

    The man doesn't even glance toward Adam. He smiles at you. It's brilliant.

    "An interesting question." He lounges back on an arm, eyes glittering madly, the pose frighteningly provocative with how gorgeous he is. "How would you know?"

    Power pulses though the clearing affecting your body in interesting ways.

    He half shrugs. "Appearances... they are fluid. Surely you don't wear the same clothing everyday. I thought you might like to see me as your ancestor once did."
  • "Yeah ..."

    I wasn't really looking at Adam either. I don't think I even looked away from those eyes. I don't think I could, even if I wanted to. I could never say no to Myrii, how could I ever say no to -

    "Uh, I ... I love Ashley. Ashley Lange. I don't want ..."
  • He raises an utterly perfect eyebrow and a corner of the sensuous mouth curls as you pause.

    "Ah... outright falsehood..." He sighs pleasantly. "The luxury of being human... or mostly so. I envy that ability. But I do not intend to seduce you." His eyes flick to Adam, grin growing a tad wicked. "Though it is both a useful and entertaining talent, no?"

    "But..." His brow furrows and he leans forward. "We were talking about Ashley. You love her. I suppose the question might be... does she love you?"
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    I'm kind of blinking a second, furrowing, confused.

    "She ... of course she does, I mean ... right?"
  • "Oh... her feelings are sincere, I've no doubt."

    He motions to himself

    "You are familiar with our ability to assume what shape pleases us." He locks eyes with you again. "Ashley loves the shape you've given her to love. But that shape... it is not you. It is most of you perhaps, though I'm uncertain. Can you truly love what you do not know?" He pauses, thinking. "And you do not know the whole of her either... though I do not think, in her case, she is being deceptive."
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    I take like a half step back, saying, "What does it - why does it matter? Once this is over, then ... then everything can be normal again. I won't have to hide anything else from her, and anyway - I'd tell her, but ... I want to keep her safe! That's why she doesn't know about all of, of this."
  • He seems almost regretful. "The inside of the nest is normal to an eaglet. It is the whole world... until it learns to fly. This..." He motions vaguely around him. "It is not a door to be closed. It is the world. It will not go away. And neither shall your nature. Or hers."

    He stands, tall and beautiful. He touches your shoulder. You're sure he's dampening his power, but oh my god. He waits until you steady. Smiles again.

    "You cannot protect her from who she is. Or from who you are. Your stars are crossed, my lovely. It's just as well. True love between you would be... complicated."

    He lets go and it's both a relief and an immense loss.

    "You have other questions, I think."
  • There's a little, um, like mulish resistance - it will work between me and Ash - but it's hard to really resist him.

    I swallow, and say, "Why ... why Adam? What can he do?"

    I kind of go to glance back at Adam, but I guess I never actually break my gaze from those eyes.
  • The king's smile grows wicked again.

    "Whatever you wish him to. He seems a useful fellow."
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    "I thought you -"

    I'm kind of - daringly - leaning in close and whispering to him, real low.

    "You did something to him. Didn't you? Why's he, uh, following me? What's going on?"
  • He closes the distance even more, still smiling. His face maybe half an inch in front of yours and returns the whisper.

    "It is you who did something to him, my dear. You gave him the strongest emotional and sexual experience he's ever had, and perhaps ever will. I should be reluctant to let that go too. My part is merely hint and suggestion, and certainly nothing he doesn't, in his heart of hearts, want. Enjoy him."
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    "That's, um -"

    Enjoy him?

    "... What - um, please. What's going on? What's this thing with the knife, and ... if I do this thing for you, what's going to happen? Why's it so important? I want to help, but ... Eric? My ex? I don't want to, to go with him like that, and -"
  • He hovers near your face for an instant more, then backs away again, making it somewhat easier to breathe. Somewhat.

    "So many questions." he sighs. "If the blade remains unbound it is a key to releasing a dangerous entity that I bound long ago. It's followers will use that key to release the entity from its prison. As for your ex..." He shrugs. "You should not be so concerned. He is merely a mortal. It is just sex. It is not important that it is him, but I'm afraid you do not have time to find another with the correct energy for the binding."
  • "Well ..."

    It feels like all this is slipping between my fingers. I want something that holds all this together, something that makes doing all of this make sense.

    "What happens then, um, after all this? After it's done."
  • "Ah... well we shall see, won't we?"

    Maybe it was in that moment you heard a sound and looked. Maybe it was a blink or a glance at Adam, but the atmosphere changes in a snap. The ground and air are cold again. Freezing. And you're standing on the trail.

    Adam breathes deeply. Like he's waited until now to even try.

    "Holy shit. You're.... you're working for that... that?"
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    "My grandfather," I say, with kind of stubborn tilt to my jaw.

    "... Yeah. Him. I told you I was protected ... and anyway, look, what I need to do is have, you know, like have sex with a couple certain people, and then - it's for the magic. It's how this stuff works. But once I've done that, it's done, okay? So what are you doing? How're you going to help me with all this, Adam?"

    Hey, MC, I sort of wish Myrii were here. Not like, I'm deliberately reaching out and forcing her to come here, like you said I could - I mean, I wouldn't do that, right? - but if she happened to be here? That'd be nice. I'm stopping, scanning the forest, just a little lost right now. I guess, there's gravel under the snow here, and this is probably the same trail, so ... that way to the lake? Yeah. I start that way, socks wet and freezing.
  • You mean to Myrii's pond, I assume? Not the lake proper?

    Nyx's hideaway is sort of nearby, It's before you get near the pond.

    Your feet are tingling. That's probably not a great sign, but I suppose you can be stubborn if you want to.

    "So... so that's what last night was about. You needed to... Huh." He's disappointed, though he covers it. He's quiet a moment.

    "I guess I don't know. Watch your back. Maybe make sure you don't freeze your goddamn feet off. Would you at least put those on? Please? Maybe you'll keep some toes."

    Whether you stop or not he keeps talking.

    "That thing. Your grandfather. That thing has power. Serious power. I can't help wondering why it needs you. Whatever he gives you it must feel pretty good huh?"
  • Okay, so I'm kind of limping, and now I stumble and, okay, so I'm kind of dropping onto a rock there, brushing it off a little. I wasn't really sure how far it was to the pond, but I can kind of tell now and it's not as close as I was hoping. If I get there, you know, the water can warm my feet?

    But here I'm sitting and peeling off the soaking cold socks, and putting on the shoes. And jacket. I don't really like Adam's line of questioning, so I'm just kind of like, shrugging one shoulder when I get up.

    "... 's not like that. I'm doing this for ... look, whatever. Yeah, that's what last night was about. And I mean, it was ... it was really good, but it was just sex. That's - that's all."

    Though there's a little hesitation at the end there. And, um, let's see, so I guess I am going to stop at Nyx's hideout, because I know there's still some clothes there from where I brought Aubrey some things. I never came to get those back, though I don't know what kind of shape they're all in after all this time. There's probably a pair of socks? Yeah, I brought like several pairs, and I think there was an old sweater ... we'll see.
  • "Was it?" He mutters, his tone is flat but not harsh.

    But he's looking at you now like something clicks into place. It upsets him too, memories darken his eyes.

    You make it to Nyx's hideout and you climb up into it. It's harder for Adam, he's not as small or lithe as either you or Nyx. You do find some of the clothes you left there, in a dusty pile near the wall, but it's clear Nyx hasn't been here in a while.

    Adam sits down near the entrance as you look around.

    He takes a breath, gathering courage.

    "Do you know what killed Marsha?" He asks quietly. "It wasn't you. It wasn't a gun. It was power. It was a creature like... like that." He waves vaguely in the direction that you came. "It was something that gave her what she wanted and made her feel good and.... and changed her, used her. It made her hurt people." He looks up. "This thing is using you. It will change you, Teddy."
  • I'm like, taking off shoes, drying my feet on a t-shirt, and tugging on old socks.

    I look up: "What's your - maybe I could use a change, huh? Maybe I don't like who I've been? Look at you, how can you talk? You wouldn't be here if I was just the same old - you don't even know who I am!"

    Standing, and I'm snatching up like that sweater, telling him, "I'm doing this for Ashley and ... and I don't need you judging me. So just, just go away already. Leave me alone."
  • Shutting him down, I guess:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Eh. I have a String, but I don't think I'll spend it.
  • "Dammit!"

    He's across the cave and holding your upper arms firmly... almost too firmly in his hands turning you to face him. His eyes are blazing. This is probably intimidating, dominating... bloody scary. I don' t know if you've ever had a male sort of... dominate the space this way. Certainly not your father... or really anyone else? I mean he's so... big, and strong and... shit. He gets a string on you.

    "I'm not judging you! I'm judging it!. I"m telling you that thing is dangerous. And you don't have anyone else around who's willing to tell you! Do you think the woman I loved started out a fucking nutjob? You think you're better than her? Stronger? More special?"

    He seems to realize what he's doing and lets go, backs off. Runs a hand through his hair, breathing.

    "You say you're doing this for Ashley. You really love her? What she wants most is you..." He chokes for a second, looks down. "And what you're doing is going to take you away from her. From your mom too. From your sister. Don't kid yourself. Whatever this is, it's about you."

    He sighs, shakily. Glances up.

    "That thing has a fucking agenda. It's using you. And maybe I don't completely understand why I give a shit, but I do. Maybe it's fake. Fucking magic, Whatever. It feels real to me."

    He turns, moves towards the entrance.

    "I'll be at the truck for a while. If you need me you can call." It doesn't sound like he's expecting you to.
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    He lets go of me and I'm stepping back, shrinking back - but then, how's he get off talking down to me like this? Not judging me? While telling me this is all about me, it's all selfish? I'm stepping up, forward and after him, my chin up and my fists clenching, right hand balling in the fabric of that sweater.

    I'm saying, just kind of spitting it out, "You don't know what you're talking about. And I am different from Marsha. We're different - Ashley won't leave me. Maybe if you hadn't run away from her -"

    My eyes are flat and angry, the gold washing out of them - leaving only dark.
  • I think I'm shutting him down again. If you think the context is still the same, I can spend a String instead, but this time I want to make him blamed.

    I give the King a String to activate a bargain. I guess I could just add 2 to the roll, but instead let's say I gain the Inhuman Gaze move for a single action, so that I roll+dark here instead of rolling+cold.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    xp (1)
  • He turns back at first, at your angry words. Then your eyes penetrate him.

    The fight goes right out of him. You can see it drain from his eyes. Something vital that had been there from the moment you met him... it breaks. It flickers futilely for a second and dies. At that moment his face looks utterly wrecked.

    There's a long thick moment where you stare at each other.

    "Yeah." He says quietly. "I know."

    He turns back towards the entrance. More slowly this time. Stops. Half turns back to look at you.

    "You're right. The person Ashley leaves... she won't be you." He turns away again.

    "Good luck, kid."
  • I don't, you know, stop him or anything. I wait, and then when he's gone, I guess I drop down, sitting and leaning back against the stone, holding the second sweater up for warmth. I'm like that. Just for a minute.
  • Sure. It must be quite a thing to crush someone like that.

    You can feel her when she arrives. The scent and touch to your cheek and shoulder come almost at the same time as she crouches by you.
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