[MH] Master of Disguise? [Te S2:4.2]



  • I look up, blinking. And I reach up and cover her hand on my shoulder.

    "Hi, um. I was looking for you ... but I knew you'd come."

    I look her, you know, up and down, and I kind of gesture with my free hand at my feet. They're starting to hurt again now, which isn't - or maybe it is - good.

    "I think I did something stupid. Do you know? I brought, um, Adam Walsh, and I saw - I saw the King. And messed up my feet."
  • Myrii nods.

    "You were quite upset."

    She shifts her crouch to sit at your feet, tugging them into her naked lap. She coos with distress, as she wraps her long fingered hands around one, raising it to her lips and kissing your big toe with a tiny smile. Warmth begins to seep into your foot from that spot. Pins and needles at first but gradually bringing relief. She does the same for the other one, then, with them back in her lap she expertly massages them, spreading the gentle warmth.

    She looks up at you again, smiling when she sees your face.

    "Better? Now... which of the things did you feel was stupid?"
  • I'm shifting and kind of squirming under her touch, my toes curling out of reflex.

    "Well, um, you know. I shouldn't've done that, right? I told him all of that, and showed him - and he was there when I met the ... my grandfather. I should've kept it secret ... he didn't, uh, didn't understand. Right?"
  • Her shrug is fluid.

    "I do not know. Humans are variable in their ability to understand. But secrecy is not usually a concern. I expect that most other humans would think him mad should he speak of it. And if the King thought him a threat, he would be dealt with. I am sure if the Nudd was displeased with your actions, you would already know it and your concern would be irrelevant."

    She cocks her head.

    "If it bothers you, I can drown him easily enough."
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    Sitting up straighter, and leaning toward her.

    "No. Don't do that, I mean ... it's okay. So he knows? As long as he leaves me alone ..."

    I trail off or something, and kind of shift around some more so I'm closer to Myrii, and I maybe lean into her a little. She looks, uh, okay, right? You didn't say she didn't. That's what I should've asked, not all those stupid questions about Eric and things - I should've asked about Myrii, about how I can help her and separate from her or whatever, you know?

    I let some moments trickle by, and then I remember to ask, "Myrii? Can you do a, um, a glamor on me? And make me look like someone else? I need to finish, you know, what I started, and fix the knife for the King. But I don't want Eric to know I'm ... me."
  • She looks good. Even a little glowy. Maybe relieved. I'm pretty sure you've met people that do painkillers, right? People who really need it. That's the air about her. Like she just got the shot she needed. So right now she's just fine, thanks.

    She drapes an arm around you when you sit next to her, pulling you against her slightly cool skin, which feels warm given the outside temperature.

    Theres maybe a flicker of a shadow across her eyes, the slightest flinch when you mention the knife. But it's gone so fast you're not sure it was there.

    "Yes." She says warmly. "I can do that. How do you wish to look? Like me, perhaps?"
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    "Well, I mean, if you wouldn't mind, I think ... that would be perfect."

    I'm meeting her eyes, like gazing into them. Who wouldn't want to be -
  • Her sensuous lips curl in another smile as she meets your gaze, beginning to lean in.

    "Our connection makes giving you my seeming especially easy, my heart."

    She kisses you slowly, then backs away again, eyes glittering. It takes you a moment to realize that you're viewpoint is slightly different. You're...taller.

    A look at your hands shows you the same graceful long-fingered ones she has. You're still wearing clothes, though, which seem to have shifted to fit your stature.

    Myrii smiles again. "It will last until sunset, or until you wish to be yourself, whichever is sooner."
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    I kiss her back, you know, pretty willingly. It's warm and, well, when it's done I'm taking stock, feeling sort of clumsy as I look myself over and adjust. And then I'm taking her hands, getting to my feet and tugging her up.

    "It's amazing! I love it. Come on, let's go!"
  • Where are you headed?
  • Oh, man, I don't know. I'm looking for Eric, right? So, it's Sunday, the day after the dance, he didn't leave with his date, though (I left with his date), so ... where would he be? It's been a while since I, you know, knew his schedule backwards and forwards. He's probably with Brad. Where do they hang out? I don't know, I'm thinking about it while I'm walking down to the bus route, I guess.
  • Well considering it's Sunday...

    He and Brad are probably getting high and playing "Call of Duty" or some other very shooty video game in Brad's basement. Brad's because his folks are kind of around less often, right? Easy place to hang out.

    So I assume that's where you're headed. If you want Myrii with you the whole time, she goes, glamouring herself so she's virtually ignored. In any case you find yourself outside Brad's house in about 15 minutes.

    Brad's place is a pretty standard middle-class place. Roomy enough. Not quite as high end as Eric's (whose father is a lawyer, after all.) But you've been here before right? What sticks in your mind about it.

    (Oh, and incidentally, new scene.)
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    It's, you know, it's down this little side street from a little town park thing. Well, not so little, I guess. It has some trees, a playground, a little bit of trails, and there's this like outside theater thing there where they do ... plays, I guess. We actually came down here for class once during freshman year, to watch a Shakespeare thing. Sometimes we'd hang out down there, a group of us, though not in the winter like this.

    I'm going to stop there, I guess - watching down Brad's street. And with Myrii. I mean, she needs to be with me, right? And I feel safer with this if she's around. What time is it? Still early, so the guys'll be in there for a long time ... I've got my phone, so, how flexible is this glamor thing? Can I speak in my own voice without, uh, screwing it up?
  • When you ask, Myrii nods. "Just want your own voice. It will change back when you wish. "
  • Okay, so, I call Brad? I find his name and call, and wait for him to pick up.

    I'm like, "Hey, um. What's up? I'm really sorry about last night ..."
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    "Oh...Hey!" He sounds surprised. "Um... Oh... you know, it's okay. I think that shooting thing fucked it up for everybody anyway. The party didn't really happen. I still can't believe Al would do something like that. I mean, I was a little bummed but I figured you had your sister and all, and... well someone said that you left with Ashley, so I guess you guys got things figured out. I mean, Eric was all pissy, but I told him you and Ashley had stuff to sort out. He chilled eventually. So... cool."

    Man, he's all genuintely glad you patched things up with your freind.

    "But...uh... like I said, a little bummed. Wasn't the best first date ever, you know? Except for your dress, which was smokin'. But, yeah the rest of it wasn't anyone's fault. So... try again maybe? We could see a movie or something, if you got time tonight."
  • I'm kind of nodding at the phone and explaining things, like, "Yeah, I'm sorry, but Holly was there with the, uh, you know, the shooting, so her girlfriend and Ashley and me, we kind of got her out of there, um. But I'm sorry, I should've called - just everything was so crazy."

    And then he suggests the movie, and I say, "Yeah, um ... sure, okay. Or I mean, actually, what're you doin' now? Like I have some things to do in town, but if you're home, I could come by in, uh, a little while ..."
  • "That'd be awesome! Me and Eric were just hangin' out, but I"m sure he's gonna split here, sooner or later."

    The way he says that, it's a clear hint to Eric , who's probably listening to his end of the call, to give you two some alone time. Well he's probably sort of listening. You hear machine gun fire and explosions in the background and the occasional curse, or shout.

    You hear Eric speak up from the background though. The game suddenly pauses. "Tell her to bring Ashley with her, man. We could all do something."
  • I'm shrugging one shoulder, and I'm telling Brad, "I don't think that's gonna ... look, Ashley's having some problems at home right now, and - like I don't want to talk about it, but I know she's not in the mood. And um -"

    Lowering my voice, even though it's just talking into a phone.

    "And I don't think she's actually that into Eric, you know? She just wanted to make her Mom happy, going to the dance."
  • "Oh..." Brad pauses. " Sure. Yeah... no problem. I mean he'll be bummed, but sure." You hear him pull away from the phone. "Ashley's tied up, man, Sorry." Then he's back on. "So... when do you think you'll be here?"

    Myrii steps from your side to around in front of you. She shimmers for a moment then... well she looks like you. She raises an eyebrow at you in inquiry.
  • I shiver, and it's not really the cold that does it - I shake my head at her.

    "Um, maybe an hour or so? I'm going to have to wait on someone a little bit, so I'm not sure exactly. I'll come over soon's I'm done."
  • Your own lips pout at you before her form shimmers again and returns to her usual form.

    "Okay. Sure! See you soon!." Brad says, sounding pleased.

    Once you disconnect, she speaks.

    "I did not mean to upset you. But I thought it would be simple enough for me to distract him while you take care of gathering from the other boy. I could make you look like your lover easily enough. Or even introduce you as me. It... seemed convenient."

    So what is the plan, here, Teddy?
  • "No, just, um - I don't want to look like Ashley - just kind of stay out of sight, and try to stay close?

    Well, so - Eric's going to have to clear out before too long, right? My plan is, I guess, a little vague on the details ... I guess I'm going to try and catch his attention. Um, he'll have to drive this way when he leaves, and he's seen me - I mean, he's seen Myrii before, and I guess I'm still not really dressed for the cold, so maybe I can like do a damsel in distress? Like I'm walking to downtown, and I didn't realize how cold it'd be because I'm from ... uh ... screw it, Florida or something, I don't think we ever told anyone at school where Holly's fictional cousin was supposed to be from.

    ... This is a really stupid plan. Well, whatever. I'll just use magic, if I have to.
  • It's only tiny changes in her expression, which overall remains very warm, but you see that Myrii finds your reluctance ridiculous, and... human. But she nods.

    "Of course."

    And in the next moment, she's gone.

    It's maybe twenty minutes when you see Eric's car pull out of Brad's driveway and begin to move up the street. What is it, exactly that you do do? Whatever it is, it gets his attention and he's pulling over, rolling down the window.

    "Um... Hi. Are you okay?"

    His eyes are a little wide. But... well you look like Myrii, right?
  • Yeah, so I was like hanging around over there, and keeping an eye down the street? And when I saw Eric's car starting to back out, I started walking here along the side of the park, on the sidewalk. When he started to get close I was kind of looking over my shoulder and, well, I don't know how really realistic it looked, but I kind of did this thing where I recognized him or something, and gave this little kind of hopeful wave.

    Because he kind of knows me, right? Or, I mean, Myrii. She's been hanging around school for a few days, as Holly's cousin, and she was at the dance and everything ... he probably barely noticed her, because she was doing that thing she does, but still. Familiar face. So he's rolling down his window, and I'm like, letting Myrii's voice come through:

    "I don't know; I am a little lost. And I don't think I'm dressed for the weather. Your name is ... Brad? Ashley's date last night? Where are you going? I could use a ride into town, if it wouldn't be too much trouble."

    I'm stepping up to the car, kind of ducking my head to look into the window, and I'm raising a hand to like tuck back a few strands of long, dark hair. And, yeah, I do look like Myrii - that does make it easier to catch him. Maybe even that's what really caught his attention, even before I looked back and waved.

    But you know, like, it's not just that. Myrii, uh, Myrii can be kind of scary - even when she was Aubrey, you could tell there was something there, that she was all dangerous and not human. So here, I look like Myrii, but I also act like, you know, a normal person. (Or I do that as best I can, under the circumstances.) He's looking at me, and I'm all tall and slender, bending in graceful line to meet his eye through the window, and I smile at him a little, just cautiously while I see if he'll help me out. He sees golden eyes.
  • I think there's a roll+hot in there. Could be turning him on, but I think this might just be more specific: manipulating him into picking me up, with the promise of getting a cute girl in his car for a while.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • He gives you a big smile. You you remember how handsome he is when he smiles, right?

    "No problem, hop in!"

    When you do he starts the car moving again, but he's definitely stealing looks at you. "Man... you sure didn't dress for the weather. So... where are we going? I guess you're staying with Teddy and Holly, right?"
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    "I just wanted to look around downtown. I am so sorry for making you do this. I thought I had bundled up enough, but it gets so cold here! I'm from down in ... Florida ..."

    Why not?

    "... and I've never been this cold. I'm staying with Teddy and Holly for the break, that's right. But they're both out today. Holly was gone when I woke up, and Teddy was going to see her boyfriend. I thought I'd use the time to see the town on my own, but ..."

    I shoot him a side-long glance and smile, trying to make it look all, you know, like I'm embarrassed and everything.

    "Thank you so much for stopping. Do you think I could repay you? Buy you a coffee?"
  • He smiles again.

    "Ah... no need for that, but I do like coffee. So if you'd like to, that would be great!" Of course you knew that about him. Part of why you said it, right?

    Anyway, he starts asking you about Florida, always the easy conversationalist. He's warm, charming and just a little flirty.

    I guess my question is... where are you aiming to do this? The car? His house? Somewhere else?
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